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Il Barioth is a fanged wyvern that dominates the ice series of Monster Hunter, arrived naturally on Iceborne to conquer the top of the Brine Expanse food chain. Although it is an extremely well-known face, also the protagonist of Monster Hunter Stories, his meeting in Monster Hunter World it is even more lethal than ever.

Nature of the Barioth

Il Barioth it is an ice tiger with wings that it occasionally uses to hover in short flights or to increase the power of its jumps. Its front legs are very powerful and present claws that would tear even the oldest of glaciers. Likewise, the fangs of the mouth that resemble prehistoric tigers are very dangerous and the creature certainly has no qualms about using them.

Being cat-like in nature, its speed is very high and is capable of chaining several attacks in a short amount of time, which could potentially put you in great danger should you get hit by its heaviest offensives. In addition to the pointed ends, the Barioth makes full use of its tail and is able to create frozen hurricanes by the short duration through his breath. Clearly the latter inflict the Frozen status, as well as throw you in the air.

It is also important to point out how the Barioth is an extremely territorial creature and quite aggressive. In the event that any other monster invades the battleground, the Barioth will have no problem attacking it at the earliest opportunity, thus giving you the opportunity to use Territorial Disputes to your advantage.

Make the most of the moment he lands by attacking him mercilessly.


Before you leave, be sure to bring a weapon with the element Fire in order to take advantage of the Barioth's natural weakness. Also Burst it's a very good alternative, depending on your preference. Of course the armor should at least a good defense from ice and, therefore, a Mantello Antighiaccio it should be included in your armament.

Once you've met the Wyvern, take some time to observe the pauses between attacks so you know when it's time to act and avoid getting into his quick attack combos. Eg, his side shoulder is quite slow in his execution and also leaves him unguarded a few seconds after his execution, while the paws often herald a more powerful attack to follow. Always keep to the left or right side and go head-on when you're sure you can dodge quickly.

By taking advantage of the breath animation that generates icy tornadoes, perhaps dodging just in time in the frontal direction, you will be able to have a considerable amount of time to hit the head and break the fangs of the mouth. Also aim to cut the tail as fast as possible, in order to shorten the sweep radius. Finally, by breaking the wings on the legs, you will do it land ruinously during his jump attacks, thus giving you another opening to hit him.

Don't be afraid to use the Claw Grapple when needed, and always use its placement to damage parts that aren't broken, so you can give yourself a considerable advantage in the long run, or have it crash into the rocks of the Wastes. When he gets angry, you will notice that i his eyes will turn red: in this state it is tremendously faster and is more prone to chain attacks. It goes without saying that when he is angry you will have to try to stay away from him as much as possible or exploit a Technical Cloak.

Make the most of the moment he lands by attacking him mercilessly.

Dangers and Rewards

The Barioth does not have a very wide repertoire of dangerous moves, precisely because its danger lies in the speed with which it manages to attack. However, it has some behaviors that you will have to pay close attention to: one is a big jump with which he gives a paw on the ground, capable of throwing you into the air and inflicting enormous damage on you. In case you are not hit but still close to the landing zone, you will be stunned by the seismic impact of the hit, leaving you potentially uncovered for subsequent moves. Fortunately the animation of this move is very long and allows you to have fairly large dodge windows. In second place, on the other hand, there are the attacks he makes when he is in flight, especially when he is angry.

As it hovers in the sky, the Barioth will emit a series of glacial breaths to then swoop down on the hunter quickly, inflicting massive damage if he manages to hit him. To avoid this, try to position yourself under him while he is in flight, and watch out for the moment he lunges back to charge the blow forward. you will force the Barioth to keep the trajectory attack, leaving you unharmed and - in case you broke your forelegs - punish him in the moment of vulnerability.

If you manage to defeat this monster, you will be rewarded with one of Iceborne's most useful armor, capable of protecting you even in the most difficult future clashes. First the function Anti-Ice will allow you to resist the Frozen status in a natural way, thus guaranteeing you a nice advantage with the monsters that populate the Frosty Wastes. Plus it also comes with Health Bonus, in order to lengthen the available life bar.

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