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The solution is based on the US version of the PC game, so there may be divergences from the Spanish version.

The doll's house

To start, move to the door on the opposite side of the bed. Get used to looking for sources of light to move in dark environments and, after having circumnavigated another bed, approach the desk: there you will find a lamp that you can turn on together with a first note. Collect it and read it, then open the door to exit. Outside you are greeted by an angelic song of children - the annotation explains who they are - which invites you to look for them. They are located in the attic and this is your next destination. Enter the door to the right of the bathroom and go up the dark stairs to the corridor. At the bottom a rope hangs from the ceiling: pull it to lower the stairs leading to the attic. It's pitch black up there - there's a lantern on the chest, but it's time to know that the light could attract the creatures that follow you. In any case, move the large crate leaning against the wall to reveal a passage behind it that can be traveled by crouching. Go out on the other side and note the apparent absence of the children. In front of you now appears a large illuminated staircase that descends towards the foot of the mansion. So go down the steps to the coffee table in the lounge that houses an old gramophone: you can activate it and listen to the recorded voices that will help you better understand the mysteries that are hidden in the intertwining of Amnesia. Continue your search of the room and locate the table strewn with playing cards. So open the door behind him and walk down the corridor until your blood freezes at the sound of a phone ringing. The door that separates you from the telephone is open, so don't delay and advance. Answering the phone didn't help, but exploring the room won't be in vain. Note the two rifles on the wall and the signs indicating a repeated movement of the lower one: this is obviously a mechanism. Interact with the rifle to activate it and go through the secret corridor thus revealed. Read the notation on the left, then interact with the switch near the window overlooking the bathroom to open a way out. Finally, open the door marked by a glitter on the left to access a new area.

The banquet

The new environment welcomes you with another large hall. Collect the note on the sort of balcony at the bottom, then go down the stairs on the left. Hear the audio log from the old gramophone on the pool table and notice the two open doors. Enter the corridor leading to the banquet hall. Once again let yourself be guided by the ringing of a telephone and answer: the man on the other end of the line begs you to fix the mechanism under the mansion. Then cross the courtyard, passing through the door in front of the telephone, and reach the bedroom area. Go down the corridor and enter the laundry room, move the painting and reveal the mechanism that opens a secret passage. Do not be frightened by the blood and take the passage just opened to arrive in the presence of the first manifestation of the mysterious machine that moves inside the mansion. Turn the valve clockwise to lower the pressure level and thus restart operation. Then retrace your steps, following the traces of blood that appeared outside the laundry room to the bedroom.

After a short exploration, head to the trophy room via the courtyard. Move the stuffed bear to the right and walk down a short corridor to find another valve to rotate. Now, returning to the courtyard you should find an open gate. Follow the new path outside, locate the door camouflaged among the bricks, pass other closed doors and identify the stairs that descend: in short, you will be able to do nothing but venture into the meanders that open in front of you.

The rising tide

Answer the phone that rings in front of you, then go around the barrels and take the door towards the strange bronze machinery. Activate it to find that it doesn't work. So extract the broken fuse and look for a working one: you will find it a few steps on the right, lying on a box. Pick it up and insert it into the machine to start it up. Despite the noise, nothing seems to happen. Then continue past the crate on which you found a fuse and operate the pulley to lower the platform. Now you have to reach the aforementioned platform. Back to the room with the barrels and locate a metal door that you can pass through, go down the stairs and observe the ramp. Instead of climbing it, flip the switch to drop the barrels clearing the way. You are now in front of another machine: activate this too, which fortunately will start at the first try and retrace your steps. Move into the room to see another flight of stairs leading to an upper floor. Take the door on the right, the only one open, and approach a third machine. However, a fuse is also needed in this case. Don't be too scared by the sudden noise and go down to the right. Also on the right, but this time inside the underground room, there is a barred door: remove the board and exit to find yourself near the first machine. Nearby is the depot where you can pick up a second fuse from a shelf - the grunts you can hear indicate someone is there. Or something. In any case, turn off the lamp and move with absolute caution, then return to the third machine by barring the door behind you. Also start the third machine and walk on the walkway, then go down the steps and take the passage just opened.
After listening to another audio log, turn the knob to open the tailgate, then turn the valve on the opposite side to start a new machine. Once the machine has started up, close the hatch with the left knob, press the button in the center, then use the other knob to open the door. Then raise the switch and continue observing the strange drawings on the walls, finally go through the door on the left.

The slaughterhouse

Answer the phone, then go out the back door of what looks like a counter and pick up the note. Outside you find yourself in a sort of loading area. Continue towards the bottom, also because you can't do anything else since all the doors are closed, then go down the stairs. Open the door and climb the crates to get to the window. So go outside and observe the church that stands out in front of the moon. In the meantime, approach the truck blocking the road, collect the note, then search for a petrol can to move the vehicle. You can find it in a sort of warehouse which you access from a double door ajar on the left. However, the tank is empty: to fill it, go back to the loading area and use the pump you find there. Finally, start the engine of the truck to get it out of the way and thus enter the cemetery.

