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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.

Country Road (1931)

As Marty and Doc begin preparing the DeLorean for the leap into the past, Officer Parker will appear and begin asking questions regarding the legality of the entire project. Move in a circle around the DeLorean to avoid Parker's "assaults" with Doc, who will release the car keys near its bumper. When both Doc and Parker have positioned themselves near the front of the car, go and get the keys from the ground, and - still moving in a circle around the vehicle - try to reach the driver's chair. This will automatically activate the machinery, and Marty will proceed to travel back in time (while Parker and Doc will be left alone to fight).

Hill Valley Courthouse Square (1931)

Marty will return to the moment in time immediately preceding Arthur's testimony against Tannen, thus going to meet Edna. During the dialogue that will follow, you can freely choose one of the available options, practically nothing will change for the continuation of the game. Continue along the only path available, spying on the past Mary talking to Emmet, near the courtyard steps. Try to always remain hidden, otherwise the mission will be irremediably compromised. At some point, you will be (forcibly - it is foreseen by the plot) discovered by Einstein, who will run towards Marty's hideout. Fortunately, yesterday's Marty will be alarmed by his behavior. In order not to be discovered, you will have to wait for Einstein to release the stick at Mary's feet, then make it yours, and throw it at Edna. Einstein will run towards her, who will be frightened. In this way, Marty will also run towards Edna, to reassure her, and the risks will be completely eliminated for you. The problems don't end there: your goal now becomes to stop Kid Tannen's henchmen, to prevent them from interfering with Arthur's objectives. Slowly approach the courtyard, intercepting Emmett, who will ask you for help: he needs the right amount of electricity (1.21 kw) to be able to activate the rocket-digger. He will also ask you why you want to visit Arthur: the answer is irrelevant, in any case the Marty you are controlling will distract Emmett, so that he can hide before the Marty from the past arrives in the area. From Mary's hideout, select the courtyard where Arthur is. You will intercept him as he exits the building, Marty will tell him that he is in danger. As they are about to proceed to the safety zone, Kid Tannen's men will ambush them. Then quickly run to the cafeteria, towards which one of your attackers will escape. Look at the skit. In order to save Arthur, Marty must be able to enter the hall. Look in the alley, retrieve the medium-sized box. Empty it completely, position yourself inside. Tannen's men will unwittingly take you inside the area you want to reach while you are locked in the box.

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El Kid Speakeasy (1931)

Within this new area, your first objective must be to get rid of Zane: you will have to use chloroform, which your enemies used to neutralize Arthur. Grab it from the counter in front of you, then also take a look at the pieces of paper that form a pun. So take advantage of the chloroform bottle on the ink bottle, visible on the counter. In doing so, the fumes from the color will hit Zane's respiratory system, which will be knocked out. So, Marty will have to take care of Matches' elimination. To get Cueball out of the room it will be necessary to turn on the neon light sign next to the bar, thereby causing a fuse to explode. Then press the switch, Cueball will run up the stairs to go and retrieve a second fuse. Now only you, Arthur and Matches will remain in the room. Locate the switch that controls the "panic", under the bar counter: Matches will approach you, recklessly. So try to use chloroform: despite the failure, Matches will go to press the switch (turning off the alarm), and will drop a bottle next to Mary. Take the bottle, and reuse the trick used to distract Cueball, lighting up the neon sign (it is likely, in fact, that Cueball is back in the area: you will have to find a way to be able to distract him). When he is gone again, press the alarm button again: when Matches arrives in the area, hit him with the bottle you just recovered, to KO him. A skit will start, at the end of which everyone will return in 1986.

McFly Residence (1986)

Knock on the door, then watch the skit. You will participate in a dialogue, your answer does not matter in any particular way, in any case Marty will be able to enter the house. Talk to Biff and his two brothers, asking what happened to George. Biff will attack you with a baseball bat: dive down to avoid the hit, then select any of the dialogue choices. Dodge the next attack (using the "dodge" command, or "dodge" in the English version), keep choosing any of the dialogue options to continue. Jump to avoid being hit by the third attack, then continue with choosing the dialogue options in a completely random manner. The next hit will have to be dodged, so you'll have to ask another question. Then jump, continue the conversation, dodge, talk again, and then dive. Biff will go and hit the bug machine, and will die from the shock. So look at the scene, which will take you back to the past.

Hill Valley Courthouse Square (1931)

Marty will be back in the square, his goal must be to reach the hall, so as to be able to understand the cause of the alteration in the passage of time. Head towards the back of the canteen, following the alley from which you entered the hall. Stop and look at the code that the man near the door uses to enter. The best way to proceed is to make sure that the first syllable of the correct answer sounds identical to the last syllable of the question being asked. Using this code, Mary will be able to access the salon without having to resort to particular subterfuges.

