The walkthrough of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

Sand Central Station

You will land in New York together with Iron Man and Hulk; Sprint immediately and pass the cars and monsters to reach the sand barrier at the edge of the road. Use Iron Man to target the two silver bricks past the fire hydrants and water the sand wall. doing so will reveal a green crack; take the controls of the good Hulk who can smash anything that has a green crack on it; hit solid sand with a nice punch. Past the barrier, you will find two green grips on the side of the bus; The Hulk can also interact with these handles; then grab the bus and press the button that will appear on the screen to launch it over the barrier. In the following area, take the Iron Man controls; its guided missiles, can detonate all shiny bricks; then point them on the trailer of the truck further ahead in the center; with the remaining bricks build grips for the Hulk, use them and load Abomination to unleash an epic super battle; press the buttons that appear on the screen to easily beat the powerful nemesis of our green giant; then our heroes will be able to access the Central Station. Sandman's huge arms will keep you from continuing; you will have to destroy them both with each of the super heroes at your disposal; start by commanding the Hulk and use the verse grips on the left to lift a huge pile of lego; aim while holding down the attack button and hit one of the sand arms; then take the controls of Iron Man and hit the silver bricks on the right with the guided missiles, in this way you will reveal more grips for the Hulk; grab them and throw them. A train will crash ahead of you; take out the twenty-four sand men with the help of the Hulk's powers and the wagon will disappear; an information kiosk will then appear. Use Iron Man to hit the silver bricks on top and drop them on the ground, with these build a turret, then stand next to it and press the button that will appear on the screen to take the water jet controls with Iron Man (one as big as the Hulk couldn't command such a small turret). Keep hitting the center of the wall with the water jet until a crack appears, grab the controls of the green giant and land a nice punch right where the crack is. In front of you Sandman will build a castle equipped with turrets preventing the Hulk from approaching and hitting the green cracks, so take the Iron Man controls to destroy the silver bricks on the right and be able to build green grips; grab them with the Hulk and hurl everything at the sand castle. At this point Sandman will be forced to retaliate, but our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will join the group! The street will be abruptly closed by a short-circuited section of the Stark Tower and you will have to eliminate the electrical energy generated by it; take the Spider-Man controls and reach the bright wall on the far right of the screen, press the button that will appear on the screen to use the spider sense and locate a scalable wall; climb on this then use the cobwebs on the red and blue points, then press the button that will appear on the screen to shoot; the satellite disc will fall, leaving behind several useful bricks; use these to create grips for the Hulk; then take the controls of the latter and destroy the first of the generators. The second will be considerably easier to destroy, hit the silver gate around the machinery with Iron Man's missiles, then grab the controls, wall climb and use your spider senses to reveal a knob to pull to destroy this generator as well. eliminate electricity. Use your developed senses again to make more shooting points appear in the center of the area, target them both and hold down the attack button to drop the sign and create a comfortable passage. Further on, use Spider-Man to shoot a spider web at the water tower knob on the right, then with the web still pulled, grab the Hulk's controls and hold the button to return him as Dr. Banner; as the slim doctor, climb the web and be the green giant at the top, grab the green handles and use the bricks to create a controllable water turret; now you just have to aim the jet on the evil and gigantic Sandman. Keep watering the enemy until he destroys the turret you are on; he will lower an arm revealing a green crack on which to use the Hulk's powers; at this point you will be thrown at you some heaps of bricks with green cracks on them, use the jump attack of the green giant to hit this block and with the bricks obtained build a mixer for concrete; grab the newly built object to aim and hit the Sandman.

Time Square Off

To enter Baxter's building, smash the lamppost to create a platform through which Mr. Fantastic can pass through; once on the opposite side of the gate, smash the satellite dish and build a platform to transform Reed Richards and open the gate and let Captain America through. The door ahead of you will be locked, but there is no way to enter; use Cap's shield to activate the button on the right; then go up the ladder with Mr. Fantastic and slide through the small space where you can use the special controls; laser defenses will appear; take Cap's controls and activate his special ability to parry with the shield; go over the platform in the middle of the street and bounce the lasers towards the sender; done this, go through the open door. Inside the laboratory, defeat the Octobots, then with the remaining bricks, build a platform and use Mr. Fantastic to destroy the metal plate that hides a shield button to be activated with the help of Cap; get on the elevator always in his shoes, then, protect yourself with the shield from the fire to the left, finally jump in the area with the tracks on the left; take Mr. Fantastic's controls and build a platform to reach the area where your partner is. Grab the handles with the elastic arms of Mr. then build a button for the shield with the jumping bricks, activate it with Cap; a new panel will be activated at the top of the ladder in the background, go up and use it with Mr to bring up a big red button to the right of the ladder itself to jump onto. The beam will smash all the legos below, use Cap to build the jumping bricks, then use the shield plate to reflect the beam towards the blue-lit discs and charge the two generators; jump on the lift and drive it like a car to the top of the roof to meet Dr. Octopus. On the roof, pass the building to the right and aim for the pull handles with Mr. Fantastic; then, build a ladder with the bricks, go up and smash all the Legos behind the glass to find the jumping bricks. Build the pieces in turn and move to the green side to line up the puck above you and allow Cap to jump with the poles. Go down the steps to the right with Cap to find a shield button, hit it to interrupt the fans below and blocking the passage to Mr. Fantastic; go up the steps and break the blue pipes under the water tower, then build a platform with jumping bricks, use it and destroy the water tower; jump up and build a zipline with the remaining bricks. Use the cable car to reach the next building where Mephistophelian Doc is waiting for you. Octopus will grab the first hero to reach him; then switch to the free one and start hitting the boss until he runs away.

