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    Legends of Runeterra: Expedition Guide

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    Among the various game modes of Legends of Runeterra, "Expeditions" are popping up. To better understand what it is and how to approach them properly, today we are here with our short guide to better deal with shipments

    Today we decided to accompany you to discover the feared as well as important Shipping by Legends of Runeterra. This stand-alone mode, essential for both gaining experience and cards, proves to be particularly difficult for players who are still inexperienced in the home CCG. Riot Games. But don't worry, us we are here for you!

    What exactly are we talking about?

    The mode Shipping of Legends of Runeterra, is a particular game mode in which you have to build a deck with cards proposed by the game, to face a series of matches against other players. Based on the number of wins, that can be maximum seven, more or less important prizes will be obtained in relation to the placement obtained. To participate in the aforementioned modality, you will have to get hold of a Token, priced at 3000 gems or by finding it inside a capsule.

    The first shipment will be guaranteed by the presence of a gift token already at the beginning of your adventure and you can get other tokens as mentioned above. Once the expedition has begun, you will need to build through 15 choices the cards that will make up your deck. It is a draft where you can select champions, spells and followers, building a deck made up of more than two regions, unlike the other game modes. Once you reach the 40 cards the matches will begin.

    After each victory you will find yourself advancing to the next match, while running into a defeat you will have one second chance to stay in the running for the final prize. In fact, defeats will not eliminate you immediately, but you will be allowed to play a new match and if you win continue climbing. In case of defeat, the mechanics will be repeated, until the victory of the seventh and final games or two consecutive losses.

    Which cards should I choose? - Legends of Runeterra: Expedition Guide

    As mentioned, the game's AI will put us in front of choices to build our deck. In Expeditions, unlike normal or ranked games, it is also possible to build a deck with more than two regions at the same time. To date, based on the strategy you want to adopt and how the goal of the game is moving, there are some regions objectively stronger than others.

    Currently, the best regions appear to be those of Demacia and Noxus, that are strong both together and played individually. The region of Ionia, great protagonist of the current meta, it is ideal for overwhelming your opponents quickly thanks to the large number of cards “Avoidance". On the contrary, they seem to limp the region of Freljord and the Shadow Isles, while Piltover it places itself at the bottom of our ranking, due to the too many synergies necessary to make its cards work.

    From a summary analysis of the regions, we can see how the most popular are those made up of cards independent. The viability of the cards, in such a way in which they are excluded from the context of the original deck, becomes fundamental. For example, if no late game or cards are drawn "Freezings", the Freljord region is disadvantageous. Likewise, without spells or cards that strongly synergize with Heimerdinger o Ezreal, Piltover's deck becomes nearly unusable.

    Similarly, the decks “aggro” like Demacia or Noxus, they are particularly suitable for achieving victory quickly and without too many complications. Champions like Yarn o Darius they are particularly suited to Expedition mode, even without a deck built around them. In the case of Ionia, the numerous cards feature "Circumvention" they could overwhelm the opponent unprepared or lacking a suitable strategy to neutralize them. Special attention should be paid to Fiora, wild card champion of Expeditions.

    What about the rewards? - Legends of Runeterra: Expedition Guide

    Ok, if you have decided to embark on the Expedition, you will surely be aware of the rewards of this mode. With each token you will have two trials, and (as already mentioned) with a greater number of encounters you will get better rewards. At the end of both tests, the one with the highest number of victories will be considered by the game for the assignment of various prizes.

    In any case of placing, you will get a random sample of any region, with the 100% of possibilities that comes out. The same goes for the gems, present in a fair quantity. Currently, however, there are no well-defined statistics regarding the percentage of rewards. The only certain thing is that by reaching the highest possible number of victories, you can guarantee yourself enough resources to start a second expedition.

    By getting carried away with this mode, you can gain enough experience to unlock region rewards and level up with weekly chests. From this point of view, by risking your own token with a lion's heart, the Expeditions are definitely faster and more profitable in obtaining cards and bonuses compared to normal and ranked games.


    Well summoners, we hope we have given you a sufficient overview of the Expedition mode and how to deal with it without unnecessary risks. Keep in mind that any head shots and recklessness could cost you the much coveted and expensive tokens, so be careful how you approach this type of game. We make you our best good luck and we invite you to stay updated on Holygamerz for more news, updates and much more on the world of video games. Bye!

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