The cemetery

Collect the note in the chapel you enter, then take one of the two doors to go up the stairs. Listen to the audio log, then choose one of the two outputs to find yourself in front of the altar. A candle is missing behind it and the detail should make you raise an eyebrow. To find it, go back to the first room and look for it on the shelves, where you can easily see it lying on a shelf. Then place it next to the other identical one behind the altar, then fold them both inwards. Since nothing seems to have happened following the noise, explore the room on the left where you come across another metal machine.

Tilt the lever you can interact with and return to the church to find that the altar has now moved, revealing a secret passage. Go down the stone staircase and pick up the note along the way: if you think you have seen a pig, you are right. At the foot of the slope, after having turned the corner, you will find yourself in front of it again. Turn off the lantern and watch as the animal moves on the candlelit path. When he's gone, follow his example, bypassing the cages to find the exit door from this creepy place.

Mandus Co.

Cross the street and open the door under the big sign. On the counter you will find an audio log. After listening to it, proceed down the stairs to the hall dominated by the pistons. Don't be frightened by sounds and apparitions, but continue to the office at the bottom of the walkway. Pick up the handset of the phone and after the fleeting dialogue proceed to another room dominated by darkness. Then go past the furnace and locate the piston control panel a little further on. The sign warns you to verify that the furnaces are powered. The number 3 is in fact off and it is not the only one: collect some pieces of coal and throw them inside the door, close it and press the button to light the fire. Do the same for numbers 5 and 6. As for furnace number two you just have to press the ignition button, while the 1 and 4 already work perfectly. Then start the control panel you met earlier and, in the dark, proceed through the path now open in the area of ​​the furnaces 5 and 6. Keep going down, then when the door closes behind you, turn off the lantern and move in the dark to don't lure the creature prowling around the area. Continue to the right, trying to see the pig's movements in the dark. Move left when possible, then go back to the right and dive into the hole with the coal.
From where you emerge, you see two doors. First pick up the note next to the map, then continue into the tunnel that gets darker and darker. When you reach an illuminated section, raise the metalized door that closes a pipeline to exit.

The padlock

Once out of the elevator, answer the phone, then take some time to examine the room. Focus on the locked door - you can't break the lock for now, but there must be a way to open it. Go down and examine the machinery in the lower room. Take the courage in both hands and set out for the right pipe. At the bottom you will find a warehouse and a note placed in plain sight on a shelf. Now going up you will find that the door on the left, in the corridor where the water flows over the rocks, is now open. Move in the dark, in silence, to the corridor on the right to escape the creature that lurks nearby. Then answer the phone, then go up to the second floor to come across a pneumatic tube. Collect one of the chemicals nearby, put it in the tube, then trigger the mechanism. Then take the corridor dominated by the pipes to return to the room with the strange initial mechanism. The walkway is now accessible, so move in that direction. Then open the door marked "Low Temperature Storage". Press the switch and pick up another container, then slide it into the pneumatic tube and start the transport. After the animal roar, run at full speed without looking back until you return to the initial room: collect the two compounds you sent here using the pipes and insert them into the round machine. When you have found the working slots, press the button that starts the machine. Collect the resulting liquid and use it on the lock in the room above, then light it with the lantern to start the chemical reaction that will cause its destruction. The door is now open.

The sewers

Follow the only available path to a first accessible chamber where the water level is higher. Beyond another tunnel the road leads you to an office. Collect the note on the desk, then turn the knob on the wall to activate Sluice 1. Then retrace your steps and you can now access the Sluice 1 area. Take the stairs beyond the walkway to find another office similar to the previous one: also rotate here the valve, then retrace your steps to find that the water level has dropped, opening the access to Sluice 2. After a curve to the right, another machine: press the switch on the back, turn the knob on the left , press the switch in the center, then take care of the valve on the right. Press the switch on the back again and then move on. Continue along the obligatory route, finally go down. Go forward and look for a hole to drop through, then take the stairs, then turn left to find another ramp, then left again to get to the coveted trapdoor.

Pump room

Rush down the walkway past the audio log to the stairs. At the top you will find a first control mechanism for the pumps you need to activate. Then go down and take the gate now open to a second pump control room. The walkway collapses behind you, leaving you with only one direction to go. However, the control panel of the pumps is damaged this time. Find two knobs nearby that you can collect to replace the missing ones and turn them, draining even the last residue of water. Find the ladder that goes down and enter the decontamination room.
Go past the shelves, on which there is a note, and take the narrow passage up to the imposing staircase. Activate the elevator, then go up the stairs to a control room. Examine it, then go down to the lower level in the Rod Control Room.