Climb the rubble to reach the highest section of the rooftops and pursue your enemy; then, use Cap's shield to hit the pins of the neon sign on the building opposite and create a safe passage. Look for a broken glass to get inside, then use the shield to protect Cap from the fire and jump to the blue and white wall. once you reach the roof, look for the green generator to the right of the elevator door, destroy the nearby Lego and build a shield button to hit the usual way, you will drop the elevator and allow Mr. Fantastic to reach the roof. Cross the chasm with Mr, then smash the Legos on the right to build a zipline and allow Cap to pass; take his controls and aim at Doc to reveal a handle; grab the latter with Mr to pull down the huge sign. Use the bricks to create a platform to hit Doc. Spider-Man will join your party! Use it to pull the light handles on the highest roof tower; then use your spider senses to reveal a stair wall down to the gray plumbing; once at the top, use your senses again to reveal and pull handles on a large machine; in this way you will activate the fans at the bottom allowing your companions to reach you. Take Mr. Fantastic's controls and smash the bricks on the grate in the back left corner of the closed gate, then build a control panel to use and open the gate to the garden; remaining in the role of the leader of the Fantastic Four shot against the sign of Spider-Man, you will find a new platform to use to break the sign itself revealing two handles to pull with the webs of the climbing walls and reach Doc. Octopus. Obviously your enemy will retreat again after making a hole in the building; follow him to begin the final battle. Dodge the enemy attacks and wait for it to try to slam one of the tentacles on the ground, when it remains immobilized, stand near the robotic limb and wait for a green circle to appear; then press the attack button to split the tentacle; follow the same iter two more times, then, finish the boss with normal attacks.

Exploratory Laboratory

Before starting the level proper, exit onto Times Square with Hawkeye and Black Widow to reach and enter the Oscorp building. Once inside, target the silver bricks with Hawk and shoot an explosive arrow, then shoot another one and use these to cross the gap. Grab Black's controls and jump on the white and blue wall to the roof, use the terminal and light each of the blue arrows so that the power lines turn black; now approach Oscorp and activate Black's special power, press the button to open the door; once inside, use the terminal and press the buttons in this order: yellow, red and blue. Once in the lab ahead, grab Hawk's controls and aim to destroy the silver bricks next to the glass office; with these, build a new safety terminal to use with Black, this time start by pressing the red, yellow and blue. Green Goblin will appear by breaking the wall; approach as Spider-Man and use his senses to reveal and pull the handles; shoot the webs at the Goblin to make him escape while he destroys the elevator shaft; go past using the wooden beam and use your senses again to reveal a climbing path on the wall. Hit the light bricks on the wall to find a lever to pull to lower the ladder and allow the two agents of the Shield to go up; take Hawk's controls and aim the silver bricks at the top, shoot an arrow to create a rope to climb; then, take on Spider-Man's shoes to pull the handles and lower the bridge. Make your way into the hall until you reach the closed door, use your spider senses to reveal and pull two handles; hit the silver machine with Hawk to detonate the door and create an opening; use Black's power to go unnoticed by the security cameras. Jump to the lever on the right, then use Spider-Man to pull the handle that will appear on the left. Once they fall, use Hawk to hit the silver bricks at the top, then build a ladder to get out of this deadly trap.

Venom will flee and the entire laboratory will be infected by the symbiote, absolutely avoid the black substance as passing over it, you will die instantly. Hit the silver Legos over the Oscorp sign, then use your spider senses to reveal and pull two handles; Climb to the top of the cove with Black and activate the security terminal, four attacks for Hawk's arrows will appear, hit them then jump over with Black and use his power once at the top; go unnoticed by the security cameras, then pull the lever to pop out the rest of the staircase leading outside this area. Head right with Spider-Man and go past the bricks until you reach two handles to pull with the cobwebs; build the bricks left over from the blue car, then shoot an arrow into the socket, use the pole to jump up with Black and interact with the safety terminal to tackle a little puzzle. Move the pieces to create a sort of connection between the terminals on the wall; Venom will retreat to the right throwing a swarm of symbionts at you; chase him back to the large room you passed earlier. Once you reach the room with the large door in the background, place Black and Hawk on the big red buttons; go through the open door and hit the bricks outside to build a sound device with which to scare the symbionts. In the next room, hit the control panels to reveal two grips; several symbionts will appear from the floor, while others will attack you from the ledge above and shoot you with bullets; fight these smaller enemies until Venom himself appears; build a boom box to stun the boss then hit him to start the next phase of the fight. Keep hitting the boss's minions until one of them comes out revealing a lever. Jump on the turret and hit Venom making him vulnerable. When your opponent jumps to the right, use your spider sense to find and pull the handles, then build the pieces and hit the target with Hawk; finish Venom with a well placed punch and you will finish the mission.

Rock Up at the Lock Up

Follow the ghost image to its destination; as Iron Man, target and destroy the metal chest; at this point the raft captain will appear, but he will need a ticket. Fix the bricks at the top of the ladder then collect the ticket. Navigate the ferry to the prison, then take on the role of the Hulk to open a passage in the gate with the green handles, hit the silver blocks with Iron Man and open the doors to start the actual level. Run down the path to the bridge, of course it will collapse! Fly over the chasm with Iron Man and build a knob out of bricks; push it to raise the bridge. Go up the hill, dig to extract the bricks marked from the ground with Wolverine; then build green grips to stick on the wall for the Hulk; run inside the complex with the green giant and leave him waiting on the inactive elevator; take on Logan's shoes (for non-fans Logan is Wolverine's real name) and turn right to use the developed senses and reveal a scalable wall section, then fly to the same spot with Stark (needless to say I'm referring to Iron Man right?). Smash the red and yellow bricks in the back corner to reveal a claw button that can activate Logan to pick up the elevator the Hulk is now on; to the left of the elevator you will find green handles to pull; however, deadly turrets will appear; destroy them with guided missiles, then move the gate on the right out of the way using the green handles, play Wolverine and use your senses to reveal a new section of the scalable wall. Once at the top, use the knob to lower the ladder, then run to the right and crack the yellow cracks; you will find a security terminal that Tony Stark can take care of; move the cursor over the bright neon yellow locks, then press the attack button to unlock the giant prison gate.

