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Want to find all the Pumpkin Seeds in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but don't know where to look? In this guide I will explain where you can find them all!

FromSoftware's latest effort released these days is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Get ready to take on the role of Wolf in a journey that will take you through a thousand dangers and fearsome opponents, in which even the smallest error in judgment can lead you to suffer a lot of damage.

In fact, by suffering enemy attacks, your life bar, which you can increase thanks to Rosary beads scattered throughout the game world and for which I refer you to our guide divided into two parts, it will decrease: you can heal yourself, however, with a healing flask to sip from.

At the beginning of your journey you will find yourself with only one flask, but by looking in the right places you will find the Pumpkin seeds, which will allow you to add additional flasks to your inventory. Each seed, in fact, will allow, if brought to Emma at the Ruined Temple, to increase your available healing by one, allowing you to restore your life bar one more time.

But where to find the very useful ones Pumpkin seeds? Don't worry, in this guide I will list you where you can collect these precious collectibles!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, where to find all the Pumpkin Seeds | Guide

Managing to collect all the Pumpkin seeds, you will get a Trophy or an Achievement that will sanction the success of the enterprise, as well as obviously increasing the amount of transportable healing flasks to the maximum.

If you have lost any Seed in the course of the adventure, do not despair, as you can return to the places you have already visited and collect them.

So when you collect a Pumpkin Seed, you will have to bring it to Emma, the character located at the entrance to the Ruined Temple: by doing so, she will help you improve your health!

Surroundings of Ashina - Sekiro: where to find all the Pumpkin Seeds | Guide

The first Pumpkin Seed can be collected immediately after the Sculptor's Idol located in Surroundings of Ashina, in front of the entrance door. In fact, it will be delivered to you after defeating the mandatory mini-boss Generale Naomori Kawarada. A not particularly difficult enemy, who will reward you with the precious Pumpkin Seed.

You will find the second Pumpkin Seed once you enter the building behind theChained Ogre. You will have to defeat this dangerous enemy though, but remember that it is very vulnerable to fire!

Proceeding on the main path of the Surroundings of Ashina, you'll find yourself fighting the boss on horseback Gyoubu Oniwa. Once defeated, head to the other side of the battlefield where the fight took place, and go up the stairs. Here, instead of entering the building, flank it on the left and proceed, until you find another flight of stairs. Once you go up, you will find a merchant in a tent who will sell you the last one Pumpkin Seed available around Ashina.

Ashina Castle - Sekiro: where to find all Pumpkin Seeds | Guide

THEIdol of the Sculptor that you will find will indicate that you have arrived in the new game area, the Ashina Castle. Continue to the right and jump over the rooftops with the help of the grappling hook. If you do not know where to go, follow the smoke signals that you can glimpse: they will take you to the main tower, the most impressive building on the map. Then enter the building to find a chest inside the small room. Open the chest and collect the Pumpkin Seed.

From the first Idol of the Sculptor, located at the beginning of the playing area Ashina Castle, you will have to follow the path uphill, where you can find four enemies on the stairs. Leave them alone for now and overtake them running, taking the road on the right. You will then enter a room, where you will find a man who will ask you to kill all enemies in the area. So return to the bandits and take them out: in doing so you will have the gratitude of the man, who will tell you that you will meet again. In fact, he will travel to the Ruined Temple: he is a merchant from which you can buy the Pumpkin Seed at the modest price of 2000 Sen.

Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo - Sekiro: where to find all the Pumpkin Seeds | Guide

From the first Idol of the Sculptor of the area, follow the path where you will find walking monks. This path will take you to the temple: with the help of the grappling hook, project yourself onto the upper wooden beam and jump into the hole to enter the building. Once inside, you will find three monks praying: the Pumpkin Seed it will be right here. At this advanced point of the title, however, you may not find Emma to the Ruined Temple: she will have moved to the Upper Tower, in Kuro's room.

La Forra - Sekiro: where to find all the Pumpkin Seeds | Guide

Once theIdol of the Sculptor area of Cover, jump down the hill: with the help of the grappling hook take out the rifleman and jump from branch to branch, until you reach a wall, on your left. Climb the wall to find two objects placed on the ground: one of the two is the precious Pumpkin Seed.

Abyss of Ashina - Sekiro: where to find all Pumpkin Seeds | Guide

From the Idol of the Sculptor of Mibu village continue along the main path. At some point you will find a white-leaved tree, surrounded by some enemies. Pay attention and clean the area - at the foot of the tree you will find a Pumpkin Seed.

Palazzo Sorgente - Sekiro: where to find all the Pumpkin Seeds | Guide

Il Sorgente Palace is an exclusive play area of ​​the finale Purification. Choosing a different ending will preclude the Pumpkin Seed of the area: you will be able to retrieve it however in New Game +! Along the main path of the Palazzo Sorgente you will find yourself in a room full of strange enemies, the features of octopuses. Clean up the room and collect the Pumpkin Seed.

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If you followed the guide on the where to find all the Pumpkin Seeds, you will end up with all the healing flasks available in a game of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. To the recollection of all Pumpkin seeds, you will also be rewarded with the relevant Trophy or Achievement, but remember to bring the precious seeds to Emma if you want to turn them into an additional cure!

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