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Play with the bosses

Biker Ben
You have to beat Biker Ben at 6th level of practice

Cavegirl Carmen
You have to beat Cavegirl Carmen on the 8th Nature Park mission

Rabid Rabbit
You have to beat Rabid Rabbit at the 8th mission of Playground

Snorkel Jane
You have to beat Snorkel Jane on the 8th Beach mission

Trooper Tim
You have to beat Trooper Tim at the 8th Plaza mission

Unlockable (L) maps for offline single player mode

Beach (L)
Complete all challenges on the Playground map

Nature Park (L)
Complete all challenges on the Plaza map

Playground (L)
Complete all challenges on the Training Room map

Plaza (L)
Complete all challenges on the Beach map

Water Warfare wii
  • Wii

Exit date: June 26 2009

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