Once down in the new room, smash the bricks in the background with the Hulk and enter the prison courtyard, here you will not only have to deal with Whiplash, but also with the old enemy of the green giant or the Leader; you will not be able to approach with the big man but the missiles of Iron Man can pierce the shield; Then hit the three silver bricks floating behind it. The Leader will stun Stark; then go into the shoes of another of the heroes at your disposal and hit the enemy with a nice punch; Climb up and move to the right, then, use Logan's senses to reveal some yellow cracks, crack them and use the senses developed inside again, climb up and use your claws on the button on the right. The gate on the left will open, go past the Abomination holding cell to find some green grips, pull them to reveal a zipline to use with Wolverine, once at the top use your senses again. Step into the role of Iron Man and fly to the door with the silver chains, hit them with the missiles then also the bricks in the back corner; build a claw button to use to open the gate on the left; make your way to the next checkpoint and let stark use the terminal on the left wall; move the cursor along the electrified path and select each of the circular icons; then wait for the dialogue to end, then go up the elevator with all three heroes. You will find yourself in the midst of a major riot and Iron Man will soon be lost; fight the enemies until Sabretooth's stop and arrival, build the pieces then collect everything with the Hulk and throw him at the opponent, the first two phases will be identical but, for the final blow, you will have to throw two pieces of Lego at two platforms and end the battle. Abomination will return to fight the Hulk, while Sabretooth will shoot you from the helicopter; Dig the bricks in the left corner and build a ladder, climb to the top with Wolverine and use your senses to reveal a section of the scalable wall; use the beacon and aim Abomination to stun him; you will automatically switch into the role of the Hulk, follow the on-screen commands and Sabretooth will destroy the lighthouse. Use Logan's senses again on the glowing wall in the right corner, you will reveal some yellow cracks, destroy them by jumping to the house on the right and aiming for the cracks themselves; build the pieces obtained for a trampoline, jump on it and use the wall to jump the panels and reach a button for claws and activate another beacon to use on the enemy of the Hulk. The elevator on the left will open, use it with Wolverine, then jump on the poles and enter the door to find the last button and activate the lighthouse.

Reboot, Resuited

Inside the Stark tower, take the controls of the Cap and, with his shield, hit the sign of the family of good Tony; Once the door opens, grab the Iron Man controls and make your way to the terminal to tinker with the controls until the green light appears. Once in the innermost area, grab the controls on the Cap, aim and hit the shield button above and above the blue force field to the left. Take out the malfunctioning robots then with the bricks build a terminal usable by Iron Man; then press the attack button when the cursor is over the three blue lines to turn off the new blue force field; run with Cap towards the blue rays until a deadly laser appears. Enter defense mode and use Cap's dais to bounce the beam off the turret itself; then with the bricks obtained create a new terminal for Mr. Stark; use it to take the controls of a remote drone, then float through the small opening near the cell, then land the contraption on a point marked in blue. On the right Iron Man will be able to interact with the target "mark" in order to wear a new armor; with this move to the left; Hit the bricks behind the force field, then lower it using the shield button for Cap. Reach the elevator and sprint to the right; once behind the blue shield, hit the lever in the background to make a large Lego structure appear on the electrified plane; take Tony Stark's controls and let Cap push the lever; use the terminal to make the large platform move and allow your partner to reach the right side safely; then switch into his shoes and enter defensive mode to safely pass the flames, then hit the computer in the back corner to open the laser gate. Run up the stairs and hit the locks on the door; then use the poles to reach the highest point with Cap; go back inside, jump on the big button to activate some fans and allow Iron Man to reach you; then take its controls, run right towards the purple room to hit the silver Legos to stop the fans; ignore the platform of the Cap for now and run to the right to find more silver locks to destroy with your missiles; jump on the wall with Cap and reach the silver car below to be destroyed with Tony's missiles. Two beams will appear, take the role of Cap and reach his previously ignored platform; reflect the rays towards the blue Lego until the door lights up; run inside the corridor and enter the defensive mode to avoid the shots fired by the turrets; pass over the dais and reflect the rays back to the turrets.

Build the bricks on the left, then grab both levers simultaneously to open a set of doors. Hit both shield buttons and reflect the beam against the idle generator. Use the white marker to get Iron Man to get the last armor; now he can pass through the gold walls; once they reach the heliport, Tony and Cap will have to contend with both Killian and the Mandarin. Continue to eliminate the lesser minions until you are reached by the Mandarin himself who will stun one of the heroes at your disposal; immediately take the shoes of the one still in the game and hit the boss to make him retreat; Killian will join the fight at this point, hit him to continue. Follow the same process twice to defeat the second boss; however the Mandarin will reappear wearing Strak armor. Defeat forty minions to start the real fight; your enemy will fly around the area firing energy bullets at you; fly with Iron Man and target your opponent with missiles until a real army of armor appears to help you. Once the boss crashes to the ground, use Iron Man's special beam to hit the gold brick on the back and win the fight.

