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Here we are at the second episode of the Pokémon VGC guide. This time we go to see some more of the basics of the competitive and the new regulation and then start fighting and following the birth of the metagame

Here we are with the second appointment of our guide. In the first part we saw some basic principles of VGC, trying to understand the competitive approach and seeing the moves and skills most used in the years of competitive. This time we will take a look at the most used tools. We will also talk about the new VGC regulation coming in 2020 and the concepts of IV, EV e nature with new ways to breed a Pokémon in no time.

Here are the news for VGC 2020

The new competitive regulation confirms the format of the double battles. In tournaments all players must have their own Nintendo Switch with the copy of Pokémon Shield or Sword. Also confirmed that only Pokémon born in Galar will be allowed, excluding some legendary and mysterious Pokémon. The battles will last for 7 minutes evaluation with 45 seconds to decide the moves in each shift. 

Also confirm the presence of Dynamax, which will bring a whole other way of thinking about competitive battles. The real novelty that was not expected is the presence of Gigamax shapes as well. For now it will be possible to use only some of the Gigamax present in Generation 2020 games, with the promise that more will be introduced over time. Game Freak's idea is to use Gigamax to constantly renew the metagame over the course of the year, we'll see if the idea will make this VGC XNUMX always fresh.

The Gigamax available are:

  • butter free
  • Centiskorch
  • Corviknight
  • Drednaw
  • Eevee
  • Meowth
  • Pikachu
  • Snorlax
  • Sandaconda
  • Charizard (only with the Fire Assist skill)

The players who have earned the most points in tournaments over the course of the year will have the opportunity to go and compete for the world title, which for the first time will take place in Europe, more precisely in London the summer of 2020.

 The most used tools - Guide to Pokémon VGC: here is the regulation

Let's look at the tools that we will see more often in competitive battles. There is only one new tool introduced in this generation as the others appear to be very situational. Only in the future will we be able to understand how much these new tools will be used:

  • Absorbsphere (Life Orb): allows you to increase the power of the moves by 30% at the cost of a small loss of HP after each attack
  • Stolascelta (Choice Scarf), Bendascelta (Choice Band), Slow choice (Choice Specs): Grants a stage in speed, attack and special attack respectively. The Pokémon with these tools, however, will be forced to repeat the same move over and over until it is removed from the field. With the introduction of Dynamax these tools become even more useful, since in the turns in which your Pokémon will be giant you can choose any move you want
  • Assault Vest (Assault Vest): Increases the special defense by 50%, but it will not be possible to use state attacks. You will then be forced to use moves that inflict damage on opponents. Very useful tool to overcome a very low base stat in special defense
  • Focalnastro (Focus Sash): If the Pokémon with this item is at full health, it can withstand 1 HP to an attack that would otherwise have knocked it out. It makes very fragile Pokémon playable competitively but if put in a position to resist an attack they can decide the match (such as a Trickroom setter)
  • Berries: berries that allow the recovery of life are typically used, such as Cedar Berry. In this metagame it seems that the berries that restore 25% of life when you drop below 50% (yellow life) are returning more used, given the nerf of the Berries that heal when you are red life (now 33% and no longer 50% )
  • Distoservizio (Room Service): the only new tool that will surely have its say in the next metagame. It allows the Pokémon that owns this item to drop a stage in speed when Trickroom is activated. Very useful tool to make those Pokémon that have too much speed, efficient in teams that make great use of the Distortion Zone

Maximize the Iv - Guide to Pokémon VGC: here is the new regulation

Now let's talk about the parameters that define a Pokémon's stats, namely IV (Individual Values), EV (Effort Values) and natures. Fortunately, in Pokémon Sword and Shield the breeding mechanics have been significantly streamlined. Now you are able to breed a competitive Pokémon in a short time

Le IV are values ​​ranging from 0 to 31 for each statistic. The value changes from Pokémon to Pokémon and indicates when it is predisposed to use that particular statistic. In competitive it is necessary to have Pokémon with 5 IVs to 31, since we only need an attack statistic, to maximize their potential (except for those to be used under Distortion Zone which also need to have 0 IVs in speed, for which unfortunately there are no quick ways to get them). In the game, this value can be checked via the Judge in the PC which will provide commentary on the Pokémon's IVs. The judgment "Stellar"Corresponds to having 31 IVs, while that"Mediocre"At 0 IV, the others do not interest us.

The Raids come to our rescue as the 4 or 5 star Raids ensure that the captured specimen has at least 4 maximized stats. To increase the remaining IVs you need to use the "Silver caps”On a level 100 Pokémon. To get the specimen to that level, just use the numerous candies that are given to us at the end of each raid, it will therefore be an instant procedure. Finally, the Silver Caps are obtainable from a NPC in the Plain of Bridges who in exchange for Watt will donate rare items, in addition to donating the necessary caps this character will give precious treasures to resell to accumulate money.   


Distribute EVs - Guide to Pokémon VGC: here is the new regulation

- EV allow each trainer to distribute a certain number of points in the desired statistics, in order to build the Pokémon that best suits your needs. They can be distributed a total di 510 EV, with a cap of 252 EVs for each stat. Every 4 EVs corresponds to a 1 point increase in the stat.

To distribute EVs you have to make use of Supplements (such as Proteins, Zinc etc.). These items increase by 10 EV with each use, so you can quickly distribute these points and build a perfect Pokémon. Supplements can be purchased from the market at Goalwick at a cost of 10.000 credits. We strongly recommend that you sell all the treasures accumulated with the raids as well as those obtained by the NPC in the Piana dei Monti to accumulate a lot of money.

Nature - Guide to Pokémon VGC: here is the new regulation

La Natura of a Pokémon increases one stat by 10% while decreasing another stat by the same value. We recommend using natures that maximize the desired stat while possibly decreasing the attack stat that you won't use. Or in the case of Pokémon from Distorted Zone with natures that disadvantage the speed in order to take advantage of both changes. Below you can see one table with all natures usable in competitive (neutral ones are typically not used).

To change the nature of a Pokémon You can buy it at the Struggle Tower of Minds for 50 PL, which will allow you to have the changes to the statistics you prefer. 

Start fighting!

At this you are aware of the basics of the competitive. The advice to become familiar with these mechanics is to immediately dive into combat. In this way you will be able to improve yourself more and more while having fun in the fights. Fortunately, the mechanics of the "Team for Rent“, You can borrow competitive teams created by other players (even professionals) and have fun with them. Then you can throw yourself into Team Building for create your ideal team.

At the moment the goal is still much in transformation. In the last period, the teams that make use of the Earthstorm they are all the rage (with Tyranitar setting the weather and Excadrill using his Sand Rush ability). Nevertheless, the surprise introduction of Gigamax could change things considerably. So start playing and figure out for yourself which Pokémon could do better.

We make an appointment at next month, we could at that point give concrete tips on the metagame that will be formed at that point with the start of the first major official tournaments with the VGC 2020 regulation. Keep following us on Holygamerz for other guides on Pokémon and for all the news from the videogame world.

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