The Pokémon Conquest Walkthrough

Please note:

The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

The first two Kingdoms

Battle: Hideyoshi's Army (20 turns)
After the brief initial tutorial, Jigglypuff will automatically eliminate Bidoof using Doubleslap. You will then have to move your Evee next to the Tepig, so as to defeat it using a quick attack from Evee. The battle will therefore end almost immediately, with your victory.

Back in Aurora's kingdom, accept the other character's offer. Once you reach the other world map, save your game and re-enter Aurora. Back in the city, talk to the character there and select the bright object visible on the map; send both of your characters into the area.

Battle: Wild Pokémon (10 turns)
Starly, your opponent, has a weakness towards the elements of rock, ice and electric. Bidoof, on the other hand, is weak towards the fight element, immune to the ghost element. Quickly move around the enemy, placing Eevee next to Starly and Jugglypuff next to Bidoof. After the opponent's turn, you also choose to fight. After taking a single hit, your opponents will begin to flee, and you will have to promptly chase them - during their escape, they will no longer react to your hits, so you can easily finish them without fear of retaliation of any kind.

Having regained control of the characters, re-enter Aurora's and enter the Ruins.

Battle: Wild Pokémon (10 turns)
Move Jigglypuff to Wooper, Eevee to Meowth. When the enemy turn ends, use Top Speed ​​to increase the attack range of the characters, and hit repeatedly with the special moves of your two proteges. You shouldn't need any care; when the treasure chest appears, retrieve the fragment in the area.

Then proceed towards the next "month", that is March. After the cutscene, go visit Ignis, selecting the "battle" option.

Battle: Hideyoshi's Army (20 turns)
Tepig is weak towards rock, land and water. Bidoof is weak towards fighting pokémon, immune to ghosts. Chimchar is weak towards rock, land and water. Immediately locate the hot springs in the area: you will need them to neutralize any burns. Move your Pokémon forward, trying to keep Evee and Jigglypuff close enough - this way, every time you get attacked you can make a quick double counter. Another eventuality sees you use your speed-boosting ability to throw Eevee at Bidoof, while Jigglypuff will start "singing" to make the characters fall asleep as they approach.
However, keep moving forward, fighting to the best of your ability. When / if the volcano is active, pay attention to the falling rocks: if they hit you you will suffer fire damage, so you will have to quickly reach one of the springs nearby.

Once the battle is won, you will go on to conquer the first of the sixteen kingdoms.

Kingdom of Greenleaf

After the short cutscene, you reach Ignis Castle. Once you have regained control of the character, proceed to the next month. Enter the castle. Another cutscene; then go to the Pongiri shop to the north; So buy some Pongiri, you will need it to restore the energy level of your Pokémon. It is also possible to visit the nearby "base" shop, where you can buy and sell various types of objects; we highly recommend that you retrieve a super potion or two. Proceed to the combat cave.

Battaglia: Rikyu Darumaka (10 turni)
Darumaka is found to be weak to rock, earth and water. We recommend using Top Speed ​​immediately to move Eevee to the treasure box, recovering a potion. So, move Jigglypuff to Darumaka. Darumaka will therefore move between the two, however avoiding the attack: proceed to attack yourself, using both Pokémon; Darumaka will continue not to attack, and you can definitely end it.

After the battle, you can independently select the warriors to recruit. We recommend choosing Riyku. So continue on to the following month. We therefore recommend that you visit the cave briefly to retrieve two other Pokémon.

Battle: Wild Pokémon (10 turns)
Tepig is weak to Rock / Ground / Water, Charmander also, while Zubat is weak to Psychic, Rock, Ice and Electric type attacks - while being completely immune to Ground type attacks. Your initial goal will be to recruit Tepig and Charmander: we recommend sending Evee to Tepig using Top Speed, while Jigglypuff and Darkumaka will take care of Charmander. Avoid wasting time with wild Pokémon, preferring instead to interact only with those with an owner: in this way, four turns will be enough to achieve victory.

