Mortal Kombat 11, the beginner's guide

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Mortal Kombat 11 has finally taken the field with all its bloody violence and, as you can read in our review, proves to be an excellent game, first of all thanks to a structured tutorial mode both to accompany novices in mastering the basics and to explain in detail to experienced players its novelties - because by relying less on the concatenation of combos, if not played correctly Mortal Kombat 11 is as merciless as his fatalities. You will witness your own defeats as the enemies counter your every move and tear you apart (literally). This guide is therefore designed primarily for those who have decided that their baptism of fire should begin here, but also leaves room for those who are more familiar with the game and appreciate some advice.

First of all, as mentioned, Mortal Kombat 11 is less focused on combos compared to previous chapters, preferring to rely more on short series of attacks and the player's ability to control the battlefield with bullets and jumps, without forgetting anti-aircraft attacks. Important to remember that each combination of buttons is different depending on the character used and it might even have no effect: you can consult the move list whenever you like by pausing the game, or specialize in the use of fighters thanks to the excellent tutorial section. However, there are several ways, regardless of who your choice will be, to inflict more damage on opponents.

The first is undoubtedly the use of Fatal Blows, a new mechanic introduced in this last chapter: triggers when health drops below 30% and is only available once per match. Make sure you do it without your opponent blocking the offensive and you will be able to deprive him of about 25% of his health. It is well known that the Mortal Kombat series was not designed to be approached by beginners simply by pressing random buttons on the pad, but Mortal Kombat 11 offers you at least one more chance to stay in the game than in the past, even to overturn a fight to your favor if used at the right time.

An indicator will appear under the life bar when you fulfill the necessary condition to activate the Fatal Blow. You just have to press the backbones of the controller simultaneously to unleash the attack but, like any action, it must hit the opponent to really hit the mark. This means that if it is blocked or avoided in any way you will have wasted the opportunity, fortunately not definitively: you can in fact try again, after waiting long enough for it to recharge. Try to use the Fatal Blow at the end of a combo, it will be more difficult for the opponent to avoid it and once it is scored, there is no way to block it, which makes it ideal as a definitive action to end the fight.

Given how valuable these attacks are, avoid wasting them if the disparity between your energy and that of the opponent is too great: you have no chance to turn a fight in your favor just for a Fatal Blow and you would be playing it for a future, as well as better, use. Likewise, keep an eye on the enemy and avoid if he is defending, you would be caught in his attacks or even a Fatal Blow.

When the situation is reversed, i.e. the opponent can use it against you, the best way to avoid this is to stay away since with some exceptions (like Erron Black) almost all Fatal Blows are activated at close range. It does not mean always having to stay away from the opponent but at least alternating the attack sequences between short and long range or making the most of the low and jumping shots to destabilize him avoiding him discovering an opening in your offensive. Variety is the best ally.

Alongside the Fatal Blow there are the so-called amplified attacks. These are specific moves that can be extended by consuming one of the bars at the bottom left of the screen by pressing RB / R1. You can see which ones are for each character from the move list. An excellent use must also be made of environmental attacks, those that very simply exploit elements of the stage to inflict additional damage on the opponent, but also only to bring you to a more advantageous position. There are always two at the ends and in the middle of each scenario but beware that they can be blocked like any attack.

Then come the air strikes, especially kicks: they deal a significant amount of damage while also pushing enemies away from you, however don't abuse them until they become predictable because aerial counter moves are always punitive. Finally there are the Crushing Blows or Krushing Blow, attacks of incredible power that lead to the breaking of some bones (visible in X-rays) when the required condition is met - which varies from character to character - or if you have excellent timing and make them become counterattacks.

With regard to Fatality there is very little to say. Anyone who has even heard of Mortal Kombat knows that their distinctive trait is characterized by a very high rate of violence, often exaggerated to the point of being comical in spite of the amount of blood spilled. As the name itself obviously says, these are attacks aimed at definitively closing a match once you have emptied the opponent's vital bar - therefore they have no real use for the purpose of the fight, they are pure spectacle (which however is worth some useful points if you are playing any mode other than Story).

From now on you will have only available one Fatality per character, the others must be unlocked. Once again, the move list is a trusted ally in suggesting the distance to keep so that these attacks can hit, but if you are unsure and prefer to practice a little, the Gym section offers a dedicated one where you can indulge yourself and try them out. all or at least the ones you have unlocked. No discount

Knowing what is necessary regarding the basics and the approach to the game, from which modalities is it better to start? For beginners definitely from Tutorial but even pro gamers shouldn't snub it. In Mortal Kombat 11 it proves to be a precious help not only in terms of learning main notions and advanced techniques but also because it presents special tutorials for each character. They will not reveal all their secrets, but they will deepen them enough to make you competitive at the right point. Once you have learned everything, you have to put it into practice and for this nothing is better thanTraining against an opponent placed there on purpose as a target.

Next comes the Story, essential for novices so as to practice against active and reactive characters, while the Towers of Time they could be the favorites of the more experienced fighters who then want to have access to the Kripta. The Story will take about five hours, which is quite a long time for a fighting game, and it will force you to use many characters so that you can get a concrete idea of ​​most of them. It also allows you to unlock the only inaccessible character on the roster, Frost: a valid reason to try it as soon as possible - more than enough complete the fourth chapter to earn it but only if you choose Sub-Zero at the crossroads.

To conclude we have equipment and customization. Mortal Kombat 11 has an extensive customization system that allows you to create the ideal version of your favorite character. Some of the changes made will be cosmetic, while others may impact the performance or style of the same. In the customization screen you will find a page of "skills", here you can change those equipped with new ones in order to create a style of play that suits you. Some skills take up more than one "slot", so pay attention to the distribution, but other than that you are free to create your ideal character.

Beyond the skins, moreover, each character uses three pieces of equipment: generally a headgear and two weapons, each of which can be improved by fighting and thus unlocking slots for upgrade items that will slightly modify their stats. As it is logical to expect, each upgrade is related to the weapon in use, so when you find yourself changing equipment you will have to start over. It is not guaranteed that by unlocking a slot you will get exactly what you need but in this case you can spend coins to "try again" and potentially get different slots that can support the upgrades available to you.

These are scattered throughout the game, split between the Story Mode, the Towers of Time and the famous Kripta - small only in appearance. If you are looking for a particular piece but you don't know how to get it, just look for it in the customization section and read in detail the conditions necessary to unlock it. Know right away that it is not possible to complete the Krypt at once, since you need keys obtainable in other ways and more generally coins to open the chests scattered along the path. Klassic Towers are great for getting currency but they ruin a lot of history, so focus on the latter before trying them out.

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