The Division 2: guide to keys and how to unlock Suite 3

In this guide on The Division 2 we will see how to find the keys: of the Hyenas, Forsaken, True Sons and the card to access Suite 3, so let's proceed!

The Division 2 is Ubisoft's Action RPG out on March 15th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. As already accustomed from the last chapter, the setting is certainly not based on flower fields, but, this time, in a devastated Washington DC full of loot scattered here and there. 

Often, however, even those with the most watchful eye can lose loot or rare objects along the way, as they are placed in really hidden places. In this guideIn fact, we will find out how to find the keys: delle Iene, Reietti, True Sons and the card to access Suite 3, which will be blocked otherwise, so let's start right away.

The Division 2: guide to the keys of the Hyenas, Forsaken, True Sons and the card for Suite 3

How to find the keys of the various factions

Let's start immediately by saying that the positions of the keys may be slightly randomized, but later we report the exact positions of the keys found so far. Although The Division 2 is littered with loot, the keys will not be found in the classic boxes, backpacks or so on, but in special lockers fixed to the walls. By opening these lockers you will find inside the key of the faction that, at that moment, occupies the building. So, to recap, if at a given moment you were in a camp of the "Hyenas" faction and found a locker, opening it would have a key to the Hyenas, while if wandering through the streets of Washington you came across a locker, it would be inside a random key of one of the factions.

One of the easiest places to find one of these keys is the dungeons, south of the White House, where it all started. In these tunnels you need to have watchful eyes on the walls to scrutinize the gray boxes hanging on the wall that contain the keys (we report the screenshots below).

Another place where you will probably be able to find another key is i underground in the Downtown East area northeast of the White House, but see the image below to know the exact location.

How to open Suite 3 in the mission at the Grand Hotel in Washington

In the mission at the Grand Hotel there is a "Suite 3" which, without the appropriate card, will not open, but let's see together where to find it. In the first room you clear there will be a corpse placed at the foot of a basket for dirty clothes that it will be possible to inspect, thus obtaining the Card for Suite 3 which will serve later in the mission. As you advance, you will have to go to the corridor with the label "Suites 1-10" and, then going to the left of this corridor, you will come across the famous one Suite 3 that you can open with the card found previously.

  • The corpse that holds the card

  • The corridor where the Suite is located

  • Continue 3

The Division 2: guide to the keys of the Hyenas, Forsaken, True Sons and the card for Suite 3

This The Division 2 guide ends here, was it helpful to you? Did you know, among other things, that this video game will be available only from the Epic Games Store?

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