Once both warriors have been recruited, you can begin the battle that will allow you to take possession of the kingdom.

Battle: Montonari's Army (15 turns)
Snivy is weak to the elements fire, ice, poison, flying, and insect; the same weaknesses are shared by Pansage. For Seawaddle, another weakness joins, namely the rock element. Another peculiarity of this area is given by the soil: some of the wooded areas will "grow" lianas that can act as bridges; there are also secret passages, marked by the presence of a kind of green hay. There are also several traps along the play area. We recommend sending Eevee and Charmander to the far north, while the rest of the group will initially have to move centrally, then deviate to the southwest. In general, the element with the highest average efficacy is undoubtedly fire; We also recommend that you retrieve the flags one by one after you have defeated the enemies in their surroundings, rather than aiming first to defeat the enemies and then to hit the flags. It is also possible (but not necessary or without hesitation advisable) to recruit some opponents, in case you want to enlarge your army.

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Kingdom of Fontaine

Before proceeding directly to the battle, we recommend taking a tour around the ruins in the area. In this way, you will be able to recruit a certain amount of new Pokémon: these are mainly Cottonee and Carnivine. Having made them yours, proceed to march to the farm to begin a new fight.

Battle: Pokémon Warriors (10 turns)
Ekans is weak towards Earth-type and Psychic-type moves. Minccino is weak to Fighting-type moves, immune to Ghost-type moves. Bidoof is instead weak to Fighting-type moves, immune to Ghost-type moves; his most important ability is Headbutt, capable of hitting adjacent enemies. We recommend aiming directly at Ekans, using all your Pokémon at the same time: it is in fact the only Pokémon with a master, therefore the only one you can directly recruit. You will defeat it in speed, thanks to the union of the forces of all your Pokémon.

You can then begin the battle that will allow you to take possession of the new lands of the kingdom. We recommend that you move all your Fire-type Pokémon to another area, while keeping Eevee and Jigglypuff with you. Instead, you will need to include grass-type Pokémon, such as Cottonee, Carnivine, and Pansage, in your party. Now proceed towards Fontaine.

Battle: Motochika Army (20 turns)
Oshawott is found to be weak to Grass-type and Electric hits. Panpour and Piplup share the same weaknesses; Wooper is weak to Grass-type attacks, but immune to Electric-type attacks. As the battle begins, Motochika's underlings will use ground switches to cause a movement of the water flow towards the camp. Given the absence of a water-type Pokémon in your ranks, it will be necessary for you to also go and press the switches on your side of the camp, which have exactly the opposite purpose - that is, they allow you to stop the flow of water. towards the opposite side. So, get your Pokémon through and have Carnivine use moves like Vine Whip, while Pansear can get by almost completely on his own using his counterattack abilities. Eevee and Jigglypuff should preferably act in unison, provided that one (Eevee) will be in charge of attacking enemies, while the other (Jigglypuff) will cast slowing spells. By following this strategy, you should achieve victory without too much difficulty.

Reign of Violight

After being projected to the world map, save your game. You will now notice how you have been given access to three new realms: Pugilis, Violight and Chrysalia. Each of them is associated with a specific type of Pokémon: Fighting, Electric and Insect. Before trying to conquer them, we recommend that you travel to the kingdoms you have already visited, with the aim of recruiting new subjects. We recommend going to the ruins first and fighting Takeyori to get a Magikarp. So, go ahead a month to find yourself in front of Pokémon of a significantly higher level than the previous Magikarp: it is Wooper, a Pokémon that will be very useful given its immunity to every electric type hit.
You can then proceed to the battle for control of the kingdom. It will be necessary to understand which Pokémon to bring with you: we undoubtedly recommend starting with the Wooper, given their immunity to electric-type hits. It will also be possible to use Carnevine, thanks to its considerable electrical resistance. Your party will also need to consist of Jigglypuff and Eevee. Finally, we recommend that you also include a fire-type Pokémon.

