Pokémon Sword and Shield: how to find and evolve Applin

In this guide we will see how to find Applin in Pokémon Sword and Shield and how to make it evolve into one of two possible forms: Appletun or Flapple

In Pokémon Sword and Shield it is possible to catch an apple-shaped monster: Applin. This Pokémon has two possible evolutions: Appletun e Flapple, but since it evolves using a unique item per version of the game, only one can be obtained per version. So let's see where to find the Pokémon, and how to get the object to make it evolve.

Some information on the last two chapters

Pokémon Sword and Shield mark the arrival of the eighth generation of Pokémon, and will see us engaged in the arduous task of becoming the best trainers in the brand new region of Galar. Sword and Shield are also the first chapters of the main saga to arrive on a home console, or rather hybrid in this case. The two titles have enjoyed great success with the public, becoming the fastest-selling games ever on the Nintendo Switch.

Where to find - Pokémon Sword and Shield: how to evolve Applin

Fortunately, the process to find and capture Applin is very simple and the same for the two versions of the game. In fact, it will be enough to look for it in the tall grass in Path 5, or in different areas of the wilderness: Basin of the Sands with a serene climate, Land of Stones during a thunderstorm, or Mirror of the Giant always during a thunderstorm. 

Appletun or Flapple - Pokémon Sword and Shield: how to evolve Applin

In Sword Pokémon, Applin si evolve in Flapple with l 'Aspropomo, While in Shield si evolve in Appletun with the Dolcepomo. To get the object, once you have captured your Applin, you will have to go to Hammerlock, and take the road on the left, passing the shops and the Pokémon Center.

Just before the last drawbridge, you will find a brown-haired man wearing a red jacket. Talk to him, and he will ask you if you "Heard", answer him (rightly) to No.. He will then reveal to you that he has to give an Applin to a girl to show her his love, then give him yours (don't worry, he'll give it back), and a short cut-scene will begin.

After the cutscene, the man will give you back the Applin and a special object: the aforementioned Aspropomo for those with Pokémon Sword, and the Dolcepomo for those with Shield. You will find the item in the “Other” section of the bag. At this point there remains that use the object on Applin and make it evolve into Appletun or Flapple.

Here is Appletun on the left, and Flapple on the right

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