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    The Division 2: which specialization to choose? | Guide

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    The Division 2 has now landed on the shelves and, in addition to the wide range of customizations, with the achievement of level 30 you can choose different "specializations". Let's see together which one is right for you in this guide!

    The Division 2 is Ubisoft's Action RPG already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows which, in addition to an avalanche of equipment, cosmetics and skills, offers various types of "specializations" once you reach level 30, but what are they? Specializations take combat to the next level by unlocking a distinctive weapon and making various skill trees available, but which one is right for you?

    The Division 2: which specialization to choose? | Guide

    Let's start by saying that each specialization you choose can be changed later through the Quartermaster. As you progress, you will unlock specialization points that will be used to progress with your skill tree and the main ways to get them are: by completing invasion missions, daily, weekly projects and priority targets. Let's see together which are the unique weapons which will be assigned to you as you progress through a specialization:

    • Survival Expert: Explosive Crossbow, Flashbang Grenades.
    • Demolition expert: M32A1 Grenade Launcher, Incendiary Grenades.
    • Hawk eye: .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, Fragmentation Grenades.

    Time we analyze each specialization, listing what are the unlockable skills.

    Survival expert, skills and modifiers

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Survival experts are adept at taking advantage of their surroundings using traps and status effects. Their special weapon is the precision bow, with which they are able to take down targets even in the most problematic environments.

    • Elite defense - + 20% protection from the elites.
    • Triage specialist - + 25% healing for team members.
    • Crunch Time - + 10% weapon cooldown when undercover.
    • Vital protection - Reduces critical entry chances by 20%.
    • Survival Expert Tactical Link - Party members have 10% more damage against enemies with altered status.
    • Incendiary grenade - New grenade that deals fire damage.
    • Survivalista D50 - A new Magnum with an optical slot.
    • Gunman - + 10% damage for secondary weapons.
    • They give unique weapons - + 145% damage for unique weapons.
    • Arms dealer - + 15% off Shotgun.
    • EMI - + 15% assault rifle damage.
    • 5.56 infantry magazine - Assault Rifle Accessory.
    • Mod Flicker - New variant of the homing mine (follows allies and repairs armor).
    • Magnetic disc - Reduces the cooldown time of the homing mine.
    • Infusion of Larrea Tridentata - Increases Healing Mine Healing.
    • Distribution of repairs - Armor kit that heals for over 5 seconds, and also heals teammates in a 10m radius.
    • Explosive Lightning - Electric effect that can be equipped on the support tools.
    • Team refueling - Multiple kills of enemies affected by altered stutus, give the possibility to immediately reload allied support tools.
    • Raschiatura - Get 5 ammo per second for the weapon when moving between covers in combat.
    • Survivalist uniform - Exclusive equipment.

    Expert in Demolitions, skills and modifiers

    Sometimes that of stealth is not a viable path. Demolition experts are agents of chaos. Their goal is to blast the enemy's fortified floors and positions with their special weapon, the grenade launcher.

    • Incombustible - 20% more fire resistance.
    • Explosive Ordinance - + 25% explosive damage.
    • Vital protection - Reduces entry critical chance by 20%.
    • Tactical Demoman Link - Party members take 5% less damage against out-of-cover targets.
    • Fragmentation grenade - New grenade that causes bleed damage.
    • Diceros Special - Access to a Magnum revolver.
    • Gunman - + 10% damage for secondary weapons.
    • They give unique weapons - + 145% damage for unique weapons.
    • Shoot and Pray – +15% at danni SMG.
    • Assault - + 15% LMG data.
    • Small laser pointer - New accessory available.
    • Artillery Turret - A new skill variant for your turret.
    • Cyclone Magazine - Increase turret ammo.
    • CPU SHD V2 - Increases turret damage.
    • X-Stat Armor Kit - Heals 70% damage, increases weapon handling by 100% for 15 seconds, after those 15 seconds heals another 30% health.
    • Grenade yes 40 mm - Impact damage.
    • Team refueling - Multiple kills from explosives give the ability to instantly reload allied support tools.
    • Critical response - Reload ammo when armor drops to 0.
    • Reinforced for impact - Immune to an explosive every 60 seconds.
    • Uniform of the Demoman - Exclusive equipment.

    Hawkeye, abilities and modifiers

    The specialization suitable for agents who wish to eliminate targets without being detected. Thanks to their special weapon, a powerful sniper rifle, the hawk eyes are able to turn the tide of a fight from a distance.

    • One in the head - + 25% head damage.
    • Skillful hands - + 30% faster reload speed.
    • Breath control - + 30% weapon stability and recoil reduction.
    • My home is my castle - Increased armor in cover.
    • Vital protection - Reduces critical damage by 20%.
    • Sharpshooter Tactical Link - Party members deal 10% more headshot damage when close to you.
    • Granata flashbang - New flash grenade.
    • Sharpshooter 93R - New three-shot firearm.
    • Gunman - + 10% damage for secondary weapons.
    • They give unique weapons - + 145% damage for unique weapons.
    • This is my rifle - + 15% damage from sniper rifles.
    • Digital viewfinder - Unlock the accessory for the digital screen.
    • Tactical drone - Drone variant (indicates enemy positions for the group).
    • Graphene battery - Increases the duration of the Recon Drone.
    • Carbon fiber frame - Increases the distance the Recon Drone can travel.
    • X-Stat Armor Kit Supplementare - Armor heals 50% less, but removes altered status effects.
    • .50Cal Acquisition of ammunition - Headshots produce special ammunition (except with the Tac 50C rifle)
    • Team refueling - Unique weapon kills have the ability to produce special ammo for the whole party.
    • Round after Round - Receive 5 bullets every 10 seconds, after 20 seconds in cover.
    • Uniform of the Sharpshooter - Exclusive equipment.

    The Division 2: which specialization to choose? | Guide

    This The Division 2 guide is over and we sincerely hope you find it useful. If you are in trouble with the keys, or you haven't been able to open the Suite 3, in one of the first missions, we invite you to read our guide by clicking here.

    For other guides on The Division 2 and many other videogames, keep following Holygamerz!

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