Battaglia: l'Armata di Ginchiyo (20 turni)
Shinx is found to be weak to land-type moves. Starly to those of rock, ice and electric type - however, it is immune to ghost and ground moves. Pichu is weak to land-type moves; Panpour to grass-type and electric, while Mareep is uniquely weak to ground-type moves.
The most dangerous enemies are undoubtedly Pichu and Mareep: we therefore recommend concentrating the action of three of your Pokémon on them; not only for their tactical / strategic importance, but also because of an event that will reach the third round: the electrical system will be activated, therefore real "flashes" will suddenly fall on the other - it will therefore be useful to exploit Wooper to deal the last remaining damage to opposing Pokémon, given its near-total immunity to electric-type moves. You should thus be able to conquer the kingdom relatively easily.

Kingdom of Chrysalia

Starting off, we recommend moving on to the next month, so that Keiji appears: he will tell you to "connect" to the other Pokémon, thereby trying to find the Pokémon that can achieve the "perfect connection". As usual, before launching yourself into the decisive combat, we recommend that you recruit a few Pokémon from the surroundings. Let's start with the Violight Sky Garden. A first group of Pokémon, made up of low-level recruits, will be completely finished during the initial stages. Once this is done, we recommend that you "skip" a month, in order to be able to fight against a group of rarer Pokémon, with the aim of recruiting them. As usual, it is good to focus on Pokémon that have been trained, rather than the wild ones. So go and defeat the Machop first, then the Rufflet. You will gain two important skills: Marksman (increases the chance of a critical hit, for three turns) and Quick Strike (increases the range).
The time has therefore come to invade Chrysalia. We recommend taking Eevee and Jigglypuff with you, as always. You can add Tepig, Charmander and Darumaka. Finally, you can take Carnivine with you to maximize your attack capacity against insect-type enemies. Proceed to Violight to begin the battle.

Battle: Yoshimoto's Army (20 turns)
Pineco is weak to fire, flying, and rock type spells. The two Venipedes are weak to fire, flying, rock and psychic type magic. Spheal is weak to grass, electric, grapple, and rock spells. Sewaddle is weak to fire, flying, rock, poison, ice, insect. We recommend that you immediately send Carnevine, along with two fire-type Pokémon, to Spheal, so that they go to eliminate him directly. The enemy will therefore be outnumbered, and you can use a small, old trick: "shoot" Pokémari balls all over the playing field, so that they bounce along the various Pokémon, inflicting repeated damage to everyone.

Kingdom of Pugilis

After the conquest, go directly to the next month. A messenger will come, talk to him. After listening to the short lesson he will give you, we recommend proceeding to the Sky Garden of Violight, an area where you can hire some recruits. As always, you will have to face a first preliminary battle against low-alloy Pokémon: finish them in speed, then move on to the next month. You can then capture Ralts and Shinx: the former is weak to dark, ghost and insect spells; the second to land-type spells. Once this is done, it is possible to proceed immediately to the battle against the defenders and owners of Pugilis.
As usual, Eevee and Jigglypuff must be part of your party. We also recommend including Ralts, as well as Rufflet (his "Wing" attack is particularly effective against these enemies). Between the two remaining, we recommend inserting at least one of the fire type - perhaps, a Charmaleon, Pansear or Carnevine. Then proceed towards the interior of Pugilis.

