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The solution is based on the US version of the game for PlayStation 4. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.


Below, the missions that are part of the first chapter.

Bottom of the Eight

After the conversation, the opponent will try to kill you, so use the melee to KO him.
Hack the phone and proceed outside, locating Jordi Chin. You will now have to proceed outside, along the corridor and diving towards the nearest cover. Locate the two cops looking at the van and use the back of the van as protection to proceed forward. At the double doors, hack the security camera. Look up, thus hacking the control panel, causing the doors to open and proceed beyond them.
So create a bait and use it towards the area marked on the wall, hacking it to activate it. The guard will come to the area to examine it in detail and you can proceed down the stairs undetected. Go past the bar, then hack the security camera, then the second guard who "owns" a code: you can retrieve it and use it to hack the panel on the wall, then go down to the cellar. Hack yet another computer in the area, returning to Aiden.
Activate the "Blackout" option to create a distraction in the area. Go through the double doors, beyond the guards. Go down the stairs, moving to the opposite side of the room. Go down the umpteenth ramp, turning left.
Quickly run to the garage, where your car is parked. Jump in, then proceed in the opposite direction from the police. Use your phone to hack traffic lights in the area. Finally, you will have to go back to the "safe" area that will have been indicated on your map, a room inside the Owl Motel. After the cutscene, go to sleep to end the mission.

Big Brother

After awakening, proceed outward. Use your cell phone to locate the first subject with a certain "probability" of committing a crime - you will find it on the second floor, located near a balcony. Hack his cell phone.
You will now be shown the area where the crime will most likely take place. Proceed in the area, locating a woman in a parking lot. Try to "aim it", thus making it move towards the alley. Hide in the corner until you are explicitly asked to intervene.

So hit the next man with your stick. Jump in your car and drive north to your sister's house. Observe the cutscene that will occur outside. Open the portal, going up to your sister's room (you will recognize her by the presence of the balloons). Move sideways, reaching the courtyard. Talk to your sister and niece. Proceed inside.
After the phone call, hack your sister's phone. After he kicks you out, jump into the car in front of you, chasing the man who called your sister. As soon as you are given the opportunity, destroy the machine by hacking the traffic light. The owner will try to escape: chase him and hit him repeatedly.
Talk to Badboy17 now. When the call is over, the mission can also be said to be completed.

Backstage pass

First, head to the Weapon Maker (DB&R). Pick up a 416 assault rifle. Move to the construction site marked on the map. So start hacking the cameras in the area, getting an excellent view of the game area, as well as the guards inside it. So place a video camera outside, continuing to hack until you get a video.
Continue outward, proceeding forward until you locate a guard on the second floor, south corner. Hack his cell phone to get the secret access code. You can now use it to locate another cell phone, placed on the cash desk that you will need to attract a guard to the area. You will notice how the guard has a video camera attached to his suit: hack it. Now locate the chest on the wall, activating a hacking minigame. You will therefore have to align the rotating pieces, so that the blue data "proceed" from their "source", up to the lock.
Completed the hack, observe the three videos that you can track down on the servers. Then hack the main computer, visible at the end of the corridor. So, go away, trying not to be seen by the guards, so as not to waste time in useless fights.

Backseat Driver

First locate the parking lot that serves as the starting area. After the cutscene, examine the map to see the purple circle. Use the phone profiler to scan all people in the area, locating the hacker.
Having discovered him, start chasing him and kill him. Go back to the parking lot where the mission started. Jump in the car and head to the first checkpoint, avoiding the yellow circles on the map. At the back of an alley, examine the garage door to cause it to open, finding the person you need to transport. So make your way along the rest of the level, always trying to avoid the carabinieri in the area.
At the last checkpoint visible on the map, the cops will stop chasing you. Continue forward to the next checkpoint, taking out the two opponents at the end of the path. So call Jordi to complete the mission.

Open your World

Head to the area marked on the map. Begin the mission by going down the stairs to reach the subway. Talk to Clara. After upgrading your skills, you will be called by Clara. He will tell you about the only sensible way to get inside the ctOS building, which is through the dungeons.
Then move through the tunnel where you are currently, until you locate the initial area, outside the garage. The door leading to the building will be locked: you can unlock it using the appropriate skill.
Then go through the next rooms, reaching the corner of a huge office. Use the cameras in the area to survey your surroundings, trying to figure out who exactly is in the area. Move to the second floor. So try to proceed in stealth mode, that is, moving near the shady areas and using the hacking skills to proceed inside.
Get the code from the guard, use the cameras to go back to the second floor. When the guard moves to the next room, do it too and hack the router in the area. You will now have to solve two puzzles. The first puzzle includes three "roots": make the left root point to the left, the middle root point up / right, and the right root point up.
Once this is done, unlock the lock at the top, proceeding to the following puzzle. Now, the ray will have to go up on the first way, down on the second, then up again on the third.
Completed the two puzzles, hack the VIP's laptop, obtaining the information. You will now have to escape: since you shouldn't have caused any alarms to go off, you can go back following the path you came from. Jump into the car, using the jammers to prevent the police from discovering you.

