Oddworld Soulstorm: how to unlock all endings

In this guide we will go to see together how to unlock all the possible endings within Oddworld Soulstorm. Let's go free the Mudokons!

Oddworld Soulstorm is the latest heir to the historical Oddworld saga. The game, developed by Oddworld Inhabitants, is free to download for subscribers to the service from this month's PS Plus titles. The story is a sort of remake of the classic Abe's Exoddus, however, it radically changes its narrative developments. The title therefore arises as a sequel to New 'n' Tasty. From the point of view of the gameplay, the game retains the 3D sliding platform nature, returning to the player the same mood of the historical titles but with graphics updated to 2021. The aim remains to save the Mudokon. So let's see in this guide how to unlock all endings in Oddworld Soulstorm.

Abe's odyssey

As mentioned, the aim of the game is to steal your companions Mudokon (the same species to which Abe belongs) from the clutches of the gods evil Glukkon who want to exploit them and discover the secret of bibita Soulstorm. The graphics of the game have been updated making the whole thing more realistic and less stylized, thus increasing the drama of events. Some changes have been introduced in the game compared to the previous chapters. Additions such as inventory and the system of crafting give an extra playful depth to the title. So let's go to discover how to unlock all endings within Oddworld Soulstorm. 

Quarma is the way - Oddworld Soulstorm: how to unlock all endings

Before starting, we warn you that you may run into small ones spoiler on some aspects of the game, such as the number of levels. In case you haven't completed the game, vi we suggest to postpone the reading to a later time. The second premise concerns the mode completion of the game. Since the various endings are related to certain percentages of completion of the levels, it must be said that it is not necessary free all Mudokons in each level. The more creatures you release, the higher your level rating will be. This statistic is called Quarma.

On the run - Oddworld Soulstorm: how to unlock all endings

As mentioned, the Quarma is the work which tells you the percentage of completion of the level. Which means the more Murkon you save, the higher the percentage. At the end of each level you will be given the relative value. in the game they are present at the beginning 15 levels, however, depending on certain conditions, another 2 subsequent ones will be unlocked, for a total of 17 levels. The Quarma system, in this, is also a way for developers to give the title a certainty replayability. Depending on the ending you want to get, in fact, you will exploit strategy different gameplay in each level. Within each level you will have the two chance to free the Mudokons.

The first is to trigger certain sequences scriptate, following which your companions will flee en masse led by the AI. In these sequences, your goal will be to attract the attention of the enemies who, alternatively, will do target practice on the Mudokons. The second way is to take control, indirect, of small groups of Mudokon who will follow you everywhere go (in the same way as game mechanics seen for example in Inside). Here, you will have to guide them to safe places to open Portals that will make them flee for good.

Requirements for each ending - Oddworld Soulstorm: how to unlock all endings

Here are the percentages and related levels needed to unlock the endings. As you can see, the endings are 4. Depending on how many Mudokons you free you will get gods final ranging from worst to best. 

  • Worst ending - save at least 80% of the Mudokons in 6 levels or less
  • Bad ending - save at least 80% of the Mudokons in a number of levels between 7 and 11
  • Good ending - save at least 80% of the Mudokons in 12 or more levels. By obtaining this achievement, you will unlock the next two bonus levels, 16 and 17, necessary to achieve the best ending
  • Better ending - save at least 80% of the Mudokons in all 17 levels of the game


If you haven't reached the target at a certain level, don't despair. There will be no need to play the game over again. Just go to the menu main and replay the levels, to be chosen among those complete. This will allow you, on the one hand, to discover new ones secretson the other hand, improve your completion rates. However, remember to end the level you are in, because if you exit the game while replaying a level, ne lose you its progress. This was what you owe know to unlock all endings in Oddworld Soulstorm.

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