Red Head Detention

Once you have reached the first phantom point; use the disguise of Black Widow to go unnoticed by the security cameras and to be able to easily press the relevant button. Then reach the second point, target the Lego sign above the sushi place with Hawkeye, then shoot an arrow in the appropriate space, build the fallen bricks; jump over the newly planted arrow to discover a secret Hydra base. Reach the first elevator using Black's disguise, then climb up and be transported to the top floor; jump against the wall until you reach the terminal; Hit the monitor and the strange generator to shut down the security cameras once and for all. Get Hawkeye on the elevator and build the bricks on the second level. then jump on the lever to reveal a silver machine on the device to the right of the elevator; hit him with Hawk. When you reach the next door in the background, hit the blue crates and build the pieces into a safety terminal that Black can use. move the coils so that the first on the right has the curved part (the belly) facing up to the right, the second up to the left, the third down to the right and the last to the bottom left; you will open the door and a little further on the good Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) will join your nice little group. Fly forward and hit the golden wall with the blast of fire to reveal a terminal usable by Black Widow; match each laser configuration to the one in the lower left corner of the screen; By completing this puzzle, you will activate a bridge on the wall in the back of the room. Push the lever on the right of the new bridge to activate the elevator; go unnoticed by the cameras in Black's disguise, then smash all the machinery inside to allow your companions to pass easily. Grab Hawkeye's controls and target the thorn to create a rope. the characters attached to it will be able to swing and cross the obstacle that presents itself in front of you; follow this iter with Black and Hawk; then grab the rope with Hawk while Black operates the terminal. As the archer, break the knob, then push the lever that appears; the cover will open revealing some gold-colored bricks that the Torch can hit; Return as Hawk and shoot an arrow into the plug to allow Black to reach you. Use the disguise power of the only girl in your party to go unnoticed by security cameras and turrets; then use the platform to cross the chasm in the lava generator and be able to pull the lever to turn off any safety systems in the area; then use Hawk's powers against the knob near the right side of the screen.

Eliminate the gold-colored wall with the Human Torch, then go up the gangways controlled by the Hydra agents, shoot an explosive arrow at the silver-colored lego machinery. Build the remaining bricks, then jump against the wall with Black and use his disguise to go unnoticed by all the security systems present until you reach the terminal; in this way you will force each system to destroy each other. Fly over the two gold-robed guards using the Torch, then hit them with your beam of fire, make your way to the next room to allow Captain America to join you. To be able to damage the Red Skull, enter defensive mode and press the attack button when you are close to the boss himself; however the next two hearts won't be that easy; you will have to destroy the turrets for each of them; these will require the Torch to pull the lever and destroy the gold bricks at the bottom then hit the blocks that appear; then build the nearby bricks into a button shield for Cap. After destroying the two turrets, the Skull will reappear, enter defensive mode again and attack; follow this process until your opponent is completely eliminated.

Bifrosty Reception

Flying to Asgard could be confusing, so follow all the rings to avoid getting hit by the floating debris. After a long flight, you will find yourself in the mystical realm of Thor and Odin under attack by the ice giants! All this ice means one thing! The Human Torch and its Fire! Burn the three large blocks of ice in the center of the arena; then build a generator with the remaining bricks; use Thor's powers to activate it by holding down the special button and charging the hero with electricity, then, hurl a filmstrip at the machinery itself until it lights up. The exit door to the Rainbow Road will open allowing you to make your way through giant winds and reach the gate on the opposite side. Loki will be waiting for you; approach and hit him with one of the heroes who will not be stunned; Melt the golden gate with the Human Torch, then aim and hit the blue crevices with Thor's hammer and open one of the doors. Loki will be waiting for you at the top of an ice staircase, follow the same previous Iter to hit him, but only two heroes will be able to reach him this time; Thor and the Torch; let one of these be stunned then hit with the free one. After hitting your opponent, it will destroy some Lego columns making them fall; destroy them completely to find bricks that will allow you to build a bridge. The good and old (probably older than you think) will join your merry company (just merry though). Go through the stairs and use Wolverine's senses to discover a scalable section of the wall outside the frozen chamber; Then use the claw button allowing Thor to charge the generator inside. Burn the golden horse statue with the Human Torch then build the bricks into a pulsating shield for Cap; press it and use the object that appears to reach the upper level. As usual the god of deception will be there waiting for you, hit him to make him retreat; bring Logan up and dig the bricks to the left of the golden door; with these you build a button for the claws to activate to make a generator appear; fly to it and load it with Thor; the elevator below will activate allowing Logan to reach a new area where he can use his super senses and reveal a yellow crack to hit with the thunder god's hammer. Hit the gold-colored section of the statue's head with the Human Torch, then complete the nearby fountain with bricks; the gushing water will raise two platforms to use to continue your pursuit of the god of deception. Your opponent will summon copies of himself to confuse you; Bring Wolverine to the center of the area and use his senses to reveal the only real target and then hit him and make him escape.

Loki will summon a destroyer Mephistopheles; avoid its death ray of magma and do not try to run up the stairs; use the Human Torch and melt the frozen bricks on the left, then build a platform for Cap, so he can reflect the opponent's attacks against Loki himself. A large indicator will now appear next to the Destroyer; take Thor's controls and attack while staying inside the light to take out a piece of the giant's armor; follow this process three times and be right about him. Melt the ice block and build a platform for the Cap, reflect the energy beam at Loki then attack the Destroyer with Thor. For the final stage of the fight; Loki will summon another small army of copies; you already know how to deal with this dirty trick, so take Logan's controls and do what needs to be done! Finally take the controls of one of the free heroes and hit the god of deception to make him escape for good and complete the level.

