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With the arrival of the new global Blackout event on The Division, here is a guide to how to best deal with it

The new global event has officially begun Blackout su Tom Clancy's The Division. After playing it, here is a guide to not be taken by surprise by this "electrifying" event. Keep in mind that the ones listed below are strategies, builds and tricks that I used to get around the game at best, but they can be reworked by you to adapt them to your needs and possibilities.

The Division: what you need to know about Blackout

Let's start by talking about the introductions made with the Blackout event. As in every global event introduced so far, too Blackout brings with it three different modifiers, one of which for the entire game period will always be active while the other two can be inserted at the beginning of each mission or activity.

  • Blackout: This always active modifier will add a gauge that will fill up as you shoot or move. L'Indicator will mark the Electric Charge with which your weapons will be equipped, the more charge you have and the more damage you will inflict on your enemies with the ability to stun them thanks to the electric shock;
  • Extreme Blackout: as for the previous one but in this case the indicator will have a maximum charge range, at that moment the player can deliver a lethal melee blow to immediately eliminate enemies, excluding bosses. If you hit the peak of maximum charge, continuing to shoot or failing the aforementioned melee, you will be stunned along with your nearby companions.
  • Blackout Totale: like the previous modifiers, only in this case being close to the team members the indicator will empty more quickly.

The Division: let's give strategies a "shake up" 

The Blackout event, as you may have guessed, will guarantee great benefits if you can master the mechanics of Charge and instant melee kill. Let's see together some strategies to use for the various modifiers.

As for the simple Blackout modifier you can use the build you are best with, the important thing will be use automatic weapons with large magazines to speed up the charge. Instead, if you want to face the game with the Extreme or Total Blackout modifiers, you have to keep in mind that, the more you manage to be independent in terms of healing and damage from your companions, the more you will perform. This is because the danger of dizziness or being stunned by overload it will be a constant not to be underestimated and that could compromise your success.

Will very useful sets Attacker, Reclaimer, D3-FNC and Tactician's Authority, in particular the latter it will be necessary to set it up as a set for healing with a Nursing Station and or First Aid. If you can interact with the team and organize yourself to play the role of flanker, the set of the Mark of the Predator with which you can take advantage of the damage from haemorrhage and easily eliminate many enemies with the double shock and haemorrhage status. Of these sets, the Striker and Mark of the Predator is preferable to the classified version since it is the 6-piece bonuses that make them particularly effective.

If you want to have fun with the melee, I want to leave you some little tricks to make the fight much easier:

  • Avoid the nimble enemies: it is preferable to avoid particularly fast enemies, such as Agent Hunters, who with their agility could avoid the blow and turn the situation to their advantage;
  • Run and shoot: If you spot an easy prey from behind a cover, run towards it with the discharged bar and fire a burst of a few shots at a distance of one meter to stun it and at the same time reach the necessary charge;
  • Always better to prevent: Always leave a Health Station behind before venturing into one of these fights will act as a lifesaver if something goes wrong.

I remind you that the event Blackout will last until 10am on Monday 7 May and which will be available to all Tom Clancy's The Division owners for free. Also take a look at what will be the next events scheduled before the release of the second chapter of the saga. We at Holygamerz, as always, will be here to bring you guides on this and much more so keep following us.

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