Battle: Yoshihiro's Army (30 turns)
Gurdurr is weak to Flying and Psychic-type spells; shares the same weaknesses with Timburr. Pansear is weak to fire, ice, flying, poison, and bug-type spells. Machop is weak against Flying and Psychic. Similarly to what we saw in the battle against Greenleaf, you can see various flags along the game area: by positioning yourself directly under one of them, you will progressively gain life-points. To achieve victory, you will have to place one of your men under each of the flags for a total of five turns (vice versa you will be defeated). The general game strategy is quite simple: place Eevee under the southwest banner using "Top Speed". Now, except Ralts, move all the rest to the ring. Then place Ralts on the edge of the ring, making him cast the spell "Confusion" over and over.
Contrary to what has been seen for other similar fights, the best strategy in this one will see you first eliminate almost all the opponents in the area, and only then try to pick up the associated banners. Using the strategy outlined above, you should succeed without encountering any particularly relevant problems.

Kingdoms of Terrera & Illusion

These two realms can be obtained "in conjunction". Illusion is a kingdom specializing in the use of Psychic-type Pokémon, while Terrera - as the name suggests - is dedicated almost exclusively to ground-type Pokémon. Recruiting in the area is not really advisable: no Pokémon of particular abilities appear to be present. Let's start therefore initially to the conquest of Terrera; it is a play area that specializes in land-type spells. As for the question: who to bring, we recommend starting with Eevee and Jigglypuff, passing through Pansage, Carnivine, Panpour, Piplup and / or Wooper - that is, Pokémon that are particularly strong in Water and / or Grass-type spells.

Battle: Shingen's Army (30 rounds)
Tepig is weak to rock, earth, and water type spells. Scraggy is weak to Flying and Fighting-type spells. Rhyhorn is weak to Water, Grass, Steel, Ice, and Earth spells; however, it is immune to those of the Electric type. Drillbur is weak to water, grass, ice type spells. Charmander is weak to rock, earth, water type spells. The battle, similarly to what we saw in Pugilis, is essentially based on the control of four flags scattered along the game area. Initially move Eevee towards the southwest flag, making all the rest of your characters progress towards the battlefield. Once this first strategic move has been implemented, it will be necessary to repeat exactly the same tactic as Pugilis, that is to try to take control of the flags one by one, killing the opponents in their vicinity - rather than trying to annihilate all the opponents and, secondly, take possession of flags. Once this battle is complete, we recommend that you proceed immediately to Shingen's second army which makes up the next one.

Battle: Shingen's Army - Part II (30 rounds)
Tepig is weak to rock, earth, water hits. Scraggy is weak against flying and fight type hits. Rhyhorn is weak against water, grass, steel, ice, ground hits - immune to electric hits. Drilbur is weak against water, grass, ice hits. Charmander is weak against rock, earth, water hits. Rhyperio is weak against water, grass, steel, ice, earth hits - while it is immune to electric hits. As in the challenge against Greenleaf, it will be necessary to go and recover all three flags. Position yourself exactly under one of them to retrieve it; however, it will not be necessary to keep it for a certain number of turns, it is only required that you manage to capture them all. Each flag is placed on top of a tower; it will be necessary to use the elevator next to the tower itself to be able to reach it.
We recommend sending Eevee towards the north-east tower, the rest of the three subjects near the central tower, while the other two towards the south-west tower. In this way, your strategic positioning will automatically be better than that of the opponent, thus allowing you to approach the opponent from all sides at the same time. Another tip: try at all costs to catch Scraggy, it is a Pokémon that will prove useful for the rest of the mission.

So look at the cutscene that will characterize the post-battle. Talk to Kenshin, then let yourself be transported to the next realm.

Kingdom of Cragspur

After the cutscene ends, four other realms will be made available: Cragspur, Viperia, Avia, and Yakshma. Before starting the actual invasion, we recommend reaching the farm in Terrera to retrieve some of the recruits. The two subjects you will need to specifically target are Shieldon, who is associated with Tomonubo, and Masakage, who is associated with Scyther. In addition, you can also make your Drillbur, equipped with the ability "Impact Warrior": it allows the total destruction of enemies for three turns. We do not recommend continuing the battle during the following month: the enemies you will find in the area will not be useful for your cause.
Instead, it is preferable to march directly to Cragspur. As for the Pokémon to be used, Eeeve and Jigglypuff will be required; We also recommend that you bring some Water-type Pokémon as well as some Grass-type Pokémon with you. The first of the two types is slightly more useful, given that you will also be fighting a Pansear.