Juggernaut and Crosses

The X-Mansion will be under attack from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Run behind the fence to a collapsed wall where you will meet Stan Lee (father of the historical Marvel heroes) blocked by fire; Use Jean Gray's powers to take control of the poor man's mind and fix the water pipes. Once the fire is out, pick up the purple brick and attach it to the "X" in relief on the wall; always pay attention to these purple bricks as they can be used by characters with psychic powers. The students will have to be rescued by the followers of Magneto, therefore, break all the Lego bricks at the base of the ladder on the right to put the steps in place; then pass the fire to the top and use Jean's powers on the large photo of herself to reveal a gold-colored wall. Break the wall with Cyclops then eliminate the "X" and build a lever with the bricks obtained; pull it to open a secret door and allow the first group of students to safely leave the area. Move to the left and hit the gold bricks to reveal a purple bookcase; then use Jean's psychic powers and pull the secret lever to save other little students; unfortunately Juggernaut will not be very happy with what you have done! To get past the red giant mess, take control of a worker's mind in addition to the fire, then enter the collapsed room in the background to build bricks into a working water pump to put out the fire; Then use the psychic powers on the purple door again, now both heroes will be able to continue. The path caused by the passage of Juggernaut, will be littered with bricks for the cyclops to hit, then use Jean's powers on the rubble. Once inside the dining room, you will find Toad imprisoning Storm with his tongue; releasing heroin will be a very easy undertaking; take his controls and press the attack button to electrocute the enemy. Your aim now will be to make three chairs appear around the table and use Jean's powers to interact with them; the first chair will already be in place, move it to unlock the first of the locks; float with Storm by pressing the jump button twice and go past the fire on the right and reveal another chair; then break the piano on the left and build the last one with the bricks obtained; then use Jean's powers and unlock the other two locks as well. A generator will appear, Storm will be able to charge it with his powers (similar to what Thor did); do this to allow other students to leave the area; however, your way will be blocked by another security door.

Once outside, approach Iceman, grab his controls and hit Pyro; go up the steps to reach Juggernaut who is fighting Colossus inside the mansion; use the frozen man's beam on the fountain to create a solid wall and freeze the giant enemy; so always use the wall to reach the roof. Once at the highest point, turn off the heat and melt the gold brick to reveal a pool of water; hit it with the frozen beam to create a bridge over the collapsed parapet of the building. After the bridge, move the plant with the psychic powers then destroy the sill with Cyclops; once inside the mansion, take Jean Gray's controls again to move the bookcase to the left of the giant TV; move it to the right to reveal a glass room with a worker inside it; take control of his mind and jump on the big button. Step on the buttons that appear on the big screen to open a secret escape route; Another group of enemies will appear and leave some bricks near the stairs on the right side of the screen, with these, build a platform and jump on it with each of your heroes and make it rise using Jean's powers then reach the second floor. Extinguish all the fire in the area, then interact with Jean on the purple pieces, in this way you can create a bridge and blow up the gold colored parts with Cyclops. You'll find yourself at the entrance to the mansion again, while Gambit is keeping Juggernaut busy; extinguish the fire on the stairs to the right then hit the Lego rubble to reach the upper floor where more fire is burning near the window; turn off this too, then, with the bricks build two different colored armor to place on the platforms of the same color with Jean's powers. The Charles Xavier painting in the center of the room will open revealing a blue generator, load it with Stormi's powers to make an elevator appear that will allow you to reach the secret base under the entire school. Advance into the hangar, then keep your controls on Jean and wait for Juggernaut to throw a bunch of Legos at you, then use his powers to send the entire block back to the sender. Wait for the enemy to circle around the room, then extinguish the fire in the left corner at the back, build a pole for the wall on the left with bricks; keep both poles pulled to reveal an opening in the blue wall. Smash the box that pops out, then build a stereo; Juggernaut will run to you but will get stuck in the water pipes; immediately freeze the liquid with Iceman then use Jean's powers to launch the newly created blocks. The next phase of the fight will be identical to the first, instead of building a pole, you will have to build a safety terminal that can only be used by Beast. Finally your huge opponent will land in the center of the area throwing a chest and creating several bricks; build with them a safety terminal for Beast, then press the blue buttons to drive the crane with which to strip Juggernaut of his helmet.

Doctor in the House

Before starting the mission, follow the ghost image to Central Park, then use the kinetic powers of the Invisible Woman to move the purple pedestal until some bricks appear; build a Fantastic Four deck and use it with Mr. Fantastic to bring up the ... Fantasticar ... jump on it to start the Shield invasion in Lavteria. Dr. Doom will not be exactly a bucolic place, after the fall the group will separate. Pull the knob with Mr. Fantastic, then use Sue's powers to lift the blocks and create steps; once you reach the top of these, grab a rock with the Thing powers and pull it against the yellow crack to reveal a handle for use with Mr. Fantastic; then pull the lever to make a scale appear. Step into the shoes of the Invisible Woman, she too can use the shields just like Captain America does! Make sure you keep the kinetic shield up and aim the blue circle to activate the laser bridge. Go over and grab the green grips with the Thing, then with the remaining bricks, build a Fantastic Four platform; use it with Mr. Fantastic to reveal a safety terminator by which to move the icon to the X and also activate the bridge on the right. Break out the yellow cracks, then attack each platform on the purple landing. climb high with Sue and become invisible to pass the cameras; hover over the red button and use the bubble power to raise the bricks under the glass and make a ladder appear; once outside the security gate, use Mr. Fantastic to jump by interacting with the white marker. Build the bricks and push the green knob to turn off the laser fence; then break the yellow crack above the steps to find a Lego set at the bottom; grab it with the Invisible Woman and slide under the grate with Fantastic. Pull the light knob and build a Fantastic Four dais, then use it to open the door below and allow your companions to enter the actual castle. The Human Torch will be surrounded! Run to her aid by going down the steps and hitting the yellow cracks, then step into Sue's shoes and become invisible, go unnoticed by the cameras and enter the security room; hit the Doombot and use the TK on the bright purple spine and turn off the camera allowing the Mr. To enter the same room and interact with the terminal. Then pull the knobs to lower the ladder, then go up with The Thing to grab the lego object with the green handles; pull it against the yellow cracks in the background; go into Sue's shoes; hit the crates on the left side of the arena and build a shield platform; use the Woman's powers to bounce the beam off the blue disc on the left. Grab the Human Torch controls once you get close to him, then step into The Thing's shoes and pull the green handles on the ladder to the left; climb it and switch to Fury. Now your group will be full! Climb the ladder, use the power of the Torch to destroy the golden brick, then use the Invisible Woman to build a large turret, you are now ready to pull the lever at the base of the weapon. Follow this order to open a giant hole in the wall on the right; go down and pull the knob with Mr. Fantastic. Throne in the main courtyard and hit the gold wall with the beam of the Torch, then, have all five heroes on the elevator; once at the top, you'll have to deal with Green Goblin! Take on all the Doombots until bricks appear; build an object with green handles; take the controls of The Thing and grab it to throw it at the boss; keep attacking him to retreat to his glider. For the second phase of the battle, you can build a flying contraption for Sue with the bricks; after the Green Goblin is put to the carpet, he will attack you again on foot; the last batch of bricks will be for Mr. Fantastic; hit the opponent one last time to earn the coveted victory ... However, Dr.

