The Dream Doors of Ni no Kuni II: where to find them | Guide

Among the various challenges of the new Level-5 work, there is one that will keep us busy throughout the game: the Dream Doors of Ni no Kuni II, perhaps the most difficult part of the whole experience. Here is a guide on where to find them with some useful tips!

At the beginning of the game, during the first secondary mission called “Aunt Martha's brush” (which is actually mandatory to advance the plot) we will find ourselves exploring a dungeon called Cave cave. After completing the mission, we will be surprised by a woman, Professor Tramillea. This will assign us secondary mission number 2 ("The Dream Gates") and will give us a key to open doors that lead to labyrinths, consisting of several floors, to be explored. Our goal, each time, will be to get to the end of the maze and defeat the final boss.

The Dream Labyrinths, however, have some peculiarities that I tell you about.

The Dream Doors of Ni no Kuni II: some tips | Guide

Let's start by saying that these are not ordinary dungeons: the Dream Labyrinths that open behind the Dream Doors of Ni no Kuni II have a danger indicator. What's this? It is easy to say: it is a percentage value that constantly grows while we are inside a labyrinth. When the value reaches 100%, the difficulty of the dungeon (i.e. the level of the monsters) will increase and the count will start over. Being too slow can therefore be risky as enemies may become too strong for us. At the same time, however, it is better not to rush too much, since we will be able to find various rewards inside.

To decrease the level of danger, it is possible use a specific currency from Ni no Kuni II's Dream Gates: the pink spheres. By defeating enemies, breaking pots and interacting with some people who can be found in the mazes, we will get the orbs. These can be used to decrease the level by spending them at statues: however, the cost will increase with each use, so you must be very careful and understand when is the best time to use them.

Another tip is to develop the research of the Kingdom building linked to the Ni no Kuni II Dream Gates: the dimensional laboratory. Thanks to them we will be able, for example, to slow down the danger indicator or increase the pink spheres obtained.

The Dream Doors of Ni no Kuni II: where to find them | Guide

Here are the positions of the various Dream Doors of Ni no Kuni II: in the images you can see the position indicator of the character (the blue arrow) near the dungeon that contains the Dream Door.

Cava cave (3 floors)

Bosco Aurora (4 floors)

Bosco Restafò (6 floors)

Melancholic Sanctuary (7 floors)

Calanca cave (8 floors)

Solemn Sanctuary (10 floors)

Distorted Cave (13 floors)

Searing Cave (15 floors)

Gelante Sanctuary (18 floors)

Having passed these nine Dream Gates, we will get the nine keys requested by the client: at this point we will have to throw ourselves into the last of the Ni no Kuni II Dream Gates. In order to win, however, we will have to have a very high level party: around 90 should be enough, if you make good use of the mechanics of the pink spheres I mentioned above. Once done, you will get the trophy “The boundaries of the dream”.

The labyrinth is located here.

Lost Wood (30 floors)

We hope you found this guide useful - don't forget to read our Ni no Kuni II review. If you are still at the beginning and you are having difficulties with the Intelligence Test, you can watch our dedicated video guide. If you have any questions, use the comments section to ask us for help!

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