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Red Dead Redemption 2 is a huge open world and will offer you many missions to tackle. If you're not sure how to navigate this huge western world, here are our tips to help you get started!

Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on October 26, after 8 years of work since the release of its predecessor. Rockstar Games' new title, released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, seems to have it all: a huge map, compelling story, gameplay mechanics that work flawlessly, and tons of things to do. So many that perhaps, at the beginning, they will leave you a little dumbfounded and unsure of how to proceed.

Red Dead Redemption 2: our tips for getting started

That is why we have prepared this series of tips for you - our tips will help you understand how to start the game and what to watch out for throughout the game. As always, we have avoided spoilers in our guide, but if you don't want to anticipate anything, proceed with caution!

Upgrade to Dutch Shacks ... (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

In the camp, use the ledger to upgrade the barracks - at first they will cost you $ 220, but if you do, you will encourage the other gang members to contribute more in resource management as well, and you will have time to tackle other missions. . Furthermore, Improving the conditions of the camp will also increase your Honor level (Honor Rank), earning you additional respect from your companions.

... but don't obsess over the camp (Red Dead Redemption 2: tips for getting started)

Yes, we told you to make some improvements, but the camp is not as essential as you think. It is true that it will practically be your home, the place to go back to rest and talk to your companions. By making cash donations you can make both cosmetic and functional improvements BUT don't spend all your time and money on this. There is a useful improvement you can make - we talk about it in the next point - but otherwise don't get too fixated on base camp. You are part of a gang of thieves and murderers - lovely little people, among other things -, the story starts off badly and it certainly won't go any better, so whether you put the tablecloths on the tables or not it won't make much difference. If you really want to bring out the home designer in you, go ahead, but maybe after you've bought more important things.

Get the Fast Travel Map (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

Once you have upgraded the barracks in the camp, you will unlock a new perk: the map. It will cost you $ 325, and will allow you to take a quick trip from the camp. Since you will have to travel a lot over the course of the game, this upgrade will make things easier and save you some time, although to make fast travel you have to go back to the camp - no other words, it doesn't work the other way around: give it other cities you will not be able to make a quick trip to the camp. Alternatively, you can use the stagecoaches; in any case, the game map is so vast that any help will be welcome.

Look After Your Horse (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

Yours horse will literally mean life in the game. Without him you will count for nothing and, above all, you will not go anywhere. Okay, we don't mean that you will have to spend every second of your life riding your horse, but always be careful where it is and in what condition it is and if you go away, remember to whistle to call him back to you; if you are riding, proceed on the beaten paths because horses will have a tendency to slip into the woods; keep them clean, groom them, feed them and love them: yes, cuddling your horse will improve the relationship you have with it, and will ensure that it is faithful to you. Your horse will be the creature you interact with the most, so keep on good terms with him.

Always carry at least one horse Revival kit with you (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips

Staying on the subject of equines, you should always carry a Revival kit for your steed too: you can buy them in every store, but they are of vital importance. In fact, if your horse is injured, you will have a limited time to be able to treat it and get it back on its feet. If you do not have a kit, the horse will remain on the ground, bleeding, and you will be forced to put it down out of pity. Obviously, by killing a horse you will lose it forever and you will also nullify the level of trust you had with it; moreover, you will be forced to capture or buy another specimen, to start all over again. As we mentioned earlier, horses are truly precious in this game.

Watch Your Weapons (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

Another reason to be careful of your horse and its position is because the animal also serves as an inventory. Once you get off the horse you will have access to only two pistols and two types of shotgun, but when you are in the saddle you can choose whatever weapon you want (as long as you have it, of course). Every time you go ashore remember to take a look in the saddle pockets: check your equipment and go ahead with what you have to do.

And finally, take care of yourself (Red Dead Redemption 2: tips for getting started)

You may have noticed that you have it available three “cores”: one is for health, one for stamina and one for Dead Eye. The bars tell you how much availability you will have for each core, but these will indicate how fast they will recharge. THE cores empty over time, and you will want to keep them at their peak all the timeFor example, if the health core is empty, your health will not regenerate.

To fill the core you can eat - or drink - something, whether you are in town, in the saddle or even in battle: there is something strangely ironic about downing a bottle of Bourbon during an assault, or quickly swallowing a can of beans in the shelter of a rock. Make sure your cores are in good shape before taking on a tough fight.

Be careful how you behave (Red Dead Redemption 2: tips for getting started)

Don't be fooled, Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't like in GTA: here you could be accused of disturbing the peace. Seriously. Stealing another cowboy's horse leads to trouble; pushing people on the street brings trouble; riding too fast and getting under someone brings big trouble. If you break the law, a price will be placed on your head, and you will be forced to pay for it or you will no longer be able to use some very valuable benefits, such as fast travel. Be careful how you behave, especially in built-up areas, and respect the rules. It is a paradox, given that you are playing an outlaw, but this is the harsh law of the West ...

