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In this guide on Oninaki we will discover all the secrets, tricks and a series of tips to level up quickly

Oninaki, a Japanese-style RPG game with a strong Western flavor, has recently been available on the market. The title comes with all the features of a classic JRPG but with strong action components that make it usable even by the less accustomed to the classic role-playing game market. In this particular guide we're going to look at a number of tips and tricks fundamental for level up quickly and progress more easily within the game.

More action and fewer turns

Before proceeding with the actual guide it is right to make a very brief consideration on an aspect that is changing the RPG market. This is the almost total disappearance of the classic turn-based combat in favor of some much more action and more immediate combat mechanics. All this must be interpreted as an attempt by the developers to bring this type of game closer to users not accustomed to more classic mechanics.

On the one hand this is good, precisely because it favors the approach of more and different players, on the other hand, however, it could annoy lovers of the classics. Oninaki, perfectly represents this new reality. Now stop the chatter and continue with the our guide on how to level up quickly.

Lots of enemies and lots of XP - Oninaki: tips and tricks to level up

As in most role-playing games, even in Oninaki the concepts underlying the growth of one's level are essentially two, one the consequence of the other: meet and kill many enemies and earn more and more XP. The first thing that comes to mind to advise you is to explore well all the areas of the map or the area you are in and go and find all the enemies available. Don't be afraid to venture into the darkest and most hidden areas, for a good XP loot it will be worth it.

The secrets of Veil - Oninaki: tips and tricks to level up

Finding the enemies, as we have just said, is fundamental, defeating them, of course, is even more so. But what happens when you find yourself defeating all the enemies in the area you are in? Simple, the answers are two, or do the level-up or, if you haven't collected enough XP, just go “to the other side” of the map.

We obviously refer to the Veil which features completely different enemies than those of the canonical and normal world of Oninaki. Inside the Veil you will find not only a new number of enemies, but potentially opponents able to give you more XP points. Finally, another piece of advice that we feel like giving you, especially when you are trying to increase Kagachi's level, is to use the strongest demons and attack with them.

Happy level-up!

With this guide we have tried to provide you some little tricks and some tips to level up quickly in Oninaki and to fully enjoy one of the most satisfying moments of all role-playing games, of any mold, the level-up! Let us know what you think and if you are playing this title. I remind you that you can continue to follow all the news from the videogame world and not only on the pages of Holygamerz.

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