Thanks for the Tip

Proceed to the back alley. Upon starting the mission, you will be prompted to hack the nearby "box".
In more detail, you will notice that there are two ctOS type boxes that must be deactivated before you can proceed. Starting with the first, you will need to locate the camera near the elevator. Hack the camera, locating the ctOS box near the balcony.
Moving on to the second one, you will have to proceed forward towards the alley, locating a camera that "points" towards the alley below. Hack this one too, by locating the ctOS box in front of you. After that, go back to the previous box and hack this one too. When you are fully inserted into the junction, you will gain access to a video camera inside the apartment. Jump in his direction, causing a cell phone to activate. Hack the phone, listening to the corresponding conversation. So kill the subjects that come in your direction.
You will now have to go and meet the man who phoned you. Go to the Bean statue (Cloud Gate), talking to the man on the phone. Once this is done, the mission can also be said to be completed.


Move to Lena's grave, remembering to talk to Nicky. You will then be called by Jordi, go and meet him in the city.

Video - Launch Trailer

Not the Pizza Guy

Move to the initial area, running forward and climbing up the building in front of you, reaching the balcony.
When you get to the balcony, talk to Jordi. Run along the bridge, crossing the river, locating a door next to the bridge. Go through the door, throw yourself forward to go down to the rails. Move along the rails, using the piles of wood as a cover. Hack the camera visible just above the door, then jump forward, arriving at the building on the opposite side.
You can then unlock a ctOS box, and go through the next door that leads to the boss. Question the person in the area, then go down to the Fixers.
Retrieve the AK-47, proceed outward, ignoring the enemies. Jump over the green fence, go up the stairs from where you came. Jump into the car and dash forward as fast as you can, avoiding any interaction with the nearby helicopter. Once in the car, it will be necessary to flee.

A Wrench in the Works

Head to the area outside Connely Square, starting the mission. Talk to Clara, then head to Angelo Tucci's nephew. Then look around to locate Tucci's niece. With that done, you'll need to hack his phone. Go ahead, so call her. She will go get her uncle, and you can track him down.
So jump in the car, making yourself transported to the edge of the watercourse. Once near Angelo Tucci, you will have to destroy both the vehicle and Angelo himself: therefore wait for him to approach the crossroads, then use the IED to increase the speed.
Having knocked out Tucci, you will become his friends' moving target. You will therefore have to try to project yourself in the opposite direction, avoiding contact with the opponents in the area, thus completing the mission (without suffering damage!).

Dressed in Peels

After Aiden's arrest, you'll find yourself inside a cell. Look outward, locating the guards.
Hack one of their cameras, then proceed to hack any cameras you think are "useful". Finally, you will need to reach the guard's camera walking along the second floor, near the guards office. Having a good view inside, proceed to the office, unlocking the cell door. Project yourself outward, moving to the left, avoiding contact with the guards. Use the pillars to hide, continuing left to the office. Go down the stairs.
Unlock the box by moving towards the portal and passing it. Move to the second camera. After the short puzzle, interact with the cameras until you locate the target: you will find it filmed while observing the first camera, behind a wall. He will be taken away by a group of enemies. Hack the elevator in front of you by calling it. Examine the object just above the switch, projecting yourself towards the laundry room.
Get off and move to the guards office. Examine the box, also unlocking the one next to the entrance door. Collect the Shotgun in the following office, then forward. Go through the nearby double doors, jumping behind the blue basket. Hack the pipe left, then right, throwing yourself behind the cover.
An Enforcer will therefore arrive on the scene: hit him repeatedly until he is knocked out. So locate the room along the back wall, trying to lure the Enforcer into the area. Then detonate the chest on the side, destroying the opponent.
Enter the room, talking to the man. Exit, left, locating the bag left by Jordi. Change, head down the corridor to the left. Left, to the next room, entering the guards office. Observe the area outside, examining the chest, unlocking the last portal between you and Chicago.
Once outside, run to the left, jumping into the car parked in the area. Give the gas, projecting yourself towards the construction area, avoiding contact with the police.


Below, the missions that are part of the second chapter.

Hold On, Kiddo!