Tackle the main story, even if you don't feel like it (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

We know: there are tons of things to do in Red Dead Redemption 2, and sooner or later you'll want to wander around the game world to experience a little bit of everything. In order to take advantage of the particular advantages and tools, however, you will need tomove on with the main story. Only then can you use the help of fences and resell the fruit of your robberies; always going forward with the story you will get the use of one second holster, which will allow you to carry two weapons with you at the same time. As you may have guessed, a fundamental thing for a bandit like you.

Shotguns, shotguns, shotguns ... and pistol (Red Dead Redemption 2: tips for getting started)

You will have tons of weapons available in Red Dead Redemption 2, from revolvers to repeaters to Mauser pistols. Yet, the weapon that works for everything - apart from the very long range - is the rifle. It does heavy damage, can hit multiple enemies at once, and is a quick weapon. The shotgun is also practical in the saddle, and bear in mind that you will be on the back most of the time. Despite everything, we strongly advise you to accompany your rifle with a good pistol. When you get a second holster it will be the winning combination.

But don't forget dynamite! (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

You will get dynamite quite early in the adventure, yet you will tend to forget it when you start collecting weapons here and there. Remember, however, that in the weapon wheel you will have a slot for throwable items: dynamite, if used well, can wipe out a lot of enemies, or at least it will help you move things a bit.

Upgrade Your Weapons (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

Always find some time for visit the gunsmith, whether you bring him old or new weapons: The good man will propose cosmetic improvements if you wish, but the really important thing is the components of the weapon. You can change range, shooting power, accuracy, and all those little things that generally improve a weapon. Tried to do this with all the guns you own, not least because these improvements aren't even that expensive.

Use Dead Eye Often (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

As in its predecessor, in Red Dead Redemption 2 your character will be able to "Slow down" time with the Dead Eye, so you can place shots before your opponent has time to react. You use this skill, and for two reasons: the first is that you can take out multiple enemies at the same time; the second is that it is a fig. Don't limit yourself to Headshots - who, for heaven's sake, are very efficient - hit several times and go on. Remember to drink alcohol and snake oil or chew tobacco (in short, a healthy lifestyle) to fill your Dead Eye gauge and be the fastest gunslinger in the West. Try using the Dead Eye even while hunting: for small and fast prey like rabbits and birds it is ideal!

Don't Depend on Stew Consumption (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

It will be made available to you in the camp a stew from which you can nourish yourself to recover health; like any upgrade, moreover, you can pay a sum in money to add an improvement to the statistics of the Dead Eye. The problem is that this soup is almost never ready. It won't appear until noon, and sometimes it disappears over the course of the night, so there will be almost a few opportunities that you will have to eat this blessed stew.

Don't get addicted to the stew. Order a good meal in a saloon, roast some meat on your campfire, fish, do what you want but don't waste your time waiting for that slop.

Loot enemies - if you have the stomach for it (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

When you get close to you can loot an enemy's corpse to obtain medicines, supplies, ammunition and other valuables. To do this, however, you will have to endure a rather annoying animation in which the whole looting operation will be shown; fortunately, the animation is not long and you can also skip it with the appropriate command. If you endure this macabre parenthesis, however, it will be worth it: the enemies (especially the most important ones in the course of history) will give you some fair rewards.

Don't Sell Your Jewelry (Red Dead Redemption 2: Getting Started Tips)

You have finally unlocked the fence and are looking forward to making some money by selling the jewels you have collected. Don't do it. In addition to giving you money, the fencer also possesses the ability to create talismans, some pieces of special equipment which will unlock various perks or bonuses for your statistics. To create some of these talismans, you will need parts of legendary animals and, indeed, of jewels. Don't rush: before selling the jewels you have, make sure you don't need them to create a powerful talisman.

Try to get three-star hunts (Red Dead Redemption 2: tips for getting started)

Do you need a leather in excellent condition? Not only will you need the right weapons and ammunition for hunting, but you also need to make sure you take down a top quality animal. Before killing a prey, check the quality level: point the animal with the binoculars, and you will see some stars appear. If there are three stars, it means that the animal is of excellent quality and that you will get perfect skin from him. Grab your shotgun, and good luck.

Here are our tips for starting your adventure in Red Dead Redemption 2! Did you discover anything interesting during your game? Do you have any other suggestions to add? Tell us in the comments or tell us if these tips were helpful to you! Red Dead Redemption 2 di Rockstar Games it's in stores from the 26 October, and is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

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