Tales of Arise - Guide to the location of all owls

Tales of Arise - Guide to the location of all owls

During your adventure in Tales of Arise you will meet some nice ones Owls which, slowly, you will have to locate in their exact position to send them in Forest of Owls and get really important rewards, and for this reason we have created a dedicated guide. There are 38 total owls in the game, we also remind you that taking them all will guarantee you useful trophies to reach platinum.

Before starting it is right to point out that none of the owls are missing, each of them can also be obtained at the end of the main adventure. Before starting with the actual guide, we refer you to our review dedicated to Tales of Arise, so as to find out how much we have given to the Bandai Namco game.

What is the position of all the owls in Tales of Arise? Here is the guide 

When you approach an owl in Tales of Arise, hootle it will start flying next to you, giving more and more signals as you get closer to the owl to find. Each owl unlocks a piece of clothing to change the aspects of the various characters, you can equip them from the menu. You should also know that the owls ranging from number 33 to 38 are unlocked after finding a minimum of 32 found.

From the video, for which we thank the YouTube channel PowerPyx, you can find the exact positions of all the owls.


  • 1 Position: Sandinus Gorge, just before the entrance to Ulzebek, is at the end of a bridge.
  • 2 Position: Ulzebek, On top of a house. You have to climb the ladder inside a house, then continue climbing a second ladder to get to the balcony and reach the roof.
  • 3 Position: Lande di Iglia, on a hill to the southwest, check the ladder icon on the map to find a wall to climb up and find the owl.
  • 4 Position: Presidio of Kyrd, to the left of the Mosgul entrance you can find a small side path with this owl at the end.
  • 5 Position: Mosgul, south positioned behind a brick wall.
  • 6 Position: Abyss of Fire, at the beginning of the Castle Gates area, there is a house with this owl inside.
  • 7 Position: Abyss of fire, go through the Gates of Fire and go left to find the owl.
  • 8 Position: Glanymede Castle, on the third floor to the right of the elevator.
  • 9 Position: Lacerda cliffs, next to the bonfire with the merchant.


  • 10 Position: Plains of Silver White, on the side of the bridge before the entrance to Messiah 224.
  • 11 Position: Messiah 224, after entering the city, take the path to the left and find this owl in a bucket on the ground behind the ox cart.
  • 12 Position: Snowy plants of Nevira, in the middle of the great lake to the north, rests on a rock.
  • 13 Position: Cysloden, right on the fast travel point.
  • 14 Position: Riville prison tower, on the second floor.
  • 15 Position: Valle Brina, on a tree before the bridge leading to the upper level.


  • 16 Position: Pass of the Foresight, to the left of the fishing point in the south of this region.
  • 17 Position: Traslida road, in the field near the stable
  • 18 Position: Plain of Tietal, in the southeast corner of the region sitting on top of a stone.
  • 19 Position: Viscint, inside a blue vase in a stall.
  • 20 Position: Palazzo di Autelina, inside the kitchen on the first floor
  • 21 Position: Talka Pond Street, after entering the inn, go to the right to find the owl.

Mahag saar

  • 22 Position: Niez, east in a bucket on some wooden planks.
  • 23 Position: Colli Aqfotle, located in a destroyed house on the left after entering the area.
  • 24 Position: Lake Adan, cross the lake in the center and go through the gate. The owl is at the top of a large stone gate, you have to descend from the highest plateau in the area.
  • 25 Position: Ruins of Adan, after entering, go down the right side after the first enemies. Look to the right to examine this owl.
  • 26 Position: Gradia mobile fortress, level 2 inside the ship. This ship will sink at the end of the boss fight, if you don't catch owl and treasure you will find them in the first available city after the shipwreck.

Ganath Haros

  • 27 Position: Coasts of Tuah, when you are facing the exit that goes to Thistlym, turn right to see this owl sitting in the distance. You can interact with him by standing at the exit of the area.
  • 28 Position: Thistlym, turn left to find this owl under a brazier.
  • 29 Position: Woods of Saltobrillo, this owl sits atop a large arch. You have to go up the hill on the side of the arch, then you can walk on the arch to reach the owl.
  • 30 Position: Lavtu Marshes, next to the southeast stair icon.
  • 31 Position: Pelegion, on level 2 near the elevator leading to level 3, however this owl is not available until after defeating the fifth lord.
  • 32 Position: Del Fharis Castle, on the fourth floor entrance.

The remaining 6 owls 

To make the remaining 6 owls appear, you must first complete the story, and if you go to the owl forest there will be a dialogue confirming the appearance of six special owls.

  • 33 Position: Calaglia, Glanymede Castle, seated on the throne of the lord.
  • 34 Position: Calaglia, Lande di Iglia, there is a wall on which you can grow vines. This area is inaccessible before you finish the game.
  • 35 Position: Cyslodia, Riville prison tower. You must enter the hidden room, to do so you will have to complete the dedicated secondary mission.
  • 36 Position: Menancia, Palazzo di Autelia, inside the guard room.

That was all there was to know about the Tales of Arise owl location guide, we hope we have been useful to you.

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