Talk to Damien, then project yourself towards Nicky's house. Try to talk to Damien again. Exit, running towards the train station. As soon as the train arrives, locate the subjects outside. Hack the train, then take out the nearby subjects, using the nearby traffic lights. Having "cleared" the area of ​​Fixer's presence, project yourself to the next L station, talking to Paulson and Jackson. Jump on the train, talk to Jackson to finish the mission.

Breakable Things

In order to start the mission, you will have to destroy the control center in Brandon Docks. So jump in the car, proceeding to Robert Racine's yacht. You will first have to obtain the access code: we recommend doing it using the video cameras, or by spying on the actions of the guards in the area.
Obtained the access code, you will have to proceed beyond the portal, therefore using the trolley in front to get to the roof of the first floor.

Then jump into the second floor window, hacking the chest to gain access to Racine's office.
Hack his PC causing a video to appear. Then hack the phone. Exit outside, locating the Enforcer. Use your phone to cause an explosion. So get into the car and start chasing Racine. So run in the opposite direction to finally complete the mission.


Proceed to your room in the Owl Motel. Talk to Clara Lille, then hit the man holding Clara captive in the head. You will now have to fight to get out of the Motel: watch out for the men visible on the roof as well as on the second floor balcony. Get rid of the men on the roof first, then the rest.
Two other cars will arrive in the area: also get rid of the men inside them. You will now locate two explosives on the ground in the parking lot. Use them to take out the enemies near the cars. You will now have to proceed towards Clara's car, paying attention to the men coming from the play area to the side of you.
Having finished this second wave of opponents, Clara will jump in the car and drive away. Get rid of the other two enemies that come onto the scene, then jump into the car to proceed to the outside.

One Foot in the Grave

Locate Clara near the island of Abbot. Then locate the access to the bridge, using your telephone. Examine the chest near the water, locating Tobias Frewer. So follow Clara, who will lead you to Tobias.
Use your phone to locate the homeless by hacking his phone. Listen to the conversation. You will now have to go to the group of men who are organizing an assassination attempt on Tobias.
Jump into the car, throwing yourself towards the jeep. Kill the driver, then proceed further, going to kill the killer, the most dangerous character in the surroundings.
Proceed to the area where the poker game is taking place, in the courtyard of the house. Go down the stairs, then locate the garage, marked by an ace of hearts. Go down again, placing yourself at the table to play. After betting, ask Tobias about his employment status.
So start running after him, but avoid killing him - approach him and hit him with your fists, paying attention to the surrounding pipes, which can suddenly explode and slow Tobias down. Talk to him after you reach him, gaining access to his shop, where you can buy items like Jam Comm and Blackout.

A Blank Spot

Return to Abbott's Island, meeting Clara. Hack the bridge, then walk across the bridge to the island. You will now have to activate three generators, so head towards the generator straight in front of you. As you run forward, you will find a ground registration. You will now have to climb to the top of the building, then hack the elevator on the side, and climb along the containers to the roof.
At the top, hack the camera beyond the portal. Hack the second one as well, reaching the fuses that keep the portal locked. If you hack the panel, it will explode, making a hole in the fence. Walk beyond it to reach the next building. Go through the door, activating the first generator.
Now use the elevator to return to the ground. Proceed to the second one, using the containers, locating one that you can control. Jump in and let yourself be carried down. Hack it twice to get back up. Proceed forward, jump on the container on the left, then progressively climb up to the roof.
At the locked portal, hack the camera on the opposite side of the fence. Hack the box, then the portal. Move along the fence, arriving at the elevator. Let him go down, gaining access to the generator. Activate it, go up along the containers, go down on the opposite side, recovering the registration.
Continue to the last generator. So open the fence, hack the camera. Lower the container, then hack the camera just behind it. Then a third, so let the container go up. Hack the fuses to open the portal. Jump to the next roof. Locate the door, locked by a yellow container. Climb on it using the forklift on the left. When you get to the roof, move to the "closed" area, activating the last generator.
Go back to the area where the second generator was. Locate the container named "Blume". Enter it, and it will start moving. Open the next door, leading to a kind of underground laboratory. Move to the computer in the center, activating it. Talk to Clara, then take the contents of the room. Go up the stairs, turn on the power to complete the mission.


To activate the mission, you'll first need to clear the communications center inside The Wards.
Having started it, proceed to the courtyard containing three apartment blocks. Proceed first to the front area of ​​the courtyard, where you will notice some barriers placed by the cops. Move left, past the fence, then a second one. Hide behind the concrete wall. Wait for one man to remain in the area, then cast a lure to distract him. When he leaves, go behind his back and hit him quickly. Hack the nearby fuse box. Turn around immediately, returning from where you came, until you reach the road.

