Resident evil 3 remake: how to find the grenade launcher

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The grenade launcher has always been one of the most coveted weapons within the Capcom series. It is not always so easy to obtain it given its excellent firepower and its varied use, being able to change between explosive, acid, incendiary and "mine" type ammunition. Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain it with infinite ammunition but it remains a very valid ally, especially against the most difficult enemies.

Where to find the grenade launcher

This fantastic weapon can be found in the sewer area, and precisely in the security office. To find it you will need to reach the canal to the left of the first sewer office and follow it until it turns left, avoiding taking side directions. Once you encounter a large creature with the weak point inside its mouth, continue a little further to find a yellow ladder on top of which you will find the office with the grenade launcher.

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Exit date: April 3 2020

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