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In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice there are Treasure Carps that will give you scales, which can be exchanged for unique items within the game. In this guide we will show you several places where you can find Treasure Carps, so let's get started right away

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is defined by many as the most difficult videogame of From Software, the same developers as Bloodborne and of the "Souls"Which paved the way for the subsequent" souls-like ", creating a new videogame genre.

Le Carpe del Tesoro they are enemies who will run away from you and allow you to get some scales, which can be exchanged with merchants, in order to have unique items in the game. In this Sekiro guide we will show you several places where you can find them, so let's proceed!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, where to find the Treasure Carps | Guide

The main reason why you will have to go hunting for these scales is undoubtedly to obtain the "Mask of the Dancing Dragon", one of the most useful items in the whole game. Also, to make your Carp hunting easier, we invite you to read our guide to learn how to swim underwater, as it will come in very handy. Now let's proceed by listing the places where you will find the so-called "Carpe del Tesoro", but we warn you that the names of bosses or areas will be contained, therefore possible spoiler.

Hirata Estate - Sekiro: where to find the Treasure Carps

Since the scale mechanic will be introduced here, it is normal for several Carps to be present. Around Harunaga, the noble of the vase (the NPC to whom you will have to give the scales), there are four Carps, including one on the side and under the bridge located on the left of the lake. On the left side of the lake you can find a scale through a drop on the ground. Proceeding towards the Path Estate, you will find several Carps in the lake, as well as in another lake towards Bamboo Thicket Slope, especially under the bridge.

Mibu Village - Sekiro: where to find the Treasure Carps

There are also several Carps in the Mibu Village and you will have to find them a fly cleared the Hidden Forest, killing the Noble of the Mist. You can also buy two scales from the merchant located to the right of the idol of the Mibu Village. More Carps will be there following the river to the Memorial Mob after you kill the Purple Shinobi, but it's going to be a tough fight, so get ready. The last place where you can get the scales is the main lake in the Mibu Village, where you will acquire the red eyes for swimming underwater. From here, it will be enough to swim against the current to face the Carps.

Palazzo della Sorgente - Sekiro: where to find the Carpe del Tesoro

At this point you will surely have enough scales for the first half of the Mask, but to get the second half you will need to get more. One of the best places is the Palazzo della Sorgente which really contains a lot of treasures and Carps in the lake that surrounds it. After you have toured this lake, you should have enough scales to complete the "Mask of the Dancing Dragon".

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, where to find the Treasure Carps | Guide

This guide on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on where to find the Carpe del Tesoro ends here, was it useful to you? Also we invite you to read this article to know the 15 things to know before starting.

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