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Legends of Runeterra, the collectible card game by Riot Games, has now landed on PC for a few days. Waiting for the mobile version, we are here with some tips and tricks on the best decks to win even against the most difficult opponents

The CCG set in the universe of league of legends has had a great impact on the market, involving since its launch both the most loyal fans of the most played MOBA ever, and card games fans in general. Technically accurate, engaging and rewarding (for those who have already understood how it works), the game offers a very valid alternative to Heartstone o Magic, with the extra edge of the League of Legends signature outline.

It hurts the card more than the sword

Legends of Runeterra is now available free to play from January 24th in Open Beta per PC, exclusively on the dedicated client owned Riot Games. A few days after the release date, we began to understand how the game works, how the turns turn, which cards to avoid like the plague and which must be part of our decks to increase our chances of winning.

For that reason, we're here today to help you build your game by giving you some tips and tricks on the best decks to win even against the most challenging opponents. Keep in mind that the developers, in the middle of the line adopted with League of Legends, have already confirmed that they want to keep the game updated and balanced with periodic patches. For this reason, the advice we reserve for you today refers to the meta current and they could undergo changes (for better or for worse) over time and with the release of new cards.

So no more chat, grab a pen and paper and dive with us into the world of Runeterra to choose with us which side to take sides. You are ready? Let's begin!

Aggro Discard Deck - Legends of Runeterra: the best decks to win

The first deck that we propose is focused on an aggro style of play, so a lot aggressive. This deck has already become one of the most used decks by Asian players, also thanks to the low cost of construction. The deck costs approximately 25900 shards and uses cards from the region of Piltover & Zaun e Noxus. The champions around which it is built are are Jinx and Draven, and in everything it counts 18 unit cards and 16 spell cards. In particular:

  • 25 Common Cards (Green)
  • 6 Rare Cards (Blue)
  • 3 Epic Cards (Purple)
  • 6 Champion Cards (Orange)

This deck focuses heavily on the “discard” component of cards, both in the evocation and draw mechanics. You will find yourself drawing and / or discarding a ton of cards, which will allow you to dynamically dictate the pace of play. To make the most of the benefits of this deck, learn how to take advantage of the special abilities of Jinx and Draven, with his loved ones. Rotating Axes. The first evolves with an empty hand while the second, by summoning the Spinning Ax, will allow you to distribute +1 to your allies, however discarding the cards in your hand.

Be careful not to abuse the scrap mechanics - you could both lose your strategy and turn out confused and inconclusive, both finding yourself without cards in your hand when resources run out. In the second case, it is "Enhanced Investigator" could run to your rescue, allowing you to draw 3 cards and deal 3 damage, discarding your entire hand. But there is nothing to discard if you have no cards in hand, right summoners (wink, wink)?

Warmother Control Deck - Legends of Runeterra: the best decks to win

The second deck we recommend is the Warmother Control (my favorite). This deck, both for the speed with which it can be built, and for the high control it grants in battle, has forcefully entered the meta becoming one of the best decks, as well as one of the most used. The deck costs approximately 34100 shards and uses cards from the region of Freljord and Shadow Isles. The champions around which it is built are are Anivia e Tryndamere, and in everything it counts 12 unit cards and 22 spell cards. In particular:

  • 22 Common Cards (Green)
  • 3 Rare Cards (Blue)
  • 9 Epic Cards (Purple)
  • 6 Champion Cards (Orange)

This deck perfectly combines the power of removal of the Shadow Isles cards with the high excursion to the late game of the Freljord cards. The game is much less fast and dynamic than what is seen with the Aggro Discard deck but allows a very high batch control, allowing you to take over the reins of the game once you are familiar with the available strategies. The main strategy of the deck, however, is based on late game to see Anivia and Tryndamere lined up in combo with "Ruin", to clear the board on one side, and activate the special abilities of the two champions on the other.

Tryndamere levels up instead of dying, while Anivia returns as an egg. Preserve it until you reach 10 mana crystals to become "Illuminated" and allow it to evolve and inflict massive damage on all opponents. Also, thanks to the component "Last breath" Anivia will return as an egg each time she is eliminated. As an alternative to the build proposed below, it is possible to replace "Shattered Steel" evaluation with "Call of the Warrior Mother", which will allow you to have multiple Tryndamere on the board at the same time. Let what is dead never die!

Spell Control Deck - Legends of Runeterra: the best decks to win

This deck, also called Heimer Control (having Heimerdinger among his ranks) is heavily focused on the use of incantations. In fact, the deck costs approximately 32700 shards and uses cards from the region of Piltover & Zaun and Shadow Islands. The champions around which it is built are are Heimerdinger ed Ezreal, counting 3 unit cards and 31 spell cards. In particular:

  • 21 Common Cards (Green)
  • 6 Rare Cards (Blue)
  • 7 Epic Card (Purple)
  • 6 Champion Cards (Orange)

This deck is more complex to use than the previous ones, so it will be necessary arm yourself with patience and dedication to refine the strategy you want to use. Moreover, being Ezreal and Heimerdinger two very different champions in the style of play, you will have to sacrifice yourself with a bit of spirit of adaptation in order to win. However, this component also has positive implications: the deck, being quite versatile, allows you to unbalance yourself in plays. unpredictable or change your game style even while the game is in progress.

