Legends of Runeterra: Guide to the best Noxus champions

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We continue with a new chapter of the Legends of Runeterra champions guide, today featuring the best Noxus champions, the most ferocious and brutal warriors in the game

Today we will analyze together the most ruthless empire in the world of League of Legends: Noxus. After the previous guide on the best samples of Ionia (available here), we are back to help you with the fourth guide of this column. As usual, we would like to remind you that experimenting with the feeling and synergies between the cards and the game mechanics are fundamental in building a winning deck. Our intent, therefore, is to show you the champions of the different regions of the game and their potential to help you in your choice of the right cards without wasting too much time.

Respect and power

Noxus cards are suited to a style of play extremely aggro, aimed at destroying the opponent as soon as possible. Less game control than other decks, the Noxus deck is based on an early game with very high damage thanks to low-cost units and their skills, thus focusing on numerical superiority and head down attack.

Noxus is a mighty empire with a fearsome reputation. For those who live beyond its borders it may seem brutal and menacing, yet whoever manages to look beyond sees a society in which the strength and talents of its inhabitants are respected and cultivated. The Noxii were once a people of ferocious barbarian tribes, until they stormed the ancient city that today is the heart of their domain. As they widened the borders of their kingdom each year, they became an increasingly proud people who value strength more than anything else.

Anyone can aspire to power and respect in Noxus, demonstrating the right predisposition regardless of social position. Those who can wield magic are highly regarded and are molto ricercato. Despite this meritocratic ideal, the old noble houses still have a fair amount of power and some fear that the greatest threat to Noxus comes not from his enemies, but from within.

There are many champions that come from Noxus within League of Legends, but in Runeterra we find only a few of them: Darius, Draven, Katarina and Vladimir. Without going too far, let's discover the best champions of this region!

Darius, the hand of Noxus - Legends of Runeterra: guide to the best champions of Noxus

Darius he is the most feared and glorious commander in the nation, and a true symbol of the strength of the Noxians. Born into a humble family and later become the hand of Noxus, he fights against the enemies of the empire armed with his own mighty ax, without ever doubting his goals. Whoever finds himself in the presence of the leader of the Trifarian legion knows they cannot expect any mercy.

Darius is probably one of the finishers stronger of the game. Combining perfectly with the units and spells of Noxus, played at the right time can prove to be the perfect choice to inflict the coup de grace to the opponent. Equipped with good attack and defense stats, Darius levels up once 10 or more damage is dealt to the opposing Nexus. This means that if you played your cards right in the early game, on turn 6 you could field a card with 10 of power equipped with "Overwhelm". Really destructive, as in battle after all.

  • Cost: 6
  • Potere: 6
  • Health: 5
  • Skills: Just Overwhelm
  • LevelUp: Enemy Nexus has 10 or less Health
  • Post-LevelUp Skills: Just Overwhelm

Draven, the glorious executioner - Legends of Runeterra: guide to the best champions of Noxus

In Noxus, gladiators face off in arenas shedding blood and showing off. No one, however, has ever been celebrated like Draven. Draven is a former soldier who has found that crowds love him, incredibly adept at wielding his own rotating axes. Addicted to the spectacle of his own perfection, Draven has vowed to defeat all enemies necessary for his name to be remembered. forever in the empire.

Draven is not at all easy to use and to insert in a deck, but this does not mean that it is not an excellent card. Thanks to "Rapid attack" Draven proves to be very strong in the early game, and his ability thanks to which he creates a "Rotating Ax" turns out to be a real game changer. This card confers + 1 / + 0 to an ally until the end of the turn, but at the cost of discarding a card. This mechanic makes Draven highly compatible with discard like that of Jinx (Piltover & Zaun), or those focused on spell such as that of Ezreal.

  • Cost: 3
  • Potere: 3
  • Health: 3
  • Skills: Rapid attack; Play or Hit: Create 1 “Spinning Ax” in your hand
  • LevelUp: I hit twice with a Spinning Ax
  • Post-LevelUp Skills: Quick Attack, Overwhelm; Create 2 "Spinning Ax" in your hand

Katarina, the sinister blade - Legends of Runeterra: guide to the best champions of Noxus

Katarina she is a Noxian assassin of the highest level, fast and deadly. She is the eldest daughter of the legendary general Of the knife and is famous for the speed of execution with which it destroys its enemies. Her ambition pushed her towards the most protected targets, even at the cost of putting her allies at risk. Regardless of the mission, Katarina always fulfills her duty in a riot of blades.

As well as Draven, also Katarina it is not at all simple to be used to the fullest. It depends a lot on the deck around it and is definitely a situational champion, but it often proves to be really annoying to counter. While her stats aren't great, she turns out to be extremely balanced. Deployed early, thanks to "Rapid attack" it is excellent for eliminating some adversaries quickly and above all for leveling up. From here on, victory depends exclusively on your skill as a player: once evolved, Katarina becomes an excellent mid and late game card thanks to her skills. "Prepare the assault" e "Recalls". Deployed in a deck with fast attack cards, Katarina allows you to attack several times in the same round, quickly leading to victory in the right games.

  • Cost: 3
  • Potere: 3
  • Health: 2
  • Skills: Quick Attack Only;
  • LevelUp: When I hit, call me back
  • Post-LevelUp Skills: Rapid attack; Play: Prepare the Assault, Strike: Call Me Back

Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper - Legends of Runeterra: Guide to the Best Noxus Champions

A bloodthirsty monster, Vladimir it has interfered with Noxus' affairs since its inception. In addition to extending his life unnaturally, his mastery of hemomancy allows him to control the body and mind of the others as if they were his own. In the luxurious halls of the Noxian aristocracy this has allowed him to surround himself with people who worship him, while in the alleys of the slums he uses these powers to dissanguare his enemies and feed.

Vladimir is a very unique champion of his kind, and therefore quite limited. This champion, due to his ability with which he deals damage to companions, is suited to very few decks and samples. However, this does not mean that it is a card of little value: combined with crimson bouquets and paired with champions like Brew, Vladimir proves to be truly destructive. The main strategy to adopt to make the most of Vladimir and the crimson decks more generally, is to inflict damage on your units to get bonuses. These bonuses can range from dealing damage to the Nexus, drawing cards, or increasing unit stats. Studying well the various combos between the cards of this type of deck is ideal to get the most out of this champion.

  • Cost: 5
  • Potere: 5
  • Health: 5
  • Skills: Attack: For each other attacking ally, inflict 1 on them and inflict 1 on the enemy Nexus
  • LevelUp: I have seen 6+ allies survive the damage
  • Post-LevelUp skills: Regeneration; Attack: For each other attacking ally, inflict 1 on them and inflict 1 on the enemy Nexus

Surrender to brute force

Well summoners, even today we have come to an end with the guide on the best champions of Runeterra dedicated to Noxus. We hope we have been helpful once again in getting an idea of ​​how to structure your aggro deck thanks to the mighty warriors of this empire. Please keep experimenting with the cards that you think can show strong synergies with the champions we showed you today and stay tuned with us on Holygamerz for the next guides on the remaining regions of Runeterra. Bye and good luck!

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