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The Avengers have arrived, they are many and each has their own abilities. Here's how to get and unlock all Marvel's Avengers characters

Marvel's Avengers is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting today. The game developed by Crystal Dynamics has all the fans talking about since the announcement. However, the time has come to move from talk to facts and try the game firsthand. One of the founding characteristics is, of course, that of use the whole Avengers group. The various heroes though must be unlocked during the campaign. So here's our guide on how to get and unlock all Marvel's Avengers characters.

Avengers, unite!

They are present in the base game six main heroes. More heroes from the Marvel pantheon will be added over the next few months (the first new characters will be Kate Bishop and Hawkeye, respectively in October and November). At the beginning, however, we will not have the possibility to use them all. So you might be wondering how you can get and unlock all the characters of Marvel's Avengers.

We will meet you with our guide. The heroes indeed they are unlocked simply by continuing with the main Marvel's Avengers campaign. However, the latter are unlocked in specific game missions and with a specific order. Each hero has different characteristics and they specialize in some tasks better than others. It is very useful to have them all available during the side missions that we will play online, in order to decide which one is best to use in certain situations. They also have quite varied gameplay and often alternating the use of the Avengers is a good way to diversify the game.

Ms. Marvel - Marvel's Avengers: how to get and unlock all characters

Kamala Khan is the true protagonist of the main Marvel's Avengers campaign. It will be playable from the very beginning of the game and will play a fundamental role in the plot. In fact Ms. Marvel is not born with real superpowers, but buys them after A-Day, which is the triggering event in the history of Marvel's Avengers.

Kamala is an Inhuman and has the ability to stretch their limbs out of all proportion. It is also capable of becoming gigantic and dealing a lot of damage to enemies in this state. It's up to her to bring all the Avengers together and let you use them all. If you are not big fans of the comics world and maybe you have approached Marvel with the cinematic universe, you probably don't know it, but you will learn to love her in this adventure.

Hulk - Marvel's Avengers: how to get and unlock all characters

Let's move on to our dear green giant. The Hulk is the second unlockable hero in the Marvel's Avengers campaign and it won't be long before he joins your ranks. In fact, after about two hours of play, the character will be playable in all side missions in coop. To unlock the Hulk it will be enough complete the campaign mission set in the Snowy Tundra.  As you all know, the Hulk is endowed with extraordinary strength. Among its main features we find that of making big leaps that dramatically increase its mobility.

Obviously, however, the angry version of Bruce Banner shows all his qualities in combat. It will indeed be possible grab enemies and use them as real weapons, both at short distance and at long distance, throwing the poor victim against other opposing groups. It is also equipped with a remarkable resistance which makes it particularly suitable for taking large amounts of damage without going KO.

Iron Man - Marvel's Avengers: how to get and unlock all characters

Tony Stark is one of the characters most loved ever from all the fans who will be dying to know how you can unlock and get it in Marvel's Avengers too. The main campaign mission to complete in order to use Iron Man is the one called “House Call” (find here the list of all the missions of the game's plot). Again it won't take very long, we talk about 3 hours of gameplay.

Iron Man has appalling mobility within the game thanks to its ability to fly. The player will be able to freely use the flight to move quickly around the map and avoid enemy attacks. It does not end there, as thanks to the technology of his armor he can release powerful laser beams exploitable both at short range and from long distance.

Black Widow - Marvel's Avengers: how to get and unlock all characters

We arrive at approx half of the campaign main to unlock Black Widow. This is the fourth playable hero and to unlock it you will have to finish the “Stand Alone” mission. Natasha Romanoff will make an appearance during this mission and will manage to save Kamala Khan from a bad situation. The character really is very strong when it comes to one-on-one fights, thanks to the numerous resources at its disposal.

Black Widow does not possess particular superpowers, but she is very skilled in the use of martial arts. It also has a grapple which, used at the right time, allows you to bargain enemies in a lethal way. Not to mention the gun that adds third person shooter mechanics to the game, which makes Black Widow a unique character on the Marvel's Avengers roster.

Thor and Captain America - Marvel's Avengers: how to get and unlock all characters

Like all Marvel's Avengers characters, Captain America and Thor can also be obtained and unlocked through campaign missions. The God of Thunder and Chap are unlocked simultaneously in the mission "Testing ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ..." when you have reassembled the whole team. We do not go into further details with the plot as this is the conclusion of the campaign and we do not want to give you any spoilers.

Thor can fly too, as well as using the powers related to the element of lightning. Furthermore he can throw his own hammer and call him back by introducing a playful mechanic that cannot fail to remind Kratos from God of War. Captain America, on the other hand, does not possess the amazing powers of the God of Asgard, but is able to use his shield to the fullest. He is a rather balanced character, strong in one-on-one, but possessing very useful skills even against groups of enemies.

An even faster method!

By completing the campaign you will then have reunited the Avengers and you can play the side missions with all the characters present up to now. However, there is a faster method if you don't want to wait for the campaign to finish. It deals with of the Avengers Initiative, which will immediately unlock all the characters for online co-op missions and with friends. This mode will then be updated with the new heroes, which we remind you will be completely free.

Here ends our guide on how to get and unlock all the Marvel's Avengers characters available so far. Find here some advice on how to start playing or how to complete all the Challenge Cards. So continue to always follow us on the pages of Holygamerz to stay up to date on all the news from the world of video games and more! 

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