Battle: Nobunaga's army (20 rounds)
Boldore is weak to grass, water, steel, earth, and battle-type spells. Pansear is weak to water, earth and rock. Machop is weak to flying and psychic type abilities. Lavitar is weak to grass, water, steel, ice, and earth-type spells - however, she is completely immune to electric; shares the same strengths and weaknesses with Onix. Roggenrola is weak to water, steel, earth, struggle, grass.
As a general strategy, we recommend that you initially retrieve a Pokémon at short range, placing it on the nearby switch to open the path that proceeds forward. Now, move the rest of yours out so the fight can begin. Send half of yours out to the left door, another half to the right door. In case you don't have three water-type Pokémon available, we recommend replacing them with Eevee or Jigglypuff, not a grass-type Pokémon - the latter must always be placed on the right. We therefore recommend approaching the challenge in a completely offensive way, given the weakness that the opposing Pokémon should have towards yours. Also always pay attention to the boulders scattered along the playing area: you can use them to your advantage by quickly hitting one to make it roll down (where the enemies should be found), thus inflicting considerable damage.

Kingdom of Avia

During the opening scene you will be given three stones: the stone of fire, the stone of lightning and the stone of water. By starting to fight after you give one of these stones to one of your Pokémon, it will evolve. The evolutions follow those of the "standard" Pokémon games, so you should know them. However, as usual, it will be good to take a tour to recruit the various Pokémon in the area before proceeding. Let's start with the park in Cragspur. There you will be able to fight, among various other Pokémon, against a Skorupi: we highly recommend catching it, it is relatively rare and can be useful in the fights that follow. Waiting for the arrival of the following month, you can proceed towards the Floating Rock of Illusion.

Once you have reached this "hunting" area, we recommend that you focus your attention on Cubchoo. Although its appearance does not exactly match that of a "powerful" Pokémon, it is associated with the rare "Ice" type, making it one of the most useful Pokémon - it is capable of dealing serious damage to Dragon-type Pokémon.

Then proceed to the kingdom of Avia. For this area, we highly recommend bringing an Electric-type Pokémon with you - their moves are capable of dealing double damage to Flying-type enemies, but they are also resistant to flying-type moves! The same consideration applies to rock-type Pokémon. We recommend bringing 3-4, combining these two types. If available, it is also advisable to join an ice-type Pokémon, used for combat against Carnevine.

Battle: Nobunaga's Army (20 rounds)
Braviary is weak to ice, rock and electric - immune to earth and ghost instead. Carnivine is weak behind the wheel, fire, ice, insect and poison. Starly is weak to ice, rock, and electric - yet immune to ground-type and ghost-type damage. Staravia is weak to ice, rock, electric - immune to ground and ghost type damage. Golbat is weak to ice, rock, electric and psychic; instead, it is immune to land-type damage. Rufflet is weak to ice, rock, electric - immune to ground and ghost type damage instead. The battle can be complicated in its unfolding, however the "basic" tips that are most useful are relatively simple: to maximize the effectiveness of your action you will have to make the most of the opponent's weaknesses, especially by resorting to ice-type Pokémon. , as we advised you earlier. Also heal all Pokémon whose energy drops below 30% of the total, as a single powerful hit from enemies could drop their HP total to zero. Also, avoid leaving a given Pokémon alone, unless it is a Rock or Steel type. These guidelines should be sufficient to achieve victory with relative ease.

Kingdom of Viperia

When the month of February has arrived (we assume that you are also in the fourth year), you can proceed with the recruitment day. You will fight near Avia Sky Garden. We recommend aiming directly at Axew: he is weak to ice and dragon type spells, so use your skills in the "ice" area to quickly KO him and then insert him into your ranks.

