Splatoon 3 - Complete guide to Salmon Run and its rewards

    Splatoon 3 - Complete guide to Salmon Run and its rewards

    Splatoon 3 is the new title shooter released exclusively for Nintendo Switch which gives you the opportunity to get a variety of rewards. In addition, it is also possible to play it together with friends, up to a maximum of 4. Specifically, the Salmon Run of Splatoon 3 is a mission in which you will have to defeat various bosses to get golden eggs that will drop.

    Each boss will have three waves and you will have 100 seconds to complete it. The number of eggs needed changes based on the difficulty of the mission. To find out what are the number of eggs you need to continue the adventure there just look at the top left corner of the screen. One piece of advice that might be useful to you is that of deliver the Eggs by holding down the A key, by doing so it will be possible to drop them even at a distance.

    One of the coolest things about Splatoon 3's Salmon Run is the randomness of the weapons. Exactly: when you want to start the mission will be assigned to you a random weapon among 11 available in the shooter, and they will change every 2 days, and the ones you get will change with each wave. The only weapon that will always be there will be the Splat Bomb, which will be your secondary. Also, during the matcha you can use a special weapon, but only twice, when you reach the third wave.

    Splatoon 3 - Complete guide to Salmon Run and its rewards

    How to defeat the bosses

    But how do you defeat all the various wave bosses? Here is the explanation in a simple way:

    • Flipper-Flopper: Cover the ring that will appear in ink before it dives, so that it stays out and it is easier to hit it Big Shot: Jump on the waves of the cannon, and then throw an Egg at the basket
    • Slammin’ Lid: avoid the force field and then climb on the enemy, and then take out the pilot
    • Fish Stick: Climb on the pillar and then shoot all the ink
    • fly fish: Throw a bomb into both missile launchers to destroy it from the inside
    • Drizzler: hit him as soon as he comes out of the umbrella, you can also hit his missiles to launch them at the sender
    • Stinger: Hit the row of cooking pots to lower it, when the gift is finished, the boss will be defeated
    • scraper: go behind him and hit him until he is stunned
    • Steelhead: Throw a bomb in the head as it expands so that it explodes
    • Steel eel: The pilot is in the queue, go behind the boss and take him out
    • A mouse: put a bomb where it will appear so that it eats those instead of you

    Three steps to defeat the King

    As for the final boss, things may not be that simple. But it is not impossible. Here are the steps to defeat him:

    • Make sure you have Golden Eggs by defeating nearby bosses
    • Hold A to attack the boss with the Eggs
    • Use special attacks as often as possible


    If you succeed, you will be able to obtain special equipment, which changes every month. Choose wisely because you can only do it month after month. The equipment you will receive may come with 3 slots and we advise you to choose that one. In case something comes out that you already have, compare the various performances and make your choice.

    Another thing not to forget are the capsules, which will be given to you the moment you reach 1200 points. Specifically they are divided as follows:

    • Yellow: random amount of money, if it shines it will be around 32 thousand
    • Red: food ticket, if it shines the food will double the effects
    • Blue: ticket for drinks, if it shines it will be 4 tickets
    • Green: skill pieces, if it shines it will be 4 pieces

    These capsules can be obtained by holding A in front of the chest near the entrance. One piece of advice we can give you is to accumulate them and then redeem them all together.

    Dulcis in fundo, we remind you that the scales of the King can be exchanged for cosmetics, decorations, stickers and banners. Where is it? Always at the cash desk. These can be bronze, silver and gold. So win and get scales!

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