Then move completely towards the right side of the building, locating the forklift. Jump on it, go over the fence. Proceed forward until you reach a corner, with the courtyard straight in front of you. Kill the guard, then continue to the left, arriving at the second chest, hiding behind the pipes and concrete barriers. Quietly hack the box. Go back the way you came, to the farthest building in the group of buildings. Walk under the scaffolding, again using the walls as cover to avoid being hit by snipers.
Now hack the third box, completing the objective. Go back to the forklift, passing the fence. There will now be only one box left to "open" next to the building inside the car park - there should be no people around.
You will now have to leave, joining Clara inside the Bunker.

Grandma's Bulldog

Talk to Clara, then go and use the PC, entering the security room. Hack it, then sneak into the CtOS box. Once the puzzle is solved, you will reach a different floor. Listen to the audio, call the elevator. Hack the camera, then take the elevator up. Hack the camera on the opposite side of the corridor, then in the area at its end. Activate the ctOS box, solving yet another puzzle. Hack the camera on the opposite side of the game, then the computer, reading the emails.
Then move on to the next floor, where the following video camera will be present. Locate the recording next to the couple. Hack the nearby computer by examining the email and hacking the next camera. Also hack the camera in the corridor, then proceed down the corridor, examining the ctOS box.
Hack the audio log near the camera you have now taken control of. Proceed into the room behind the woman in the bikini. Hack the camera on the opposite side, then move forward along the corridor. Hack the man near the nearby video camera.
Proceed to the back room. Jump on the camera, then let yourself be transported to the back room. Open the shutters to gain access to the next area. Hack the computer, then the area near the following corridor, observing the cutscene.

Not a Job for Tyrone

Start the mission, activate the ctOS near Bedbug's house. Watch as Bedbug talks to his grandmother. Start chasing him as soon as he goes outward, trying to stay close enough.
Jump into the car at the end of the road. Follow Bedbug's car, avoiding getting too close. Turn the corner, then swerve to the left and destroy the road immediately ahead, always trying to keep an eye on the car.
When Bedbug comes down, you will have to go down too. Pass the white fence, proceeding towards the courtyard. Hide behind the wooden pallets, waiting for the guard to stop looking at you. Go past the tables, hiding behind the fridge. Bedbug will stop to talk to you. Move beyond the concrete building, listen to the conversation, then kill the guards nearby.
Go back up the road, following Bedbug along the garden. Once near the horse, distract the guard by using the phone. Hide between the horse cart and the fence. After Bedbug stops talking to the neighbor, use the camera across the street to keep an eye on him.
Then proceed to the following camera, locating Bedbug while talking to Rabbit. Blow up the pipe behind Bedbug. Now divert the camera to Rabbit. Hack his phone, call him. Use the cameras to direct Rabbit outward, but without him being seen - if he is, he will be hit. Hack his phone, listening to the conversation. Run outward to complete the level.


Go and meet Jordi near the ice cream truck. Place a bomb on the truck, using the phone to detonate it. Proceed to the brick building.
Listen to the audio, then head inside the building and place the bombs.
When the timer clears, the dealers will enter. Detonate the bombs, then go to the second floor to kill the enemies below. So you hack the phone, telling Bedbug that his friends are dead. You will now have to try to chase the Viceroy, using a stolen car. Having reached him, fire repeatedly to kill him.
Head back into town, heading towards Bedbug, following him as he proceeds to the statues. Call Bedbug as soon as you are ready. Hack the nearby terminal, listening to the confession.


Proceed to the north side of the Loop, along the river. Listen to the boy who "screams", so follow him.
Locate the motorcycle along the way by jumping on it and following the boat along the river. Jump into the water near the building next to the boat. Go up the ladder to the left. Move to the side of the building. At the back, you can open the envelope and copy the necessary.

Stare into the Abyss

Talk to Yolanda, the woman who is looking for her grandson. So locate the car Crispin is looking for. Hack the CTOS on the side of the building, gaining access to the security cameras. Examine nearby opponents, trying to locate at least one with a bomb and detonating it.

When Crispin is dead, he will drop his phone. Hack him to get information about his plans. Proceed to the basement where Crispin was heading, avoiding interacting with the gangsters. Go down the stairs, arriving at the back alley. Follow the man who is making you examine the room. Talk to Poppy, then retrieve the tickets and exit the club, entering the purple machine.