El Kid Speakeasy (1931)

Watch one of the usual introductory skits, then wait for Trixie to complete her singing performance. Talk to her, asking about Kid Tannen and Arthur McFly. After the conversation, which will not require any kind of interaction on your part, head to the exit. You will be stopped by Tannen and Mateches.

To Tannen's question, answer "I am one of them". He will ask you for proof: take out the golden lighter Tanner took during the 1986 "alternate" version, belonging to the accidentally modified timeline. Marty can proceed, the next objective will have to be the finding of Emmet and Einstein, so that they can help you in the search for Arthur.

Hill Valley Courthouse Square (1931) - Second Visit

Go to Doc, next to the window. Watch the short scene that follows, then make your way to Edna's "Salvation Station" in the center of the square. Talk to her, choosing the dialogue option that suits you best. Midway through the conversation, Emmet and Einstein will interrupt you. Go talk to Emmet outside the gazebo. He will perform a demonstration of his "Car of the Future". Go inside the house where Doc was, talk to him, asking for help to rescue your dog friend. Your goal must be to distract Emmet while Doc tries to save the dog. Head to Edna's booth, ask her to go disturb Emmet, with a request regarding the dog that was trapped on the roof. Emmett will be knocked out, and Doc can save Einstein using the DeLorean's flying abilities. When Einstein is saved, the search for Arthur can begin again. Show Einstein Arhtur's pipe, the dog will leave for the theater. Watch the scene, then go back to the house where Doc resided to access the next area.

El Kid Speakeasy (1931) - Second Visit

The only way to allow Marty to lead Trixie out is to keep Tannen busy so that he doesn't notice the movements in progress. Talk to Trixie, telling her that Arthur is outside. Trixie will come out, and Tannen will start to get suspicious. From the alley, a rather loud noise will come out, and Trixie will turn back. So go investigate, carefully examining the blood machine. Tannen will arrive on the scene, he will tell you that he scared Arthur to return him to the area that belongs to him. Head back into the bar, and talk to Zane, asking about his caricatures, and maybe asking him to draw one of Marty. Then show Zane the drawing of George, which can be found in your inventory. He will thus create a drawing very similar to Arthur. Take the caricature, place it on the caricature board (on the wall next to Zane). So go to Trixie and show her Artie's caricature on the wall. He will reveal the accusation against Tannen, and will try to go and talk to Parker, who however will be too drunk to be able to answer properly. Marty will have to speak to Parker himself. He will tell you that his mood is changed by Trixie's singing. Go to the sheet music, located next to Cueball, on the piano. Insert the "sad song" as the backbone of the composition. Now try again to talk to Parker, he will tell you all his problems. When he begins to explain his optimal strategies for conquering classy women, you will have to go back to the area of ​​the musical scores, and change the theme, placing the secret song as the main one. Go back to Parker, who will continue the story. Given the lack of success in changing her mood, go visit Edna's shop.

Hill Valley Courthouse Square (1931) - Terza Visita

Ask Edna about her song; he will ask if Marty wants to hear it again, you will have to answer yes. After listening, ask her for a copy of the key, you'll need it to get Parker in the mood.

El Kid Speakeasy (1931) - Third Visit

Go to Trixie, and give her the sheet showing Edna's song lyrics. With a sleight of hand, Marty will go and place the new text on the table, replacing the old one, so that Edna's song will be sung by Trixie. So go to the score area, controlled by Cueball, and insert the song called "You Should Care" - Trixie will start singing, you will have to go back to talk to Parker. He will be convinced of the need to arrest Tanne, who unfortunately will have had plenty of time to escape. Matches will be arrested, but Tannen will escape and manage to capture Doc.

Speakeasy Alley (1931)

Make your way to the alley where Marty will talk to Parker. You must therefore find a way to locate Tannen, saving Doc. Look around, locating the flask left by Tanner, on the chest next to the pile of garbage. Use it on Einstein, so he can recognize the scent of your target. He will lead Marty to a Herbert Hannover poster, tear it apart, revealing the presence of a switch. Press it, revealing Tannen's hideout. Edna has also been taken hostage by the opponent, your goal will be the defeat of Tannen, while still trying to keep Edna safe. From the rear section of the police car, you'll have to try to distract Tannen by calling them repeatedly (select her name from the dialog). When Edna has managed to get out of the garage, start running to try to get close to her, using the barrels and crates as cover. At some point, a barrel will fall to the ground, some liquid will begin to come out. Take the barrel, place it on the hole in the garage door, it will start to roll. Use the lighter on the liquor trail, causing an explosion inside the garage; Edna will take advantage of the confusion to get out of the play area. During the next cutscene, wait for Tannen to hit you with the knife, then select "support" from the car, and Kid will be automatically transported to Parker, who will proceed to arrest.

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