Hitman 3 - Complete Guide to Chongqing Missions and Activities

Hitman 3 - Complete Guide to Chongqing Missions and Activities

The map of Chongqing di Hitman 3 (here the review of the game), offers several missions and activities to complete. In this guide we want to help you step by step to complete every single activity in this area of ​​the new work IO Interactive. These are 3 missions of the story, which are in the meantime connected to different secondary activities to be completed, between very particular challenges and assassins to be carried out by the now iconic Agent 47.

Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Hitman 3, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by IO Interactive. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

Chongqing Mission Stories in Hitman 3

Uncertainty principle

Track the mission after the start of the level, go to the restaurant to find the clue, listening to the woman. You will need to find the P41 in the apartment by entering the code 0118. Dress up as a local member at the restaurant after knocking one out, then speak to the guide behind the kitchen. Follow her until she opens the container, make sure you don't have any illegal items as you will be inspected. Keep following the guide and when the timer starts take the dongle from the desk, aim at the panel in front of the PC, obscuring it, and then deactivate the timer. Listen to Royce and when she introduces you to the 3 employees you can kill her however you like.

Pulse control

Track the mission after the level starts, go to the end of the street, listen to the homeless and knock one out by stealing the disguise. Go around the location where the homeless are and enter the shelter. Follow the guards, making sure you don't have any illegal items. Wait your turn, sit back and listen. Go up the stairs bypassing the guards, the door codes are 2252 and once on the top floor you enter the bathroom and put the test subject out of action. Hide the body and steal the disguise, warn the researcher to be ready, you'll just have to wait.

With open eyes

Track the mission after the level starts, go to the Laundromat on the first floor and enter the code 0118. Go up the stairs and listen to the guards, proceed to take the sniper rifle. Find the broken drone on the roof and hack it, then take out 5 drones. Two new ones are coming, knock those out too and listen to Royce and Hush later. Wait for them to come into sight and shoot them, you can kill them both with one shot to complete different challenges.

Chongqing - Shortcuts in Hitman 3

There are a total of 3 shortcuts:

  1. Lift - From level -1, to the left of the tier 1 security section
  2. Courtyard - On level 1, through the internal courtyard
  3. Ladder - At the corner of the balcony on level 2 of the house with Hush as a target

Chongqing - Hidden areas in Hitman 3

There are a total of 29 hidden areas:

Level -3

  • Core control room - North of the core
  • Data core - First objective after 2 kills

Level -2

  • break room - On the left side
  • Royce's office – The upper part of the sinistro side
  • Analysis area – The main area of ​​the north
  • Service tunnel - Enter through the ventilation ducts
  • Tier 2 security - At the bottom right of the map, you will need to have a tier 3 dongle with the right disguise

Level -1

  • Enter ICA - First area after going down the stairs
  • Security tier 1 - On the left side
  • Control of ICA employees – In high to right
  • Capsule at rest - Lower right corner of the layer

Level 0

  • Yuzhong square - Level hub
  • Arcade - From the street

Level 1

  • Laundromat - North section, from the main entrance or from the back
  • ok karaoke - North section next to the Laundromat
  • Zhao's apartment - You can enter from the street
  • Restaurant - You can enter from the street
  • Courtyard - Disguise to enter
  • Store Oneelectrics - You can enter from the street, but it is slightly higher than the other shops

Level 2

  • ICA apartment - By entering the code 0188
  • Recruiting Station - Structure at the top right of the map, You can enter from the street

Level 3

  • Flats - Central floor

Level 4

  • God's laboratory test - Penultimate floor, you can also enter from the roof
  • North roof - From the apartment floor or from an adjacent building

Level 5

  • Glorious leap sign - Top left on the map
  • Therapy room - Top left on the floor of the complexes
  • Hush laboratory - Intermediate section of the plan
  • Step - Connects the two roofs
  • South roof - From the floors below or from the previous step

Chongqing - The challenges

Here is our complete guide containing all the challenges.

Chongqing – Le escalation


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