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Here we are together with a new guide, this time for the newcomer to Microsoft, State of Decay 2

A week after its launch, here is a guide for the new chapter of Undead Labs, State of Decay 2. The game is a survival horror about zombies, with slightly out of the ordinary mechanics that could catch new players unprepared. We have therefore created a guide with tips and strategies to survive the zombie invasion and develop your community of survivors. As always, I remember that these strategies are the result of precautions taken after playing for the title but that do not necessarily have to be followed as if they were the law.

State of Decay 2: everyone safe within the walls of the house

State of Decay 2, as already mentioned, is a survival horror with mechanics reminiscent of a management software. The your ultimate goal will not be to slaughter entire fields of zombies, as could happen in any Dead Rising, but you will have to be able to build a self-sufficient settlement that guarantees protection to survivors from zombies. For this the management of the shelter will be a fundamental aspect.

First of all, in your shelter you will need different resources including food, medicines and much more and the most efficient way to ensure that you do not run out of supplies is to periodically go in search of the latter. A good strategy is to do these research expeditions with a vehicle and a large backpack so that you can always carry everything. The vehicle will need fuel but will allow you to use the trunk like a stash for placing objects. The various stocks can be brought home but your warehouse will therefore have a limited capacity avoid accumulating the usual good too many times in a row of necessity otherwise it will go to waste.

Your refuge there it will allow the construction of various structures necessary for survival even if some will be available immediately according to the randomly generated house. In general a good shelter must have an infirmary and a forge or an armoryThis is because it will allow you to always have your refugees in top health and well armed. Remember the structures you will build they may require a particular specialization of the characters, as well as specific materials and therefore always evaluate before building what you will need.

To track down various consumer goods It is useful to use the elevated points for sighting buildings and in the map check what types of materials will be easy to find in them. Each new explorable building will obviously be inhabited by zombies so proceed with caution and always keep at least a couple of bandages and a firearm equipped in case the situation becomes too dangerous.

State of Decay 2: items, abilities and outposts

State of Decay 2 is a game that puts even the most survival experts to the test: you will have to be very thrifty with the various items you will find or the outposts you will unlock. The password in these cases will be "ration" and, since to find items such as weapons or bandages you will have to open many lockers, limiting waste will be an excellent strategy. In particular, the sidearms that will deteriorate and the firearms that will require bullets must always be kept with care and used with a certain parsimony in order to be able to save you from possible attacks by too strong enemies.

To assist you in your expeditions in search of objects, you can get help from the other survivors that you decide to make part of your group. Each of them will have some specific characteristics and abilities. These skills in particular can be enhanced by exploiting them often. A good idea to make the most of this mechanic is have so many different kinds of talents looking for the right survivors with the right talents to better develop your field and your climbing. Among those that I have been able to see I recommend that you have Computer Science, Chemistry and Crafts as they will give you access to the second shelter radio upgrade, improved medical-chemical crafting and forge proficiency respectively. Some talents can be learned through the study of books but finding them is not so obvious.

To make your inventory search even easier they will be very helpful the outposts, buildings that you can buy, after cleaning them from zombies, with the flu: the latter is a coin obtainable by killing and completing missions. Outposts will function by providing you with periodic perks or supplies depending on the type of outpost you purchase. The type of outpost best for you will be influenced by the game although I recommend it to unlock them away from the shelter to use them as if they were stopping points for long journeys. The outposts, once unlocked, will always remain free of zombies inside them.

State of Decay 2: easy ways to kill tough zombies

Although as mentioned the game is not a splatter where you only have to kill, inevitably you will have to fight zombies. To avoid dying, here are some tricks to eliminate them easily.

The important part of the fight will be always have an idea of ​​how many and which zombies we will have to kill. This is why it is preferable to explore the new areas and clean up the infestations during the day, to have the help of sunlight and therefore a better vision. Furthermore, in the case of cleaning houses populated by infections or by the plague of blood, it is advisable to use a bait to lure as many zombies to the outside as possible and kill as many as possible with objects such as Molotov cocktails or explosives or by hitting them in the car, attracting them with the horn.

If you can also try to always spot screamers first and take them out with a firearm from outside the house to avoid being stunned by the screams of the zombie. Another good strategy is to try to eliminate the zombies by stealth since the stealth kill will exploit the basic knife, which is indestructible, and you will preserve your melee weapon. In case you are surrounded by enemies, avoid fighting frantically by pressing the attack button madly as you would risk consuming all the stamina; instead try to move away to attempt an engagement with a single enemy. 

I remind you that State of Decay 2 is available for Xbox One and PC and which is part of the program Xbox Play Anywhere e Xbox Game Pass. Please let us know if you are having problems with the zombies or with the game via the comments. Meanwhile, at Holygamerz, zombie apocalypse or armageddon, we will be here to bring you many new guides on this and much more so keep following us.

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