The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, how to get the Thunder Helm

The complete guide on how to get the Thunder Helmet in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In this guide I want to instruct you, step by step, on how to get theHelm of Thunder. You will first hear about this particular object when you head to the Gerudo Desert to free the Sacred Colossus from Ganon's clutches. In fact this helmet will be essential to be able to defeat the Colossus.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, how to get the Thunder Helm

After you have freed Vah Medoh, go to the Matriarch and, to the left of her throne, you will see the Helmet of Thunder on display. If you examine it, the Matriarch will tell you that you can only borrow it if you help solve all the problems facing the Citadel.

Therefore, it will be enough to complete the missions that you will find within the limits of the Citadel, in order to obtain the Helm of the Thunder. Below, you will find the list of missions to complete with related guides.

The Secret Club of Gerudo

This quest is used to obtain a particular outfit, which you will need to complete another mission.

Go to the bar, which is located in the eastern part of the city, and talk to a group of 4 women sitting on the sofas. One of them will tell the other three that she has found the password to enter a secret place but, as soon as she is about to reveal it, another Gerudo will chase you away. Don't be discouraged.

Go down the stairs to the bar and go up the stairs you find in front of you. Enter the door that you will find at the top and place yourself under a window that you will find inside. Here you can overhear the conversation and hear the password.

Once you have the password, head to the clothes shop and go through the arch on the right. On your left, you will find a small wooden door. Knock and a voice will ask you for the password. Once the formula is spoken, you will enter and complete the mission.

Once inside, you will have to buy the dress that you will find on your left. This dress guarantees you a higher protection from the heat than the one found previously, thanks to the sapphires sewn into the fabric. Make sure you have a minimum of 5000 rupees and you can buy it without problems.

Looking for Berta

Speaking with Lanje, who can be found in the courtyard to the right of the Matriarch's throne, you will discover that Berta has disappeared again.

Going to talk to the other guards, they will tell you that the Gerudo headed to the southwestern area of ​​the desert to see a giant whale fossil. They will also warn you to be careful, as that area has an extremely hot climate.

Before leaving, make sure you have at least one Durian Vivax with you. This fruit can be found either in the Firone prairies, or in the Western Necluda.

At this point, open the map and look for the point shown in the image below.

As you can see, the fossil is clearly visible on the map. Put the stamp on, exit the Citadel, put on the clothes you just bought (see above) and set off.

Attention! The fossil will be surrounded by a sandstorm. So make sure, before entering, to position yourself exactly in front of your target, otherwise you will have a lot of trouble finding it.

Berta will be near the whale's head. When you try to talk to her, you will find her weak and delusional and the only thing she will say is to want a Durian Vivax. Give it to her and then urge her to return to the Citadel. To complete the mission, just talk to Lanje when done.

The heart of Moldenottera

To activate this mission, talk to Meluena. I found it on the stairs leading to the Throne Room. The woman, in tears, will tell you that her husband is very ill and that the only way to heal him is the heart of a Moldenottera. Since the guards are too scared to go get him, offer to help her.

The woman will inform you that a Moldenottera can be found in the Torma Dunes east of the Desert.

When you get close you will see a huge animal jumping out of the sand. That will be the creature you have to face.

The method of defeating him is simple. When he approaches you while swimming in the sand, you will have to throw a bomb at him. The Moldenottera will then be thrown out and lay stunned on the sand. If you have Urbosa's Fury and good weapons you will defeat it in a short time, otherwise the battle could be longer and more difficult.

Killed the Moldenottera take its heart and take it to the sick man's wife to finish the mission. 

Do you like gems?

Aisha, the town jeweler, is worried that she can't keep her shop running. If you talk to him he will ask you to look for 10 flint stones that can be found by blowing up the various deposits you find around.

Once the stones are handed over, he will be grateful and reward you with a piece of jewelry of your choice. Choose wisely, because each jewel will have a specific power. 

Find the culprit

After completing the mission of the Secret Club, if you return to eavesdrop on the four Gerudo at the bar, you will find that they are worried about their friend, Caliban, who appears to have disappeared.

One of them suggests that she may have been hiding on the walls. In fact, that's where you'll find it. If you climb the walls of the Guard Training Camp, you will find a road full of water. Follow it, climb next to a fountain and you will see Caliban sitting eating melon. If you try to talk to him he will tell you to leave her alone while she eats.

You will notice that he throws the melon skins into the small stream. Start following them and you will end up in an area where there is a little Gerudo girl crying. Speaking to him you will discover that she wants to plant a vegetable garden but cannot do it because the water is unusable due to the waste.

Talk to Caliban again, and she will tell you that she will only stop eating melons if they do you will bring 10 strawberries. These fruits grow only in the Gerudo plateau, north of the Desert. If you bought the anti-cold dress from Rito, you are fine, otherwise you should eat a few dishes with some ingredients against the cold. There is no specific area, they grow a little everywhere so it won't be difficult to find them.

Bring the strawberries to Caliban and she will regret what she did. Once this is done, go talk to the little girl to complete the mission. 

Finally the Thunder Helmet

At this point, to finally have the coveted Thunder Helmet, just go and talk to the Matriarch. He will give it to you without further fuss.

The Thunder Helmet is very useful for avoid being struck by lightning during thunderstorms and essential to defeat the Colossus.

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