A Risky Bid

Proceed to the port, locating the office with the boat, proceeding to the area to begin the mission. Walk down the hall, following the man in the area.
Go through all the rooms to get a recording. Listen to it, then continue to the end of the corridor. Open the door, reaching the auction room. Keep following your man around the rooms. Go up the stairs, proceed along the walkway.
When Iraq leaves Quinn's room, examine his RFID. Listen to the old man, then go back, go down the stairs, retrieve the recording, let yourself fall along the floor, go through the following tunnels avoiding to eliminate the guards in the area. Go back and go up the ladder, working along the wall to the boat. Hide behind it by going through the door. Go up the stairs, go through the door ahead. Hack the camera, proceed beyond the fence. Hack the next door.
So get rid of the men who shoot you from one side. Locate the box nearby, using it to unlock the next door. Continue forward, using the pallets as a cover. Hack the cameras, kill the men. At the end of the alley, an Enforcer will arrive in the area. Throw behind the nearest cover, waiting for him to approach an explosive and explode. Go back to the area where the Enforcer came from, reaching a kind of arena.
A garage door will open and several opponents will come out. Use nearby cameras to damage them as much as possible. Go through the garage door to reach an elevator. Jump inside to reach the second floor.
Get rid of nearby subjects. Proceed up, past the open door. Go down the walkway, reaching the main warehouse. Run forward, jumping to the ground floor. Open the warehouse, then run forward and jump into one of the cars in the area, traveling to freedom.

Role Model

We recommend that you unlock the steam pipe hack ability before embarking on this mission.
First, proceed to the northernmost area of ​​Mad Mile. Locate a boat-shaped building. Climb to the top of it, getting rid of all the guards below. Wait for the reinforcements to arrive, waiting for them to be on top of the steam-emitting pipe.
Having killed all the men in the area, move to the third floor, hack the box, proceed to the inside of the building. Go down the hall, reaching the room that houses Jackson. Grab it and take it away.

Planting a Bug

Proceed to the Dragon Unicorn bar. Walk to its back area, throwing something in the trash can to begin the mission. Go to meet Bedbug, proceeding to the area you entered during the "Jury-Rigged" mission.
Move to the back, destroying all subjects in the parking lot. Upon reaching the narrow room with the broken ATMs, you will find yourself in front of Bedbug. Guide Bedbug to Iraq's secret room. When the first guard has descended from the corridor, tell Bedbug to proceed through the door, arriving at the end of the corridor. Hook up the cameras to the laptop, then continue to the next room. Tell Bedbug to stand behind the visible wall in the new room.
When the guard begins to proceed towards the huge hole in the wall, tell Bedbug to proceed beyond it, hiding behind the table. Continue to the next room, using your cell phone to distract the guard himself. Move beyond the table, go through the following corridors, having Bedbug follow you. Wait for the guard to leave, then tell Bedbug to hide behind the wall. Distract the guard by using yet another phone, then tell Bedbug to throw himself beyond the guard so he can reach the last door. Hack the camera so that it "hooks" to Bedbug. Also hack the next door so Bedbug can proceed further.
Proceed to the camera in the following room, "entering" the ctOS. After briefly solving the puzzles, hack the door to let Bedbug through. So run outwards to avoid any kind of contact with the rest of the subjects.

Way off the Grid

Proceed to the Bunker. After the conversation, you will need to return to Wards to locate Ray Kenney. Once in the area, get rid of the enemies, then go to locate the computer in the abandoned building and use it.
Now defend the play area while the information is retrieved. Locate the nearby grenade launcher, using it to destroy enemies in the area. Having killed everyone, go get the hard drive from the nearby computer.

After the cutscene, jump into the car and start chasing the opponent. As soon as you reach the motorway, we recommend that you increase your speed to the maximum possible.
When the truck has reached the pipe that emits smoke, pay attention to the intersection: there is a risk of being hit by an opponent coming from one of the other directions, use your opponent as a "shield" to avoid damage. Once the truck has been destroyed, the chapter can be considered completed.


Below, the missions that are part of the third chapter.