When starting the battle, you will need to remember the specialization of your opponents in the "Poison" attack type. It will therefore be necessary to bring with you a good number of subjects with Psychic or Earth abilities.

Battle: Nobunaga's Army (20 rounds)
Golbat is weak to psychic, ice, rock, and electric attacks, while immune to ground-type attacks. Monferno is weak to water, land, flying, and psychic attacks. Spiritomb has no weaknesses, but is immune to standard, grappling, and psychic attacks. Zubat is weak to psychic, ice, rock, and electric-type attacks - but is immune to ground-type attacks. Arbok is weak to psychic and ground type attacks. Ekans is weak to ground and psychic attacks.
The goal in this area will be the recovery of several flags. You will have to start from the room to the east, go along the one in the center, then proceed westwards, picking up all the flags in the surrounding area. In general, the distribution of the characters will have to be as follows: those with a greater range will have to be positioned in the west, those with a shorter range will have to go to the east, while everything else will be positioned in the center . We also recommend avoiding secret passages, as well as dodging the areas invaded by purple water: it causes poisoning of any Pokémon that steps on it. However, following the strategy outlined above, you can attack all enemies at the same time and eliminate them quickly (even at the cost of taking some damage - it is still a preferable strategy).

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Kingdom of Yaksha

We do not recommend wasting time with recruiting in this specific kingdom: there are in fact no types of Pokémon that are worth recovering. When you feel ready, you will have to start the invasion of Yaksha, the dark realm anyway. First of all, we recommend that you bring fighting-type Pokémon with you, given their ability to inflict double damage thanks to the peculiar weakness of the members of this kingdom. A possible addition is also given by an electric-type Pokémon, together with a Grass-type one.

Battle: Nobunaga's Army (20 rounds)
Zoroark is weak to fighting and bug-type moves, yet immune to psychic-type moves. Krokorok is weak to grass, water, ice and bug-type moves, immune to psychic and electric. Pawniard is weak to fighting, fire, and ground-type moves; it is instead immune to psychic and poison. Scrafty is weak against fighting and flying moves, while immune to psychic. Zubat is weak against psychic, ice, rock and electric type moves; immune instead to those of the earth type. Scraggy is weak against fighting and flying moves, immune to psychic moves.
The fight itself will not be technically complex: you will have to make the most of your opponent's weaknesses, avoid attacking a Pokémon that is immune to one of your Pokémon's abilities, and avoid being attacked by "multiple" Pokémon in a single moment - in short, you will have to try to disperse your subjects sufficiently throughout the playing area, and position them in such a way that they are never close to Pokémon that are not sensitive to their hits. You will then have only four kingdoms left to conquer!

Kingdom of Valora

After a short cutscene, you will be given access to three new realms: Valora, Spectra, and Nixtorm. The first is directly connected to the steel element, the second to the ghost element, the third to the ice element. The only two reachable during the initial stages are Valora and Spectra. So try to pass the time until you reach August of the fourth year. Inside the Cragspur park, you can find a large amount of Pokémon: we highly recommend aiming for the Tepig, it will greatly help you in successfully overcoming the two kingdoms that will follow.

Once this is done, you will need to create a team that is adequate for Valora's aggression; knowing that the subjects that populate it are specialized in the use of steel, you will have to try to use fire, fighting and / or earth type Pokémon. Also remember that steel is completely immune to poison. We therefore recommend that you bring some fighting or ground type Pokémon with you to take care of the rock and / or steel type Pokémon. You will also need a Grass-type Pokémon to fight Quagsire, a Fire-type Pokémon to get rid of the Metagross, and an Electric-type Pokémon to defeat Chimecho.