That Sinking Feeling

It won't be so obvious to start this level! Destroy the pile of Lego near the terminal, where the soldiers are; build the pieces to get another safety terminal for Iron Man, connect the cables to reach the two ends at the extreme sides. The water will extinguish the fire that prevents you from entering the golden wall; your new armor will allow you to destroy it; then use Spider-Man's senses to reveal a scalable wall. Use the spider sense on the large pipe again to pull both knobs and allow the water to flow through the large door on the right; jump down with the wall climb and use your senses again to reveal two more knobs to pull and extinguish the fire. Destroy the previous burning Lego object, then build a generator; feed him with Thor's powers to open doors; go through a swarm of soldiers ahead to reach another large area. Continue to the right to find a boat; fly high with Tony Stark and hit the silver crates to reveal a second blue generator to activate with Thor's powers; the crane will move to the left causing a point to appear on which to use the spider senses and reveal knobs to pull. Build the various pieces to get a terminal to use with Iron Man, this way you can navigate with the remote sub against both red buttons. Cross the new bridge to the turbines, destroy the gold chest with Stark's beam and build a blue generator with the bricks to activate in the usual way; you will open the door at the top that will lead to the confrontation with MODOK!

Defeat all the soldiers present in the area until the moment in which the main opponent fires a large beam of energy, you will notice that at this moment, the shield that has protected him up to this moment, will lower. Use a ranged attack to hit him and make him angry; he will charge his super attack and the only way to avoid it is to fly over the area of ​​the fight; so as soon as he's stunned hit him again. Follow this process twice and you will find yourself underwater; stay in Jean Gray's bubble of energy; destroy the pile of green Lego on the left of the strange door in the background and reveal white cracks on the ground, hit these with Thor. Build a starfish on the door; when it stops swinging, use your spider senses and grab the green handles with the cobwebs to open a passage. Continue on the sea bed until you find some old Greek ruins; Use your spider senses again to reveal knobs to pull and this will reveal the usual cracks to break with the hammer of the Thunder God. One of the destroyed ruins will lead to another silver block; destroy it with Iron Man's missiles, then use Thor's powers on the cracks of the statue. The column in front of you will be supported by gold-colored tentacles; use Tony Stark's beam on them to create a bridge and safely cross the chasm; you will be very close to the sunken submarine of the Shield; finally use Thor to hit the white cracks and end the mission.

Taking Liberties

Lady Liberty will be unleashing all the fury! Get out of the Shield vehicle, use the Hulk to pass the deadly green liquid and ... go up the ladder (Yes! Even the green giant can climb the ladders!); then hit the yellow cracks; then lift a stone from the ground and throw it at the green cracks; at this point Logan Wolverine can jump onto the new platform and climb the ladder to use the claw button. You will drop several bricks with which to build a Fantastic Four board for Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic); move there to move the giant hand of the statue; now your goal will be to make all three heroes cross the abyss of green liquid; swim down into the green crap using the Hulk, then use the green handles to destroy the Lego tower blocking the way for your two companions; then place the green giant on the inactive elevator; Take Wolverine's controls and use his super senses to reveal a section of the scalable wall, then crack the yellow cracks to reveal a terminal for Mr. Fantastic, use the knob and slide over the chasm; then with the terminal make the elevator go up where the Hulk is at this moment. Hold the controls of the green giant, grab the Lego object with the green handles and throw it at the yellow cracks; the huge statue's arm will move again allowing Reed Richards to reach another terminal over the bridge; interact with it to move the platform on which Logan can climb; the green giant, as usual, will be able to pass the green liquid unscathed, so Mr. Fantastic will have to use the hidden grate on the right wall. Near the elevator, the whole group will have to stay on the three buttons, the biggest one for the Hulk and the two smaller ones for Logan and Reed; defeat all enemies for an easier life. Once they reach the upper floor, the group will have to avoid electrified turbines after the Hulk can pull green grips; once you get past this first obstacle, use the claw button with Logan. The path past the revolving machine will be too dangerous, so don't go over the bridge, instead, pull the handles on the Lego door and send Logan to use his super senses on the other side, you will find a section of the wall that scales to reach. the top of the area, now move to the right and use your senses again to climb another portion, then head right; you'll find another claw button on the catwalk; at this point the green light bar of the car will slow down allowing you to let your two companions pass in a fairly safe way; now grab the yellow grips with Mr. Fantastic to be able to escape. Unfortunately the level will not be finished yet and in no time you will find yourself inside the statue itself; the way up to the head will be very long! Quickly use Wolverine's senses to find a section of the scalable wall in the background; then press the claw button to lower an elevator usable by the other two heroes; Grab the Reed Richards controls, go through the grate on the left and reach a new platform with a bright brown Lego object, hit it and build a knob that you can use to create a new platform for your companions. Then grab the green handles with the Hulk to lower other stairs that will lead you to the flames blocking the passage; it will be difficult to notice behind these beautiful Lego flames, but behind them lies a grate for Reed Richards; then pass the fire and face some enemies, smash the brown Lego crate to create the base of the ladder and climb up; build more pieces into a Fantastic Four deck to use to fix the bridge. Now the Hulk or Wolverine will be able to crack the yellow cracks on the wall; you will thus reach a new level of the statue; take the controls of Mr. Fantastic to slide past the grate and carefully pass the narrow wooden beam; then pull the knob with the extendable arms to lower a new bridge, allowing your companions to reach the nearby green handles; unfortunately the Hulk will not be able to climb these very narrow stairs; he will therefore have to take advantage of the lift which is now not operational. Have Reed Richards climb the ladder to pull the knobs on the left; at this point the lift will be operational again but a boat will block the passage further ahead!