Hope is a Sad Thing

Destroyed the control tower, you will have to proceed moving towards the opposite side of the lake, locating a town. Then hack the computer near the house on the opposite side of the street.
Retrieve the password from the gazebo just below the harbor. Go back to the computer you hacked, hack it again, using your password.
It will now be possible for you to hack the ctOS tower. First locate the antenna in the center of the play area, interacting with it several times - first use the cameras on the antenna dish to locate the box, unlocking the front door. Enter the building, go down the stairs until you reach the underground tunnel.
So hack the camera behind the door, and then hack the next box as well. You will unlock a door, but unfortunately not the one directly in front of you. Then go back to the outside, moving towards the plate on the opposite side of the playing area. Go up the stairs, activate the antenna so that the moving platform takes you beyond the area "closed" by the fence. Unlocked the door at the top of the building, go down the second flight of stairs, then go up the following ladder, until you reach a satellite dish. Activate the antenna, causing the following bridge to "connect". Activate the elevator on the ground by jumping into it.
Let yourself be carried down, reaching the second underground tunnel. Blow up the cassette which can cause an explosion. Move beyond the portal, retrieving the chest to unlock the door to the right of the tunnel exit.
Enter the first underground tunnel in the series. Open the door to the zone, move forward and gain access to the ctOS tower. Listen to the recording, then return to the town. Now locate the bar across the street, go inside and talk to Ray Kenney. You will now have to complete a mini-game based on ... drinking. Position the cursor on the icons in the area by pressing them in the sequence shown on the screen. After a short cutscene, you wake up at Ray's house.
Follow T-Bone Grady to the next play area. He will show you his traps, and ask you to bring his truck back. Retrieve the sniper rifle by returning to town. When you reach the camp, wait near the wooden portal. After the short conversation, you need to go back to Ray.
Use the trap at his disposal to damage the opponents who try to reach you. Back in Ray's residence area, you'll have to eliminate all the opponents in the area.

The Pit of Paranoia

Make your way to one of the northernmost areas of the map, arriving at a camp. So start chasing the helicopter that will arrive on the scene. When you reach the parking lot, hack the helicopter to gain access to the camera inside. You will now have to locate two of Blume's security bosses, which will be clearly marked on your map (their exact location will change each time you start playing again, so we can't provide more precise information). Having finished both of them, you'll need to hack the boss's phone to get Blume's ID. It will then be necessary to run away to avoid further contact with the enemies.

Unstoppable Force

Proceed first to the pawns area in Pawnee. You must therefore begin the mission: locate the convoy that proceeds along the road, jump in the car and proceed forward until you cross the main path. Finally, you will arrive near a pipe that "emits" steam: wait in the area, until the convoy is placed on top of the pipe. Make it explode. Then proceed in the opposite direction to complete the mission.

Video - Character Trailer

The Future is in Blume

From Blume's headquarters, proceed to the initial mission area, a little further on. Then move forward again until you reach the building's parking lot.
Jump out of the car. Proceed to the left starting from the main portal. Hack the camera in the area, then wait for the guard to leave. Hack the control box, thus unlocking the door beyond the left corner, just past the main portal.
Continue forward and throw yourself behind the nearest cover. Go through the front gate, then turn towards the center, and locate the console. Throw a lure, then move and detonate the lure. There should now be no obstacles between you and the console.
You will therefore have to go and examine the ctOS box inside the following building. Use your phone to examine it in detail. You will be told how, before you can use it, you need to hack two more boxes. So look towards the outside area of ​​the room, then hack the camera. Locate the office on the second floor, surrounded by a group of guards, and proceed upwards until you reach it.
Then proceed to the video camera just above the office, locating the audio recording. Use the phone to attract a guard. So jump to the camera as the guard enters the room. Locate the crate on the corner, hack it. The next is therefore on the opposite side of the game complex. Hack one of the vault rooms near the top of the alley, just to the left of the main gate.
Use the shutters to draw the guard towards the "external" camera. Jump on it. When you begin to move with him, use the phone on the ground to lure him towards the portal door. As soon as you notice the control box, hack it fast. So go back to the previous area, where you hacked the box using the phone. You will now have to solve two simple hacking puzzles, as usual. Once this is done, you will have to hack the server in front of you to insert a Spyware.
Wait for the guard to arrive, then hack his camera. Wait for him to walk down the hall, then hack the camera near the conference room. You will now need to exit Blume's residence area, exiting the same area you originally came from. Keep going left, locating a motocross bike. Jump on it.

For the Portfolio

Get on the dirt bike, throw yourself along the path in front of you. After passing the various jumps below, make your way to T-Bone's ranch. Kill everyone in the compound by encountering T-Bone. Activate the traps nearby. Killed all the members of the militia, follow T-Bone, who will make you pass two bombs he placed in the area.
At the same time, you will have to cause a rise of the nearby protective barriers, therefore maintain your current position, while hitting the nearby traps.
Destroyed a first wave of enemies, follow T-Bone to the second bomb. A second wave of opponents will arrive in the area. Use the traps to kill them. Follow T-Bone through the door to the back garden. Activate the protector and throw yourself behind one of the walls to gain cover from the looming enemies. Use the sniper rifle to take out the nearby subjects.
Killed the last of the militia members, an intermission scene will start with T-Bone as the protagonist. Follow it along the next tunnel, exiting to get to a boat. Jump on it, having you transported to Chicago. You will return to the Bunker. Talk to Clare, completing the mission.