Listen to the audio log, then raise all levers on the panel towards On except for Rod 3. Then take the maintenance duct on the left and go down the stairs to see what is preventing proper operation. Raise the hatch, then go up and flip the last switch too. Finally, return to the first control room and push each switch towards green to activate the machinery.


You have no other choice but to advance in this nightmare beyond the fleeting vision of children. The metal hatch is gone, so pick up the note and climb up to find yourself in front of another machine. This time you'll have to turn it off: start by removing the fuses, then lower the lever on the left. Once the steam exit is blocked, you can now access the passage near the ladder. Go down the stairs and crouch to pass under the cylinders, after which the blackout drags you into the darkness. When the light returns, stand still with the lantern off, locate the staircase currently blocked by the steam, move to the right side of the room. You will soon find a lighted panel with a tube in the center that you can pull. By doing this you have blocked part of the steam, but to make the ladder really accessible you will also have to rotate a second tube located near the starting area of ​​this area. Now go to the area previously made inaccessible by the hot steam puffs and smash the glass, using one of the cogs scattered nearby, thereby causing further damage to the machinery. Be careful, very unfriendly creatures will come out of nowhere, so turn off the lamp and move without being noticed towards the ladder that leads you to salvation. Move between the pipes, then at what looks like a dead end crouch in the niche on the left to find the elevator.

In the street

Safe at last, enjoy the tranquility of the deserted city streets as you make your way to the courtyard and back door. Climb the stairs and collect a note, then return to the night streets through the gate, saving yourself from the sudden hustle and bustle thanks to a cellar window left open. Use the stairs to go upstairs to the house, then explore the room on the left to collect another cryptic notation. The walkway, on the other hand, takes you back to the street. A pig is moving in front of you. Follow him, also passing the pig that slams against the door of a house as your lantern begins to give signs of failure. It is a signal: run away! Fortunately, a gate stands out in front of you. Jump over it and watch your pursuer crash into cold metal. Now continue through the tunnels, resisting the urge to escape, until you reach a new elevator. The writing at the top reads "To the Pigline". Unfortunately for you, that is your destination.

Mandus Industries

As you may have noticed, you have returned to the machinery. Approach, skipping the dangerous break in the walk, to take a closer look at how it works. Then press the button that opens the massive door of the Mandus Industries, pushing you to cross the dark and twisted corridors until you reach another room where yet another underground map stands out. Examine the surroundings, focusing on the area where some large cylindrical containers are placed. From the grate below there seems to be a metallic noise of screeching gears. Fix this by pushing one of the containers marked Compound X over the edge, causing it to collapse directly onto the gears below. Now you can retrace your steps back to the initial room, the one beyond the large door of the Mandus Industries. Once you reach your destination, locate the ladder that takes you to the upper level. Up there you witness a strange spectacle: a sort of swimming pool dominated by a lighthouse. Don't waste time, point the beam of light towards the cylinder and wait for the current and water to make friends, electrocuting the pig patrolling the control room at the end of the corridor. Then use the crates to get past the electrified pool and reach the control panel. Once again, it's time to maneuver the machine. Start by turning the large knob in the center, then deal with the switches scattered across the keyboard. You do not have to perform a particular procedure, but simply go for it, having fun until the machine fails under your constant pressure of keys at random.

Your actions will cause a power outage, quite providential in reality, as this sabotage will cause the door on the opposite side of the console to open. Pass the flooded corridor without any more dangers and move towards the open door at the bottom, avoiding being held back by the river of blood that flows below you. Then approach the two children who appeared in the infirmary, then take the only road left: another lift, towards the bowels of the machine.

The electric creature

Advance into the silence of the corridors, passing several doors on the sides until at the bottom you will find yourself in front of a metal grid that will open as you pass. Enter the large hall to be surprised by the sudden turning off of all the lights: in the background stands the imposing silhouette of a creature wrapped in electricity. Do not waste time, take advantage of the slowness with which the creature moves and immediately look for the two red switches with which to turn the lights back on. Then exit using the door at the back of the hall, on the opposite side from the one you entered.

In the heart of the machinery

Use the stairs to reach the hanging wooden walkways that lead up to the tower. On the third you will find an annotation. Advance inside the tower and simply advance. After a few steps you will find yourself teleported to another point: from there you run forward towards the light to ... be brought back to the point where you disappeared. Curious! Anyway, look for the ladder that goes up a tunnel in the corner of the room and go up. Interact with all four devices you find above, then go back downstairs and position yourself in the center of the room, on that strange platform that seems to be surmounted by a mechanical spider.
You are now in the beating heart of the machine. Literally: that metal cylinder in front of you contracts! Take the time you need to examine everything around, then set off on the treadmill. The long, lonely and disturbing journey takes you to the foot of a staircase that climbs up to a kind of temple. Advance along the obligatory path to finally find yourself in the presence of the button that definitively turns off the machinery that drives Mandus Industries. Take a deep breath ... and press it!
Congratulations, you have finished Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs!

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