Battle: Nobunaga's Army (25 rounds)
Aggron is weak towards Fighting, Ground, and Water-type Pokémon. Metagross is weak towards Fire and Ground-type Pokémon, as well as immune to Poison. Quagsire is weak towards Grass Pokémon, immune to Electric-type Pokémon. Aron is weak to Fighting, Ground, and Water-type Pokémon, while being immune to Poison-type Pokémon. Chimecho is weak to Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type spells.
The fight you are going to face here will be one of the most complex in the entire game. You will first notice some gears - they are used to raise and lower the nearby barriers. Lowered barriers can be overcome, raised barriers cannot. The other objects in the area are the cameras, which will move all around the battlefield. When / if you land in the immediate vicinity of one of them, it will quickly move towards one of the other sides. Being able to create a real strategy is therefore quite complex, since it is never possible to understand where / how they will move.

Kingdom of Nixtorm

This is probably the easiest reign of all. The reasoning is pretty simple: all of your characters' elements (Fire / Fighting / Rock) have an advantage against the Ice element, which is the most common in this area. However, before proceeding, we recommend reaching the Viperia park, where you can recruit a new warrior: Misdreavus. Thus beginning to proceed with the occupation of the kingdom. As we previously suggested, we recommend that you bring two Ghost-type Pokémon with you, two subjects particularly versed in Fire / Lightning / Steel, as well as at least one Pokémon capable of using Electric-type moves.

Battle: Nobunaga's Army (25 rounds)
Lapras is weak to Grass, Electric, Rock, and Fighting-type spells. Musharna is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves. Sealeo is weak to Rock, Electric, Fighting, and Grass-type spells. Beartic is weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Ground-type moves. Cubchoo is weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Ground-type moves. Munna is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves. Initially, we recommend using an Electric-type Pokémon to deal with Lapras. So, use a Ghost-type Pokémon to hit Munna. Finally, your Fire / Rock-type Pokémon will have to proceed to hit Cubchoo and Beartic. This strategy should quickly guarantee you victory.
Beware, however, of the nervous terrain: it decreases your range of action. Also, the frozen type of ground causes a progressive sliding until you are interrupted by some "hard" object.

Kingdom of Spectra

We highly recommend traveling to Valora's Park, to go and recruit Sneasel. It is one of the few Pokémon capable of combining both dark and ice. Once this is done, proceed towards the conquest of Spectra. Spectra is completely filled with Ghost-type Pokémon, except one Poison / Insect-type - against which we recommend bringing a Fire-type subject. Also remember that Ghost-type Pokémon are weak to Dark-type Pokémon, immune to Normal and Fighting.

Battle: Nobunaga's Army (15 Turns)
Mismagius is weak to the Dark One and Phantom. Scolipede is weak to Fire, Flying, Rock and Psychic. Lampent is weak to Phantom, Dark, Rock, Water, and Earth - immune to Normal and Battle instead. Drifloon is weak to Phantom, Dark, Electric, Rock and Ice; instead, it is immune to Normal, Battle, and Ground. Dusclops is weak to Fatasma and the Dark, while immune to Normal and Battle. Misdreavus is weak against the Dark One and the Phantom, while immune to Normal, Fighting and Ground.
The general battle strategy will generally be pretty standard: you will have to associate each of your Pokémon with opposing Pokémon that are weak at your Pokémon's "strong" point. So take care when / if necessary, without forgetting the warrior-type skills. Although the terrain may initially seem completely standard, it is not: the Misdreavus-type statues along the game area can move, as can the game spheres always scattered around the game area itself. If you are hit by one of them, you will suffer serious damage - it is therefore necessary to avoid getting too close, given their wide range of action.

Kingdom of Dragnor

Dragnor, as its name suggests, is a kingdom closely associated with "Dragons" - one of the most complex types of Pokémon to deal with. They have only two specific weaknesses: ice, and the dragon itself. They are also able to resist fire, water, grass, and electric spells. We therefore strongly recommend that you bring at least one electric type Pokémon with you - much easier to obtain than the corresponding "dragon" type; clearly, in case you have a dragon, throw it into the fray without delay!