By Any Means Necessary

Before starting the mission, we recommend that you buy the "Take Down" skill available to the Enforcer.
Then proceed towards the "Rossi-Fremont" apartment complex. Move sideways along this complex, passing the sandbags and reaching the forklift. Jump on it, which will then carry you to the building on the side. At the front door, talk to Clara, who will open the doors for you. Go through two sets of doors, throwing yourself towards the nearest cover. Watch out for the two men who will come out of the elevator, blow them up using the box on the wall.
Continue to the inside of the elevator, letting you carry yourself up. Jump behind the nearest cover, also retrieving the recording on the same floor. Then go up the ramp made of debris, continuing along the corridor. Go up another floor, freeing yourself of the men around. Go through the portal, continuing beyond the only available door. Retrieve the registration, unlock the following door by hacking the ctOS box. Always ahead, getting rid of the Elite soldier in the area, using the cameras to try to blow him up.
So go up the ladder that leads to the next floor. Throw yourself behind the wall next to you. Kill the men behind the table. Dive down the corridor, go back to the previous room. Use the camera outside the corridor to locate the next group of oncoming opponents. Having cleared these as well, proceed outward, using the Shotgun to finish off the nearby subjects.

Continue to the next room, retrieve the recording and go up the two ladders. Now use the cameras to interrupt communications and activate explosives, clearing the room from the presence of opponents. Continue along the corridor, hitting the man who will approach you. Unlock the doors in front of you, then proceed to Iraq's server room. Hack the server. Once you have the information, you will have to proceed outwards. So go back to where you came from, reaching Iraq. After the cutscene, proceed outward to the "exposed" floor. You will now have to deal with a boss. Kill the three men in the area, also getting rid of the Enforcer nearby.
After a short time, you will have to deal directly with Iraq. When that happens, stop interacting with the Enforcer, go straight to Iraq - it's a much weaker subject, and the fight will be easier.
Having eliminated him, leave the apartment, being thrown back outside to complete Chapter 3.


Below, the missions that are part of the fourth chapter.

Someone's Knocking

First, go back to the bunker. Observe the cut scene. Hack the two puzzles, then direct the blue line outward to finish them both.

In Plain Sight

Head to the Mad Mile to meet Damien. So look at the behavior of the civilians around. Take advantage of jammers and / or a blackout to prevent them from calling the police. Jump into the car, locate the transmission van and start chasing it.
Destroyed the truck, also eliminate the driver. Also pay attention to the yellow circles that will appear in the area, they signal the arrival of the police.

The Rat's Lair

Head to the start area, thus activating your phone's profiler. Locate the access point, noting the presence of a ctOS box that you can hack using the tunnel exit. Having hacked it, you also solve the rest of the puzzle to gain access to Defalt's camera.
So locate T-Bone inside the following room. After he escapes, you must help him avoid the attacks of the Fixers. So go up the stairs, exiting the tunnel, and hacking the camera in the area. Also use the other cameras to blow up nearby enemies.
Once out of this play area, T-Bone will also leave. Defalt will then send a large amount of Fixer towards you. Run in the opposite direction from them, killing the rest of the Fixers.

The Defalt Condition

Proceed to the "Ambrose" theater to begin the mission. Move to the right, locating the ctOS box. Hack it, then jump to the camera. Hack the following box, causing the door to open. Watch the screens, then move through the door leading to the club.
Hack nearby phones, using yours to get a profile of nearby subjects. You will then be asked to hack Defalt's server.
Hack all the cameras until you reach the second floor. Locate the server just above the ports you came from. You will therefore have to complete two consecutive puzzles. So hack the video camera just above the laptop. After Defalt notices you, go up the stairs, then cross the walkway, and up the umpteenth ramp until you reach the roof. Eliminate everyone present using your special gun.
Run along the rest of the roof, down to the ground. Jump into the nearby car to chase Defalt. You will need to get close in such a way as to download the information available to him using a wireless device.
It will therefore come time to finish it, after you have completed the download. We recommend that you stay very close to the opponent, as long as he walks over some pipes that emit a considerable amount of steam. When you have killed him, the level will be completed!

