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In our guide we will explain how to get around London in Watch Dogs: Legion, whether it is by fast travel or by comfortable vehicles

The latest Ubisoft effort arrives on the market today. We explored the potential of Watch Dogs: Legion in our review, which he left soddisfatto our Francesco Messina under many aspects. In this guide, however, we will deal with the movement within the dystopian London set up by the software house. The game map is by no means small and we will need to use vehicles or fast travel, which will allow us to reach our destination in a short time.

A map full of opportunities

The missions present in the game will require us to move from one point of the map to another continuously. Like any self-respecting sandbox, the possibilities offered by the developers are many. The first, the most obvious but also slow, is to go on foot. In this way we will have the opportunity to appreciate even the most hidden glimpses of the map, or find some citizen to persuade us to join DedSec.

Sometimes, however, we may need to be faster, and here opens up a new world of possibilities offered by Watch Dogs: Legion, from the use of the most disparate means to fast travel. The latter is obviously the most efficient choice, unfortunately, however, it will not be possible to use it freely from the beginning. Hence a good knowledge of the means of transport is essential.

From cars to drones - Watch Dogs: Legion, how to use fast travel

We are in 2026, do you think that a trivial car is the only choice available to you? Absolutely not. In Watch Dogs: Legion we will even be able to use a Drone Cargo to fly over the city streets. The Drone can be used by controlling a special class of characters, or simply stealing it when the opportunity presents itself. Among other means, the most iconic of London cannot be missing, the traditional double-decker bus.

In addition, boats or motorcycles of different types will also be usable. But pay attention to the latter, the handling of the bikes is rather cumbersome and you run the risk of crashing into a wall if you don't pay attention. In case you have activated the permadeath you risk having to say goodbye to a character in a car accident that will prove fatal for you. We have warned you.

Fast Travel - Watch Dogs: Legion, how to use Fast Travel

And here is the queen option of fast moving. The London Underground has the fast travel feature within the Watch Dogs: Legion map. Once you have unlocked all the stations it will probably be the best way to get to your destination in a short time. We also imagine that the SSDs of the next-gen will minimize loading times of this feature, making it almost instantaneous.

All you have to do is go to one of the metro stations. You will be able to recognize it easily from the typical circle symbol with a horizontal line. The stations represent almost completely the real stations present in London nowadays, with some more functional additions to the level design.

Have a good trip

This concludes our guide to the quick travel and movement of Watch Dogs: Legion. You are now aware of all methods to reach the destination in the shortest possible time. We hope you have found this guide useful. In the next few days you can find on our pages the full coverage with lots of guides on the game, such as the complete guide to Tech Points. So continue to follow us on Holygamerz to stay up to date on all the news from the world of video games and more!

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