Climb the stairs until you reach the top of the statue where Magneto's henchmen are waiting for you; Activate the claw button to lower a spiral staircase that will lead you directly to the level's huge head and main boss! It will be Mastermind to put a spoke in the wheel, taking control of Wolverine's mind and summoning the spirit of Sabretooth to attack you; then attack Logan until the icon appears to be able to resume his commands; do this and quickly press the indicated button to finally clear his mind. The next to be controlled will be Mr. Fantastic followed closely by the Hulk, follow the same process used with Logan to free the minds of the two heroes; The Hulk will still be more difficult as he will only be vulnerable in the role of dr. Banner. When all three of your characters are free from Mastermind's Mephistophelic mind control, the opponent himself will descend into the area you are on and summon a small army of copies; Then use Wolverine's super senses to reveal the real enemy to hit him and win the battle.

Rapturous Rise

Target the bright bushes and green leaves against the rock wall to collect enough bricks and build a pump. jump onto the contraption a couple of times to free The Thing. Smash the green bush on the right to reveal yellow cracks. hit these with The Thing and run to the electrified fence to meet a new enemy, the automatic turrets! These will hit any hero who comes within their range; to get rid of these annoying contraptions, enter defensive mode with Captain America and send them back against their own shots. Grab the large rock nearby and throw it at the yellow cracks to reveal a shield button, press it with Cap to turn off the electricity; climb to the rock wall paying attention to the turrets, destroy the green bush to find two green handles for The Thing; with the remaining pieces, build an object to raise a bridge over the waterfall. You will be dealing with another turret, so take the controls from Cap. and go down the path to find poles to swing by; smash the green leaves of Lego to find a hidden shield button to turn off the electricity in the fence in front of you. Climb the wreck with the rope and throw Cap's shield at the base of the crane, then use the newly fallen contraption to get on the ship's deck and pull the green handles; hit the leaves of the fallen Lego tree and use the green handles again to clear the path; head down through the jungle to find more grips; then take out the dinosaur. You will notice two poles above you, go up the high path with Cap, swing on the poles then enter the wreck of the plane using the defensive position to pass through the fire unscathed; destroy the wooden block to reveal a button, press it to create a bridge and let The Thing join you. Take the controls of Captain America again, smash the Lego bricks on the ridge, to attach handles to the portion of the crashed plane; once you reach the crash site, take out all the enemies, then build a jet out of the bricks, drive this to the rocks in the background to get them out of the way.

Storm, the beautiful mutant, will join the group; smash the yellow cracks with The Thing, then build a huge blue generator, activate it using the heroine's lightning powers and go through the open door; pay attention to the two turrets that will appear together, then destroy the green leaves and deflect the enemy shots with the shield of the Cap; with the bricks obtained from the leaves and bushes, build a new generator to be activated following the usual electrical process, in this way you will lower the gate in front of you. You will now have to clash with Rhino, sent against you by Magneto himself; destroy the debris in the center of the area or force the opponent to load it and reveal bricks; with these you build a huge pumpkin, stay close to it and force Rhino to crash into it; when he is stunned, take the commands of The Thing and attack like there is no tomorrow! Follow the on-screen commands and finish the stage. At this point, the same Magneto will descend on the battlefield protected by a shield of metal pieces, he will create a huge object that he will throw at you; you won't be able to do much but avoid his lethal attacks and defeat all his followers until the moment when the blue and gray Legos explode into many bricks. Build a heavy object with green handles; use them to throw this object with The Thing, towards Magneto's shield and stun him; then attack. Follow the same process three more times to finish the battle victorious.

Magnetic Personality

Before you can start the actual level, you will have to face a small puzzle with Iron Man at a security terminal, starting from the wheel in the upper left, the yellow symbol must be in the lower left, the red one on the right and the blue one in tall; in the same position also the wheels at the bottom and at the top right, so the center one must have the red symbol at the top left, the yellow one at the top right and the blue one at the bottom. You will then be attacked by a multitude of enemies; keep taking them out (they will seem infinite) then explore the central area to the right of the room to find red and blue points; use Spider-Man's spider sense to reveal handles that lead to silver bricks that Iron Man can destroy with missiles; behind these you will find a generator to load with Thor. Look to the left to find a generator identical to the previous one, blow up the silver bricks, load the machine and you will get more bricks and build a crank to push to open the exit from the hangar. Magneto won't make things very easy for you, but luckily, all three heroes can fly (or swing) across the bridge; Once you reach the area with the mechanical columns, look towards the glass and use Spider-Man's spider senses to discover a cracked wall to hit with Thor's hammer. Go to the other side and pull the knobs with the cobwebs; a multitude of bricks will fall with which you will be able to build a machine to be loaded with the lightning bolts of the God of Thunder; the path will now be clear, jump over and use Peter Parker's senses again to reveal a section of the scalable wall; once on top Magneto will block the gigantic door. The levers on both sides of the door must be pressed; fix the one on the right by destroying the Lego objects, then build the various pieces; now press one of the levers with Tony Stark and the other with Thor then keep them in that position at the same time; step into the shoes of the wall climber, use his webs to pull the handles and bring down the control room wall; Magneto will flee immediately, leaving behind his usual army of followers; then go down the narrow path until you reach two other handles to be pulled with the cobwebs; A terminal will then appear to use with Stark to breach and activate the bridge on the right. At this lap Magneto will opt for a real fight, he will form a gigantic figure of himself while evil mutants will swarm in the fight area to make you skin; some of these will remain on the edge of the area, shooting at you and causing you a lot of trouble; try to hit them as soon as possible!

