League of Legends: updates to patch 8.21 on the PBE

New updates of patch 8.21 are popping up on the PBE servers of League of Legends, introducing tasty new features to the game

On the occasion of the Halloween event, in fact, a new login theme appeared, a new summoner icon and new frames for the characters, in addition to the contents revealed previously. Additionally, previously revealed K / DA skins will be unlocked.

League of Legends: La Patch 8.21 sul PBE

With patch 8.21, recently released on the game's PBE servers, some content was made available for testing, including 3 new Halloween themed skins: Trick or Treat Ekko, Bewitching Janna e Count Kledula.

In addition to these skins, some changes were made to the balance of some characters:

  • Alistar had a little nerf to base HP, which goes down from 613 to 573.
  • Ivern had a small movement speed buff, rising to 325 from 300, to damage from the ability's passive "Silvaflorida" (W), and the shield received from the skill "Seminascudum" (E).
  • Kai'Sa receives slight nerfs in passive damage "Second Skin", and in the cooldown of the ultimate "Murderous Instinct" (R).
  • Finally, Karma receives a small buff in the duration of the root caused by her ability "Iron Will" (W).

With these changes, Riot will surely try to stem the strength of Kai'Sa and Alistar in a small part in the early game, while trying to reinstate Ivern in the current meta. Little changes for Karma, which remains almost unchanged.

League of Legends: The Update

With the League of Legends patch 8.21 update, some goodies have been added, including a new main theme on the login screen.

The additions consist of a new summoner icon, called “Porianna” (yes, you read that right), new frames for the characters (in particular “Kai'Sa Prestige Edition”) and for the three new Halloween skins.

And a little gem, namely a spawn animation, which shows the minions in turmoil for the appearance of their champion in the game:

Finally, in addition to the changes introduced in the original patch, new balances have been made to other characters, specifically:

  • Aurelion Sol receives a small nerf to base HP, reduced from 562 to 510, but offset by the increase in health regeneration, from 1,3 to 1,4 per second.
  • Ezreal receives a small buff against "Essential Flow" (W), the ability that had recently been modified.
  • Irelia receives a small nerf at movement speed, which becomes 335, from 340
  • Karthus receives reductions to the cooldowns and mana cost of the ability "Wall of Pain" (W), and of the ultimate “Requiem” (R).
  • Zac receives a buff to damage from the ability "Long Blows" (Q).

Certainly, with these balances they will return to meta champions like Aurelion Sol and Karthus. The latter, in particular, could return to being an excellent alternative in midlane, having received a great buff in the skill cooldowns. Ezreal, with this buff to the W is boosted in the lane phase, particularly in 1 v 1 clashes, while Irelia is slightly weakened in the speed of movement, probably to compensate for her very strong gap closer. Zac, with this good buff to his Q, returns to being an alternative pick in the top lane, despite the fact that there is better.

As for the items, the only changes concern "End of the Night", which receives a channel buff (from 1,5 seconds to 1), and the cost of "Predator of Essence", which goes from 3200 to 3000 gold.


The official release date of patch 8.21 on the official league of Legends servers is not yet known, but presumably it will coincide with the start of the Halloween themed event. We just have to wait!

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