While there are very few units compared to spells, many of them allow you to summon heroes and characters. Furthermore, the mechanics of “Corina Veraza” will allow you (with a bit of luck) to inflict massive damage on enemy units, while discarding some cards. Use Heimerdinger's mechanics to deploy turrets and defenses of different levels and you will hardly remain unarmed. Just like the Aggro deck we saw at the beginning, however, be careful not to compulsively discard or draw cards or you may find yourself in trouble.

Revive Deck - Legends of Runeterra: the best decks to win

The deck Revive it is one of the cheapest decks to build, as well as one of the most insidious to play against at the moment, making strategic versatility its strong point. This deck costs only about 22300 shards and uses cards from the region of the Shadow Isles, plus one of Noxus. The only champion around which the whole deck revolves is Kalista, however, supported by numerous unit cards. In total, we count 18 unit cards and 19 spell cards. In particular:

  • 23 Common Cards (Green)
  • 5 Rare Cards (Blue)
  • 9 Epic Card (Purple)
  • 3 Champion Cards (Orange)

As Kalista is the only champion of the deck, the huge variety of possible strategies focuses mainly on her. The fundamental mechanics is that of “Revive”, so make the most of the amount of summons you can perform. Kalista related to "The imperishable" to maximize the card survival combo and try to level up Kalista as soon as possible using as sacrificial pawn the small 1/1 units that will be summoned by the other cards in your deck, especially those that summon the unit 4/4.

In case Kalista dies and your opponent doesn't have a good board, or it's your turn to attack, resuscitate Kalista and attack with your side to resurrect the units linked to our champion. But watch out for don't get lost in the loop revives and sacrifices or you may find yourself helpless in the face of a potential attack from the opponent. The strategies available with this deck are so many that limiting only to what has been said is quite limiting, therefore experiment and deepen the deck as much as you can.

Sacrifice Deck - Legends of Runeterra: the best decks to win

The sacrifice deck is a particular deck that has gained a lot of footing in recent days thanks to the ability of the cards it contains to obtain incredible benefits from sacrifice of the units. The deck is quite inexpensive since it uses cards from the Elise, so many are already available. The cards are from the region of Shadow Islands and Demacia. The only champion around which the deck is built is Elise, supported as in the previous case by numerous unit cards. In everything we find 21 unit cards and 16 spell cards. In particular:

  • 28 Common Cards (Green)
  • 4 Rare Cards (Blue)
  • 5 Epic Card (Purple)
  • 3 Champion Cards (Orange)

This deck, also called Dawnspeaker's, is a deck heavily based on unit sacrifice. Sacrificing the units available in the deck, you can make huge sacrifices both in attack and defense, and also game setting. The key cards in this deck are definitely "Elise" and "Oratori dell'Alba". The first allows us to evoke a large number of “Ragnetti” allowing us to always remain at the covered table. The second, allows to obtain + 1 / + 1 for all allies, if one of our units died that turn. This means that all units 1/1 that we will sacrifice, will massively enhance the key units of our deck.

This mechanic, usable thanks to cards like "Cursed Guardian" or "Unfortunate Nobleman" ending at "Rhasa the Separator", provides players with very high firepower in the attack phase. On the contrary, in the defense phase at some point in the game you may find yourself lacking of expendable tokens, so pay attention to the timing of the sacrifices. Using this deck, timing becomes fundamental.

Don't worry guys, I have a plan!

At this point of the guide we prefer to stop here, so as not to weigh down the load of information. These 5 decks offer a variety of strategies and champions to allow you to handle a multitude of situations, vary the style of play at the same time and (most important of all) have fun. Our advice is to learn how to best master one of these decks, and then alternate with another. Learn to know the cards, experience new strategies and don't be afraid to change the deck if you get there spark. In summary:

  • Aggro Discard Deck, decidedly aggressive and marked by a purely offensive style of play
  • Warmother Control Deck, based on game control and based on the late game
  • Spell Control Deck, versatile and unpredictable, characterized by the massive use of spells
  • Revive deck, also very versatile and focused on Kalista and Revive mechanics
  • Sacrifice deck, cheap deck based on the sacrifice of small units to upgrade key ones

Our last tip is to check back periodically Mobalytics.gg to stay up to date on the meta, on the cards of the moment and find other decks from which to draw inspiration to develop your strategy and destroy the Nexus of anyone who comes in front of you.

Having said that we wish you good luck and as always we invite you to log on to Holygamerz for more guides, tricks, tips, news and much more from the world of video games. Hello, summoners!

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