Shortly after Magneto will make some piles of Lego appear by throwing them at you and leaving several useful bricks, wait for six piles to be thrown at you, then build the pieces for Iron Man; once the giant is stunned, attack while Magneto is on the floor; make him disappear some of his energetic hearts and follow the previous iter. The second and last item will be charged with Thor's thunder then launch using Spider-Man, once hit Magneto will be defeated.

A Doom with a View

Start by using Spider-Man's super senses on the platform under the big fan to find a knob, pull it with cobwebs to create a bridge; now Captain America will be able to jump on the sight to the narrow opening of the fan on the left and in this way reach the luminous Lego object, smash it and build the various pieces. Obviously you have just built a handy shield button to use with the current selected hero; a large contraption will appear as the camera moves to show a blue generator; take Storm's commands to summon a lightning bolt and thus charge the generator itself; the platform on the right will lower allowing all the heroes of the group to continue inside the base itself; pull the green handles with The Thing, hit the shield button behind them then pull the lever as well. A laser beam will be shot downwards hitting and destroying a Lego object leaving several bricks at your disposal, build a platform for Cap with these, then reflect the beam towards the purple circular indicator on the right; the bridge will slide out allowing you to reach some yellow cracks with a blue generator at the bottom; use the powers of The Thing on the Cracks and Storm to charge the blue contraption that will activate an elevator; let us climb on La Cosa to reach green handles; Then take out the shield in the shape of Magneto, then Spider-Man can open the door by pulling the handles with the cobwebs. In the pipes outside the space station, watch out for the turret ahead, then use Cap's defensive stance to reflect the rays and destroy both deadly machinery; the conveyor on the floor, will allow La Cosa and Cap to continue; use the ability to float with Storm to fly past the transporter and reach the blue generator to be charged with lightning; the ribbon will change direction allowing Cap to destroy the next two turrets following the previous iter; Then use your spider senses on the next door, pull the knobs with the cobwebs and build a shield button to use with Cap; later you will find a new conveyor belt, float through it with Storm and then smash the crate near the controls and build a new generator. To access the next room, use Spidey's spider senses and smash the door with The Thing when the yellow cracks appear; Then use Cap's shield ability to destroy the automatic turrets, climb the wall on the left with Spider-Man revealing the scalable section first thanks to the super senses. Once inside the glass enclosure, smash the Lego object and build a knob to press to open the locks on the left side of the huge door; then pull the green handles from the opposite side and jump on the wall with Cap to press the knob; with all the locks open, a blue generator will appear in the center of the area, load it with Storm's lightning bolts and pull the new green handles to push the door too. The little space trip will end with a direct confrontation with Dr. Doom and his followers; start by taking out the twenty Doombots, then a giant robot will be summoned; to injure this special minion, dodge his charge then attack with The Thing when he is stunned; a massive attack of this kind will reveal a grip for Peter Parker; pull it with the cobwebs to send this huge enemy into the sky. Dr. Doom will jump inside a large turret and fire lethal energy bullets at you; build bricks near the center of the fight area to create a dais for Cap and reflect Dr. Doom towards the boss himself. Don't target the turret; instead, detonate the blue generator above it; when destroyed, Doom will descend into the actual arena and electrify Cap; switch to another hero to hit the enemy instantly.

The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry

Are you ready to deal with the final boss? Our heroes, together with their nemeses, will make common cause to face the fearsome Galactus, the devourer of worlds par excellence! To start the mission, use Magneto's abilities to remove the metal piece from the flying vehicle. Once face to face with the deadly boss, the heroes will have to repair the Helicarrier; grab the Lego boulder with the green handles and pull it against the yellow cracks to destroy the first debris; then take the controls of the Green Goblin and throw some pumpkin bombs at the silver piles blocking the rotor; just hold down to target both debris. Galactus will not like what you are doing very much, he will start shaking the whole ship by dropping a plane on the battle area; grab the green handles to find bricks under it; build a knob for Spidey; you will raise a security terminal for use with Mystique; Take the Spider-Man controls again and use your super senses near the split section on the left, then pull the web handles to raise the rotor. Take the controls of Iron Man, blow up the silver bricks with the missiles, then melt the gold bricks with the special beam; the one under the rubble will be the most important, as breaking it will reveal a terminal to use with Tony Stark. Step into Venom's shoes, use your super senses (yes, her powers come from Spider-Man's) to reveal grips to pull; so make sure you get rid of all the gold and silver bricks on the right. With the third group, start by pulling the cobweb grips to the left where a helicopter is; when this flies away, use the Fantastic Four dais to open a chest of the Shield; smash the smaller crate to get building bricks. The terminal will be charged and you can use it with Mr. Fantastic and connect each dot to the one of the same color on the opposite side. The giant boss will shake the ship again sending the beam off target and smashing another Lego object and leaving bricks behind; build these with Cap, then reflect the portal beam towards the huge black hole. Use Magneto's powers on the glowing blue bricks and charge the generator with Storm or Dr. Doom; you will make some bricks appear with which to build a part of the Globe! To finish it, smash the blue metal bricks on the left with Magneto's powers; on the right, instead, use the ability to float with Storm to extinguish the fire; then use the Cyclops beam to destroy the gold-colored bricks; complete the Orb to defeat Galactus and save the Earth ... until the next threat!

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Exit date: November 15, 2013

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