Battle: Nobunaga's Army (15 rounds)
Zekrom is sensitive to dragon, ice and ground type hits. Dragonair is weak to dragon and ice type hits. Gabite is weak to ice and dragon-type hits, while immune to electric-type hits. Simisage is weak to fire, ice, flying, insect and poison type hits. Fraxure is weak to ice and dragon type hits. Deino is weak to ice, dragon, wrestling, and bug-type hits - while immune to psychic-type attacks.
What tactic to employ to triumph with certainty? You will immediately notice how the corridor is very "narrow". It will therefore be necessary to avoid that your enemies arrive in your area too soon - therefore proceed forward with your army, trying to put in front of all those who are able to attack from a distance. Avoid that Dragon-type Pokémon are positioned in the frontal areas, they would be too exposed to the Dragon-type hits of your enemies. You can also locate the various pillars scattered along the game area: they are "nodes" associated with a specific element. When / if a Pokémon is positioned next to one of them, it will suffer damage of the type associated with the node in question - therefore avoid placing your Pokémon next to the nodes to which they are particularly sensitive. Nobunaga will almost never attack you directly, unless you approach him quickly and quickly, trying to melee him.
Speaking again of the various "nodes" in the area, you will also notice the "Revival" type nodes - they allow you to increase your health point level. As the battle progresses, we highly recommend placing your party members next to this specific type of node - they are capable of healing 20 health per turn. By following this generalized strategy, based mainly on approaching the healing nodes and instead staying away from the nodes harmful to the element of your Pokémon, you will almost certainly be able to obtain victory with due ease.

The Final Fight

After the cutscene, proceed to the Infinite Cave to begin the final fight.

Battle: Arceus
Arceus is weak to Fighting-type hits, immune to Ghost-type hits, and takes "standard" damage from all other types. It is equipped with an attack called "Judgment", capable of hitting all the tiles around Arceus - and that will inflict heavy damage on Pokémon of any kind. Its special ability, called "Omnipotent", allows it to inflict damage regardless of the abilities of the opposing Pokémon it is targeting.
Fortunately, shortly after the fight begins, Arceus will ask you to form a connection with him. It is necessary to agree: any attempt to start a fight would correspond to your total debacle. After making the connection, Nobunaga will arrive on the scene - following a short skit, you will have to fight him for the umpteenth time.

Battle: Nobunaga's Army
Nobunaga will be equipped with a new Pokémon, namely Rayquaza. It is weak to ice, dragon, rock type hits. Its main move is "Dragon Pulse", capable of hitting three tiles in front of the Pokémon itself. It is capable of dealing extra damage to the Dragon. Lapras is weak to grass, electric, rock, and fight spells. Beware of his special move "Ice Beam", capable of hitting the three tiles the dragon is facing, as well as inflicting extra damage on Ground, Flying and Grass-type Pokémon.
Mismagius is weak to Dark and Ghost-type spells, immune to Normal, Fighting, and Ground. Aggron is weak to Fighting, Ground, and Water-type hits, while immune to Poison. Watch out for Iron Tail, his special move, capable of dealing extra damage to Ice and Rock-type Pokémon. Hideyoshi is weak to Water, Earth, Flying and Psychic. Fire Spin is its main move, pay attention to the attack range: it can hit five tiles around the Pokémon, excluding however the straight tiles in front of it. Lucario is weak to Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type hits. Instead, it is immune to poison.
We recommend first of all to place Arceus before all the other Pokémon, making it quickly proceed in advance; therefore, quickly approach the larger enemy group, then hitting it with the "Judgment" type move. It is therefore advisable to continue this pattern, then going to cure through the use of Full Restore and / or possibly the usual "Sweet Song", if / when deemed necessary. Also repeatedly use "Hyper Potions" to heal Arceus. The rest of the Pokémon should preferably stay out of sight, trying to protect Arceus when / if possible.

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