Pokemon Sun and Moon: introduction, starter, first fight

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The guide to Pokemon Sun and Moon. Inside not only the guidelines regarding the whole storyline but also tips, tricks and much more

    • Pokemon Sun and Moon: introduction, starter, first fight

    • Pokemon Sun and Moon: Hau, RotomDex, Trainer School

    • Pokemon Sun and Moon: the First Test

    • Pokemon Sun and Moon: Village of Lili, departure for Akala

    • Pokemon Sun and Moon: towards the First Test of Akala!

NB. The guide was written using the game version Pokemon Luna, there may be some inconsistencies with Pokemon Sole, concerning exclusive pokemon and more. All these cases will be reported, thus indicating the differences between the two versions.

Alola calls us!

We finally have the long-awaited small box in hand Pokemon Sun and Moon. The first thing to do will be to choose which language we want to play. As the game reminds us, it will NOT be possible to change the language after choosing it. Once this is done, the game will start without giving us a moment of breath.

The game begins with a video call from the professor KuKui, during which our mentor will notify us that the day of our journey to Alola is now close and that there is full of pokemon ready to wait for us (he shows us his Rockruff). The professor will also ask for a photo of us, this makes us guess, right from the start, the magical world of personalization that we will find in Pokemon Sun and Moon. We could choose between 4 male and XNUMX female variants, made this choice it will also ask us our name.


After greeting the professor, a video will start immediately where we will see Lillie intent on an escape inside the foundation Aether. She will find herself surrounded but luckily the pokemon, which is inside her bag, will use her power to save her.

3 months later!

We finally moved to Alola and we will be awakened by the Meowth of our mother. After having a chat with her and the pushy professor Kukui we could follow the latter towards the nearby village Lili where we might meet the Kahuna of the island.

We then go up to our room to take our backpack and hat and we will be ready for our journey. Leaving the house and turning left we should follow the path where the teacher will anticipate us. After various tips (the usual Pokemon early game) we will get to Lili, where, however, there will be no one.

The professor will then ask us to go north to look for the Kahuna. Going north we will meet Lillie intent on talking to her Pokemon, we should then follow her north to the temple. We then follow the path and arrive at the top.

Let's help Lillie and Mog

At the top a video will start where the pokemon of Lillie it will come out of the bag but will be attacked by gods Spearow. So let's get close to Lillie who will ask us for help to save Fog. So let's get closer to Mog, a video will start where the same pokemon will use his power again to save himself but he will destroy the bridge by letting us fall into the void.

It will therefore be Deed Fragrance to save us and then disappear. Mog will then find a stone left by the Tapu that will be delivered to us by Lillie. Once this is done we should go to Lillie, who will be waiting for us at the beginning of the road from where we came, so that we can be accompanied by Professor Kukui.

Our first Pokemon

Arrived at the professor we will finally get to know Hala, the Kahuna di Mele Mele who, learning of our "enterprise" in helping Lillie, will decide to let us choose our first Pokemon, to be chosen among Rowlet, Litten e Popplio.

Made the choice, a very nice video will start in which Hala will test us by giving the possibility to the chosen Pokemon, to choose us in turn. Once Litten's trust is gained, we will also get the Pokedex and Coaches passport by Professor Kukui. 

Our first fight

Now we should go back home going south. On the way we will meet Hau who will immediately want to challenge us. Here, unlike in the past years in Pokemon games, our friend will always choose the “weak” type Pokemon over the one chosen by us. After beating Hau, our shimmering stone obtained from the Tapu will shine and Hala will take it over to understand why we have it, with a promise to return it the next day.

Coming back home

After the challenge we will be taken back home. The next day Professor Kukui he will pick us up to accompany us to the party, making stops in the Path 1 to teach us the basics of becoming a trainer, such as catching a Pokemon or challenging another trainer.

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