Watch Dogs Legion: here is the complete list of all the trophies

In this guide you will find the complete list of all the trophies of Watch Dogs Legion, the new Ubisoft open world

It is finally available Watch Dogs Legion, the third installment of the popular hacker game series from Ubisoft. This title brings numerous improvements to the formula adopted by its predecessors and seems to be highly regarded by both critics and fans. In case you want to know more about the latest Ubisoft effort, we suggest you take a look at our review.

Many players will be looking forward to discovering all the new features of this game and then enjoying them calmly, but others will want to aim immediately to complete it in every aspect. To help this type of gamers we have decided to write this guide, in which you will find the Complete list of all Watch Dogs Legion trophies.

No spoilers!

Some players may be afraid to read the Watch Dogs Legion trophy list, as it may contain some spoiler related to the plot. Fortunately, however, in this case there is nothing to fear, given that the game's trophies make almost no reference to important moments in history. In the worst case, you can simply find out the names of some missions or some important place ahead of time. Therefore do not be afraid and start reading our trophy list in peace.

Bronze Trophies - Watch Dogs Legion: Trophy List

Let's start our list as usual with i bronze trophies by Watch Dogs Legion. In total in the game they are present 18 lenses of this type, but luckily they won't be hard to unlock at all. there all bronze trophies in the game:

  • Magnificent new fates
    • Complete "Operation Westminster"
  • The future is bright
    • Complete the entire 404 story
  • Long life to the Queen
    • Complete the entire Kelley story
  • Hacker, tailor, soldier, spy
    • Complete the entire SIRS story
  • When the righteous do nothing
    • Complete the entire Albion story
  • Any left is lost
    • Complete "In Search of Bagley"
  • Just in time
    • Complete "Change of Mind"
  • Roof over your head
    • Complete "Royal Treatment"
  • England for all
    • Complete "A Mali Extremists"
  • A dish served cold
    • Complete a revenge mission
  • Make friends
    • Recruit an activist after completing "Report"
  • And don't get up
    • Defeat an opponent of the DedSec
  • Meta-Gaming
    • Recruit a game developer
  • Pro clothes
    • Complete Intermediate Goal 1 of the Dribble
  • City Center
    • Complete a game of darts wherever you can
  • Art of resistance
    • Complete a poster wherever you can
  • To health
    • Drink at least once in every place where you can
  • Delivery from DedSec
    • Complete 20 Parcel Fox delivery missions

Silver Trophies - Watch Dogs Legion: Trophy List

Let us now turn to the list of silver trophies by Watch Dogs Legion. Silver trophies are usually less numerous and more complex to obtain than bronze ones, but this time around there is a strange difference. In fact, in Watch Dogs Legion there are more silver targets than bronze ones. In total there are well 19 silver trophies, i.e. precisely 1 more than those listed above.

Although they are more though they will not be any easier to obtain, since you can only unlock them by completing particular actions or by collecting collectibles. there all Watch Dogs Legion silver trophies:

  • Wake up !! 1! 1
    • Make a neighborhood rebellious
  • Different lives
    • Get a team of 20 activists with different occupations
  • Professional death
    • Perform 5 stealth kills with a professional hit man
  • Death from above
    • Kill 5 Albion guards using swoops
    • Kill 10 Albion guards with the bee swarms
  • Hack the planet
    • Propagate a hack to 8 targets simultaneously
  • Agitated, not stirred
    • Deactivate the weapons of 5 Albion guards at the same time using the spy clock
  • Power to the people
    • Have your followers neutralize a total of 3 guards
  • Paint me as one of yours ...
    • Stun Clan Kelley members 5 times with headshots with paintball guns
  • Gattabuia to peel
    • Perform 5 stopping eliminations
  • Turn reale
    • Enter the restricted access area of ​​Buckingham Palace in a royal guard suit
  • Do you see me!
    • Escape a chase 5 using the statue pose emote
  • Aesthetics is everything
    • Purchase a weapon skin
  • Speed ​​and fury
    • Purchase a vehicle paint job
  • What a Freshness
    • Spend 100.00 eTo on clothes in stores
  • To the teeth
    • Unlock all upgrades
  • Everything is ready
    • Purchase all upgrades for each weapon
  • Oral history
    • Get 50 audio journals
  • Magpie
    • Collect 15 Relics

Golden Trophies – Watch Dogs Legion: Trophy list

Now it's the turn of the long-awaited gold trophies. In Watch Dogs Legion they are present only two gold trophies and fortunately they are not very difficult to obtain. In fact, to unlock them you simply have to complete the DedSec story and make all the neighborhoods rebellious. For sure it will not be a quick process, but at least you won't have to complete too complex actions. This is the Watch Dogs Legion gold trophy list:

  • Unity is strength
    • Complete the entire DedSec story
  • Let's take London back
    • Make all neighborhoods rebellious

Platinum Trophy - Watch Dogs Legion: trophy list

Obviously our trophy list could not be concluded without the much coveted platinum trophy by Watch Dogs Legion. For sure you will all know how to get the platinum trophy, but for the sake of completeness we have decided to include it in the article anyway. You will find below the name and official description of the final Watch Dogs Legion trophy:

  • Completist
    • Collect all trophies

Another goal achieved!

This concludes our Watch Dogs Legion trophy list. Now you have it available a handy list to consult during your climb to platinum, so there is nothing left to do but start playing now and complete all the objectives of the title. We also remind you that, in case you need it, you can find it on our site many other guides on Watch Dogs Legion, such as those dedicated to fast travel and Technology Points.

Watch Dogs Legion è available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on Holygamerz.

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