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In this guide we will go to see which are the best weapons of Hyper Scape, the new free battle-royale from Ubisoft for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Officially announced yesterday, Hyper Scape also represents Ubisoft's attempt to jump into the world of battle-royale free-to-play. In this guide we will go to see which are the best weapons in the game, which after the current testing period will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Hyper Scape: the battle-royale according to Ubisoft

We've seen all kinds of battle royale by now, but Ubisoft's Hyper Scape is determined to carve out its own space despite the fierce competition. Set in 2054 in the city of Neo-Arcadia, the title is already being tested on PC, and will be until 7 July.

The formula for gaining access is the same as in Valorant, which turned out to be in that case no doubt more than just winning. Users will in fact have the possibility to obtain access to the test watching live on Twitch dedicated to the game. You can find on this page all the information on how drops work, and the list of streamers that will allow you to get them. 

Salvo EPL - Hyper Scape: guide to the best weapons

The first weapon on this list is a kind of grenade launcher, which fires orbs that bounce and explode when they hit a wall or a player. The real strength of this weapon lies in the high possibility of being able to hit even players who use skills such as the teleportation andinvisibility.

Protocol V - Hyper Scape: guide to the best weapons

At least for now, sniper rifles are certainly among the best weapons in Hyper Space, and by upgrading Protocol V, a headshot will be enough to eliminate your opponents. The power of sniper rifles is that they are weapons hitscan, and therefore do not require to adapt the aim for the fall of the bullets.

Skybreaker - Hyper Scape: guide to the best weapons

Similar to the Salvo EPL, this weapon is very useful for the area covered by its shots. When they hit the ground, the Skybreaker hits instantly generate an area it does electrical damage, slightly less powerful, but more extensive than that of the Salvo EPL. This weapon is also perfect for hitting players who use teleportation and invisibility.

Hexfire - Hyper Scape: guide to the best weapons

Last but not least, among the best Hyper Scape weapons we certainly find the Hexfire, a machine gun very similar to the classic Gatling. The Hexfire fires a lot of bullets in a short time, and still has a fairly easy recoil to control. This weapon is therefore perfect for hitting with relative ease even fast moving targets.

More Hyper Scape guides are on the way!

We hope this guide on the best Hyper Scape weapons has been helpful to you, and we refer you to the video games section for our full coverage on the Ubisoft title over the next few days!

We remind you that the Hyper Scape testing period on PC will continue until 7 July. The game will then come out on PC, PS4, e Xbox One over the summer. 

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