Pokémon GO guides - all raid bosses and how to defeat Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus

Pokémon GO guides - all raid bosses and how to defeat Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus

One of the most important mechanics of Pokémon GO is that of the so-called Raid bosses, challenging fights at the end of which you will have the opportunity to capture the boss just defeated. To participate you will need a Raid Pass or Premium Raid Pass. You get a unit of the first one per day by logging into a gym with an active raid or by turning the Photo disc (you can only have one in your bag), the others are bought from the shop for 100 coins each and you can take as many with you as you want.

Not all raids are challenging, actually. In fact, they are divided into five tiers or levels of increasing difficulty, and the most basic you will be perfectly able to fight them alone. The situation is different for the level 5 raid, reserved for Legendary and Mythological Pokémon. These will require the participation of other people and the sensible planning of an appropriate team. They undergo periodic rotation (usually monthly) as well as the simpler ones, and upon completion they will adequately reward you for the effort faced. Let's start with the prizes - each of which will be awarded to you in varying amounts.

  • Rapid MT: a TM capable of changing a Pokémon's quick attack, obtainable only from level 4 or 5 raids.
  • MT Uploaded: a TM capable of changing a Pokémon's Charged Attack, obtainable only from level 4 or 5 raids.
  • Baccalampon Oro: berry that can greatly increase the chances of catching a Pokémon.
  • Rare candies: each can be exchanged for a specific candy for a Pokémon.
  • Revitalizing
  • Potions
  • Polvere di stelle
  • Experience Points

Last but not least reward the Premier Ball, a special type of Poké Ball that can only be used in capturing a raid boss (and you can only use these). You will also get these in varying numbers, based on the performance and number of participants of your team in the raid, as well as the level of friendship with the other participants.

From 10 September it is available in the game store a Remote raid ticket package, containing precisely three tickets to raid from home. Remember to redeem it, for the price of one coin.

Tier 1 (pink eggs)

The level 1 raids, which now also welcome the old level 2, are extremely easy to be faced even alone. If evolved, some of these Pokémon can be used to fight the current Legendary Raid. Level 1 and 3 raids are currently themed with weekly events, each dedicated to a region of the Pokémon world.

All Pokémon in this rotation are also available in Shiny colors except Drilbur. The new Nosepass release is present among the bosses, a good opportunity to save candies for your Probopass evolution. In fact, if on the one hand he is the protagonist of the event, his appearances do not seem particularly frequent. Remember that you can only evolve Nosepass by activating a magnetic bait module on a Pokéstop and staying in the Pokéstop range.

Tier 3 (yellow eggs)

Since the release of the Mega Raids, tiers 3 and 4 have merged. Completion rewards will be the same as for former level 4 raids. Raid difficulty has been reduced so that they can be completed more easily. based on the weather however, it is possible to require the participation of more players. Remember that time not only affects the boss's CP on capture, but will also boost his moves in battle. Use this to your advantage to further upgrade your team.

Skarmory is the only chromatic in this rotation. If you are a frequenter of the Mega Battle League, it is a good Pokémon to take with you, present in many of the opposing teams. Also remember that evolving a Metang on Sunday 14 between 11am and 17pm will allow Metagross to learn Meteor Punch. This is an exclusive move that is usually not available except with a Loaded Star Player TM.

Tier Mega (Megaraid)

The Megaraid are a relatively recent introduction to the world of Pokémon GO, which in terms of difficulty will almost require the commitment of a level 5 raid (or more, in some cases). They will allow you to obtain Mega Energy that can be spent to Mega Evolve one of your Pokémon of the same species as the boss. You'll get them based on how efficiently the boss was defeated.

The Megaraids rotate again, subject to the availability of only 3 bosses per rotation. The three protagonists until March 16 will be MegaBlastoise, MegaPidgeot and MegaAmpharos. As usual they are all also available in chromatic form, and very rarely it is possible to encounter them wild (but not in mega form).

For all the details on Megaraid we refer you to our special guide. Find a link in the gallery at the bottom of this article.

Tier 5 (Legendary): Landorus, Tornadus, Thundurus

March 2021 opens a new season, the “Season of Legends”. The Embodied forms of the three Forces of Nature leave the legendary raids on March 16, passing the baton to the Totem forms starting with that of Thundurus. The trio will alternate in both forms throughout the month, starting with the Incarnate forms (all debutants in chromatic form). As with any legendary raid it is advisable to properly prepare the team, and / or gather a number of players that allows for completion in peace. This depends not only on the trainer level, but also on the Battle Points of the chosen Pokémon and the moves you have assigned to it.

To defeat them in peace they are recommended at least three or four players, if they use teams made up of the best possible counters upgraded to at least level 35 (the player must therefore be at least level 33, and the Pokémon upgraded to the maximum) If you are in trouble, ask for help from a good number of friends and gather as many counter budgets as you can.

The three genes they share the Flying-type, and are generally exposed to Ice-type attacks from Pokémon such as Mamoswine. But beware of the Focus Blast charged move, which puts Pokémon of this type in trouble. While Tornadus is pure Flying, Landorus and Thundurus take another - Earth and Electro respectively. In general, Ice moves remain sufficiently effective against everyone, and with the exception of Landorus, Rock moves can help too.

The Earth type of Landorus gives him an advantage over the Rocks. Fear not: replace them with Pokémon Water as in the table above and everything will be fine. Also remember that bosses can have the move Focus Shot - in which case your Tyranitar and Mamoswine would be quite at a disadvantage. In any case, it is highly recommended to bring a MegaAbomasnow, capable of powering up your Pokémon's Ice moves.

What are EX Raids?

EX (clusive) raids are a special version of tier 5, which hosts a particular legendary or mythological Pokémon for a longer duration (about a year on a rotation basis).

Participation in these raids is limited to whoever has obtained an EX raid pass after completing a normal raid in a gym that has the tag "Gym Raid EX", at the top left of the defending Pokémon. EX raids can only be carried out on the date and time shown on the special pass, and only in the gym where the original raid was completed (also shown in the pass).

Each EX pass gives the holder the ability to invite a friend to play the event, even if they were not among the raid participants who issued the pass. EX raids they are much more difficult than their tier 5 counterpart, and even harder to catch.

The last active EX boss was Regigigas, prior to the blocking of EX raids put in place to respond to the Coronavirus emergency. Currently it is not yet possible to obtain EX passes, and it is not known when the functionality will be restored.

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