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    Valorant: guide to agents and their skills

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    The countdown for the new Riot Games shooter is about to end, to better prepare you today we are here with our guide to Valorant agents and their skills

    Valorant, the 5 vs 5 fps shooter for PC by Riot Games, the software house responsible for the immense success of League of Legends, is now upon us. A few days ago the software house confirmed some rumors, in addition to the final name of the game and numerous details. Between settings, weapons and much more, we also met the "Agents"  and their abilities, with which it will be possible to play in Valorant, we find out everything in this guide.

    Smell of CS: GO, but not quite

    Several are available in Valorant Area, each with different characteristics and abilities. Each agent is suitable for a style of play and different circumstances, composing a roster already quite interesting. As mentioned, every Agent has unique skills that allow you to provide a series of tactical advantages during clashes, or to inflict damage on opponents. Some allow you to obtain information, others still to detect the enemy, breach defensive positions and much more. To date, 8 characters are available, and if you're ready to meet them let's get to the heart of this guide to agents and their skills in Valorant!

    Jett - Valorant: guide to agents and their skills

    The first character we're going to talk about in this guide to agents and their skills in Valorant is Jett. Jett is an extremely agent agile and elusive. Once on the pitch, his tactics consist in circumventing the defenses to hit opponents from behind. Jett's characterizing abilities are as follows:

    • Cloudburst: Launches a cloud of smoke that obscures the enemy's line of sight
    • Updraft: A sort of super-jump, after a few seconds of loading Jett a long jump to the top stands out
    • Tailwind (Signature Ability): Jett makes a very fast dash in the direction indicated
    • Blade Storm (Ultimate): Equip Jett with a series of throwing knives that deal damage to opponents (left mouse button throws one, right mouse throws them all but at short range). Taking a headshot, the enemy dies and in the event of a kill all daggers are restored

    Phoenix - Valorant: guide to agents and their skills

    Phoenix, as its name might suggest, bases its attacks and abilities on the fire. His characterizing skills are:

    • Hot Hands: Launches a fireball that explodes after hitting the ground, leaving behind some debris. The fire zone damages enemies and heals Phoenix
    • Blaze: Phoenix throws a wall of fire that blocks the view of enemies and damages anyone who passes through. The trajectory of the wall can be changed during the throw by holding down the left mouse button
    • Curveball (Signature Skill): Launches a flare of fire that temporarily blinds enemies. This ability can also be changed as "Blaze".
    • Run it Back (Ultimate): Mark the location where Phoenix is ​​located. On death, or when the duration of the ability ends, the agent is reborn in that position with maximum life

    Sova - Valorant: guide to agents and their skills

    Sova is a sophisticated spy capable of locate, find and eliminate enemies with extreme precision. Sova's abilities are as follows:

    • Shock Bolt: Fires an explosive shot that emits a pulse of energy upon impact with anything
    • Owl Drone: Launch a flyable drone. The drone can shoot small arrows that signal hit opponents
    • Recon Bolt (Signature Ability): Fires a sonar emitter that signals nearby enemies by revealing them on the map. It can be destroyed by opponents
    • Hunter’s Fury (Ultimate): Fire three energy shots that develop throughout the map. Any enemy hit by the shots is severely damaged and marked

    Viper - Valorant: guide to agents and their skills

    Viper, just like the reptile from which it takes its name, is an agent that attacks and damages enemies with its poison. Viper's abilities are:

    • Snakebite: Fires a bullet that once exploded creates a pool of acid
    • Poison Cloud: Launches a gas emitter which, upon activation, creates a poisonous cloud. The emitter consumes fuel and can be picked up and thrown again at the end of the cooldown
    • Toxic Screen (Signature Ability): Deposits a line of gas emitters that create a toxic gas wall. This also consumes fuel
    • Viper’s Pit (Ultimate): Viper launches a huge cloud of toxic gas that lasts as long as she stays inside. Enemies inside it are highlighted and marked.

    Brimstone - Valorant: guide to agents and their skills

    Brimstone is an agent who bases his attack strategy on air strikes and area damage. Brimstone's signature abilities are:

    • Incindiary: Throws an incendiary grenade that deals area damage
    • Stim Beacon: Launches a buff that grants rapid fire to nearby allies
    • Sky Smoke (Signature Ability): Indicates on the map a position in which, from the orbit, a series of charges are recalled that generate a smoke screen
    • Orbital Strike (Ultimate): Using the map, Brimstone chooses an area in which he launches an orbital area attack

    Cypher - Valorant: guide to agents and their skills

    We continue our guide on Valorant to all agents and then skills with Cypher. The latter is a kind of "Surveillance officer" which never misses anything, e keeps it under control enemy movements. His skills are these:

    • Trapwire: Place an invisible wire trap between two walls. Enemies that trip over it are detected, and if the trap is not destroyed the victim is also stunned
    • Cyber Cage: Throws a remotely activated trap, which upon activation generates a cage that slows enemies that pass through
    • Spycam (Signature Ability): Place a remote-controlled camera. By activating it, you can watch the video of its recovery. If controlled remotely, a shot can also be fired to track opponents
    • Neural Theft (Ultimate): Gain information from enemy corpses, revealing the location of all their allies

    Sage - Valorant: guide to agents and their skills

    Sage is the guardian angel of Valorant's agents. Her specialty is protecting herself and her companions, and she's capable of too resuscitation the fallen. Sage's abilities are as follows:

    • Slow Orb: Throw a sphere that crashes into the ground, creating a field that slows enemies and makes their footsteps louder
    • Barrier Orb: Create a wall that can be used as a shelter or an obstacle
    • Healing Orb (Signature Ability): Heals an ally or himself, regenerating all life
    • Resurrection (Ultimate): Revive a fallen ally

    Omen - Valorant: guide to agents and their skills

    Omen is the last of the agents that we present to you in this guide on Valorant, focused on the presentation of the characters and their abilities. TOruns in the shadows and uses the darkness to hunt down its enemies. He is capable of it blind opponents and teleport to wreak havoc among the enemy ranks. His specific skills are:

    • Paranoia: It casts a shadow in a straight line in front that blinds anyone it hits
    • Shadow Walk: After a few seconds, Omen dematerializes and teleports a short distance away
    • Dark Cover (Signature Ability): Launch an ethereal sphere that explodes, generating a huge expanse of shadow
    • From the Shadows (Ultimate): Select anywhere on the map and you teleport there as a spectrum. If killed, it returns to its point of origin

    In essence

    In summary, these were the top 8 Agents in the game. We hope we have been helpful with this one guide agents and their skills, to prepare for what awaits you right now. We are confident in the ability and economic possibilities of Riot Games, hoping to have in our hands already at launch a worthy competitor of the battle royale that now crowd the market. As always, we remind you to stay connected on Holygamerz for more news, guides and much more on the world of video games. Bye!

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