Little Sister

To begin the mission you will need to proceed to the south section of Brandon Docks. First run to the warehouse. Hack the console of the van, then proceed to the laptop. Detonate the bow, taking out the guard. Hack the phone, calling Nicky.
Project yourself forward, approaching the camera on the wall. Activate the forklift to distract the first guard. Tell Nicky to proceed along the bridge. Wait for the guard next to the orange container to look in another direction, then dive inside.
Now wait for the same guard to turn towards the street you came from, and then hide behind the wooden pallets. Open the garage door. Move behind the pipes on the ground, then behind the blue container.
Hide behind the wooden pallets. Wait for the opponent to reach the red car. You will therefore have to project outward, enter the delivery truck, and proceed forward. At the jump, cross the road, then use the traps at your disposal to exit.

Ghosts of the Past

Proceed to the mission "start" checkpoint. Begin driving forward, then left, right, reaching a second straight. Move to its end, then swerve to the left. Cross the rails, then straight to the grocery store.

Right, then straight ahead. Left, then right, then straight up to the mud path (on the left).
Quickly proceed along the path. Left at the first asphalted road, then straight ahead to exit the police search "circle". Continue towards Pawnee to arrive at the checkpoint. Leave Nicky and Jackson in the zone, listening to T-Bone's call.

No Turning Back

The mission begins at the Merlaut Hotel. Locate the building in front of it, enter the van. Interact with the ctOS. Jump to the camera above, then to the next two. Hack a second ctOS. You will get access to a video camera inside the hotel.
Listen to the mayor's speech, especially when he talks to Lucky. Hack the video camera on the wall, move forward to locate the next one, near the meeting area. Hack it, reaching the intrusion area.
Solved the puzzle, jump to the camera near the man in front of the console. When it exits towards the hotel, jump to the next camera. Here you will have to cause the transformers to explode and hack the explosive neighbors. Proceed to the inside of the front doors. Hide behind the plants. Right, behind the front table. Move to the security room, calling the elevator. Hit the guard repeatedly. Jump into the elevator, moving up.
At the top, you will be surrounded. Wait for Focus to activate, hitting opponents who hold you back. Shoot at the guard on the opposite side of the wall. Open the door that the guard was watching. Hack the camera above. Blow up the transformers, then hack the camera near the sniper on the right.
When you reach the stairs on the right, you can locate a door, partially open. Run inside, leaving the small group of enemies behind you. Always on, to Quinn's office. Hack the controls immediately behind the table. A panel will open, sideways. Get out your phone, hack the Pacemaker.
After the cutscene, hack the Pacemaker again. Download the video from the computer just behind Quinn. Run outside, past the door with the "Exit" sign. Project yourself over the roof, but avoid taking the elevator. Use the Blackout, locating the car in the area. Jump on it, heading south. At the edge of the stream, jump into the boat. Move to the lake.
After the cutscene, proceed to St. Joseph's Cemetery in Parker Square. You can spot Clara lying on some flowers near Lena's grave. When Focus mode is activated, try to hit nearby subjects in the head repeatedly. Get rid of the subjects around you, then get close to Clara.

CAPITOLO 5 - Sometimes you still lose

Head to the Bunker to begin the mission. After uploading the video, jump in the car and proceed to the Loop. Move to the mission icon, visible on the map.
After the call, keep moving towards the checkpoint, until you reach the "sweet spot" - a ctOS box inside a huge building along the north side of the river. Hack everything you can to get to the river.
Talk to T-Bone, he will ask you to upload a virus: you will therefore have to reach three different areas along the city, loading the virus in their correspondence. Locate the points on your map indicated by the word "Hack". Focus on the closest one, moving towards it: south. Enter the ctOS building to retrieve the crate, and upload the virus. While loading, we recommend that you stand near a nearby wall and destroy the incoming helicopter.
Then move to the second box, north, outside the building on the right, on the small island near Mad Mile. Once the hack is complete, jump to one of the machines in front and then move behind the closest cover, waiting for the virus to reach 100% upload. Go to the last box, near the marina port. Once this hack is complete, you'll need to run ahead and hide in the closest area. We recommend using the Blackout to get out of the police as quickly as possible.
Now go back to the "weak point" to the north. Hack the "box", then jump to the camera in front of you. Hack the next box in front of you, eventually solving the last simple puzzle. You can now turn off the ctOS. Run out, going down to the stream. Jump into the boat, making your way to the lake. Continue to the lighthouse in the distance.
Back outside, get out of your boat and proceed to the mainland. Locate the elevator that allows you to proceed outside, making you transport. Then jump down, entering the lighthouse. Climb to its top, climbing the various ladders. At the top, you will find yourself in front of Damien. Observe the cut scene. Hack the nearby lighthouse, then shoot Damien before he can reach you. You will therefore have to make one last choice (it will not affect the ending, so choose what you want!) And then you can enjoy the ending!

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