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In this guide we will show you where to find all the necessary materials for Crafting and Upgrade in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the latest title from FromSoftware 

Let's face it, it's not a FromSoftware game without a complicated crafting and material research system. While things aren't that complicated in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the crafting system can take a lot of effort, not to mention finding all the necessary materials.

Sekiro: where to find materials for Crafting | Guide

In this guide we will show you where to find all materials for Crafting and Upgrade, such as scrap iron, black and yellow gunpowder and much more. 

Scrap Iron - Sekiro: where to find materials for Crafting | Guide

This is one of the basic game materials and consequently it is also one of the most common and easy to find.

  • Scrap Iron can be found immediately after defeating the chained orc in the pit behind the samurai Tenzen Yamauchi
  • After the battle with the general on horseback, in the area immediately after the giants with hammers, behind a pagoda on the left
  • After Fiery bull you will arrive at the altar of Ashina Castle, here you will have to turn left of the gate in front of you. You will find yourself in a small area with a door to throw open. Crossing it you can reach the Ashina reserve, but instead, keep right and open a second door that leads in an internal courtyard. In this courtyard you will find some Ferro di Scto.
  • You can find some scrap iron in the Ashina Reserve after defeating him swordsman in the sewers in which you woke up at the beginning of the game. You will find the iron on the right immediately after passing the fog barrier 
  • After passing through the abandoned sanctuary in the Ashina Castle, you can find more Scrap Iron just after the culvert
  • Inside the Upper Tower of the Ashina Castle, in the first sections you will find yourself in a side room with two boys sitting on the floor who are guarding del Ferro
  • In the area of Ashina Castle, near where you have to kill the "rat" with the straw hat for Isshin. There is del Ferro di Scarto around the corner on the left

Black Gunpowder - Sekiro: where to find the materials for Crafting | Guide

Black Gunpowder is often found near enemies using firearms. Just like Scrap Iron, this material will be released in large quantities at some point in the game. 

  • You will find it for the first time just beforeChained Ogre, dropped by an enemy armed with a huge cannon
  • You can find some Gunpowder in the square guarded by the giant with the bell which is near the bridge before Ashina Castle, just before the altar at the entrance to the abandoned dungeon
  • In the same area just after the culvert
  • In two checkouts guarded by the Centipede Long arms Giraffe in the area of Mount Kongo
  • Still in the Monte Kongo area, to the right of thealtar of the main temple
  • Black Gunpowder can be found in Puddle of Poison in the area of ​​the Ashina Abyss. To get there you will have to jump into the large pit inside the dungeon after passing the lonely shadow with the broadsword
  • You will also find more Gunpowder in the Ashina Abyss Fort. To get there, just go through the Puddle of Poison, you can find Dust both on the cliffs and inside the fort itself

Yellow Gunpowder - Sekiro: where to find materials for Crafting | Guide

This material is a little rarer than the previous ones, but it begins to appear more frequently as you progress within the game.

  • This resource is dropped by the Giraffa in the area of ​​the mountain Congo
  • There is Dust in the Puddle of Poison where you have to defeat the mini boss Serpent's Eye
  • In Fortino you will find another Giraffa who drops the Yellow Gunpowder
  • After taking down the aforementioned Giraffe, crouch under the floorboards to collect more resources from a drop point
  • After reaching the Hidden Forest you can find more at a drop point in the main area
  • Additionally there is an additional Gunpowder drop point in the Mibu village, in the house just before the Mill 

Recovery Magnetite - Sekiro: Where to Find Crafting Materials | Guide

  • Killing the giant with the bell who oversees the abandoned dungeon you will receive a piece of Magnetite
  • You will find more Magnetite after killing the Armored Warrior in Mount Kongo
  • Immediately after killing the Giraffa Centipede you will meet a giant with a shield. Killing him will give you more Magnetite
  • Defeat the Elite Ashina in her dojo to get more materials
  • Kill theLonely Shadow in the sewers where you will have woken up at the beginning of the game
  • Immediately after Sanctuary of the Ashina Abyss you will come across a statue of Buddha who will have Magnetite in his hand
  • There are two pieces of Magnetite to collect in the Serpent's Eye field in the Poison Pool
  • In the cliffs near the Fortino
  • Always within the Fortino, in the room guarded by the Giraffa
  • You can find some Magnetite after freeing the Young Lord of Genchiro, behind the incense burner in the room

Fragments of Adamantite - Sekiro: where to find the materials for Crafting | Guide

This fairly rare material only becomes available in later areas of the game.

  • Crossing the Mibu village, on the left you will notice an agricultural area with two large hammer-wielding enemies. Go there and you will receive some Adamantite Shards as a drop.
  • In the Villaggio Mibu there is a house that can be accessed through a door under the floorboards. Through this door you can reach the back of the house, where you will find a fragment of Adamantite
  • After obtaining from the Lord the key to the back of the Fortino and have continued towards the Split Cave, you will find Adamantite on the floor just after the Grotto sanctuary

Heap of Adipe - Sekiro: where to find materials for Crafting | Guide

Clusters of Adipocera are quite rare, but can be found on Mount Kongo, the Hidden Forest and the Ashina Abyss

  • The first is located behind the statue in the room full of monks in Mount Kongo in which it is also possible to find a Pumpkin Seed
  • Further on in the same area, immediately after the Giraffa, you'll be able to turn left into a courtyard full of little straw hat enemies. In the temple immediately behind you will come across some mummy monks and here you will find some Adipocera
  • At the end of the area, in the central room of the temple, look behind the large statue of the old monk which will give you the Haunted Chapter
  • In Hidden Forest, between the drunken enemy and The Noble of the Mist

Cluster of Adipocera- Sekiro: where to find the materials for Crafting | Guide

There is another very rare version of the wax, which you can get by killing the Noble of the Mist inside his temple in the Hidden Forest in the Ashina Abyss.

Sekiro: where to find materials for Crafting | Guide

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action RPG video game developed by FromSoftware. The title was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 22 2019.

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