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Along with the Lonely Isle of Armor DLC, a new special raid boss: Zeraora. This new event perfectly mirrored the previously introduced raid of Mewtwo, and allowed during its course to obtain several useful items, including the Rockarmor. The only drawback, however, was that it was not possible to capture the boss, with the desperation of those who had the good fortune to meet him chromatic.

Thankfully, the legendary XNUMXth generation mystery was recently released for everyone in a chromatic version. You won't find it in the game, however: you'll need Pokémon Home.

How to redeem Chromatic Zeraora

First a couple of prerequisites:

  • download, in case you don't have it, Pokémon Home both on mobile and on Switch (no need to activate the subscription)
  • Use the software for transfer a Pokémon on Sword or Shield (following the procedure to obtain Zeraora you can get other Pokémon)

Once you have passed these steps, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to Pokémon Home on mobile
  • Open the menu Secret Gift: Here you will find Shiny Zeraora and Roccearmatura
  • Redeemed Zeraora, open Home on Switch with the Pokémon Sword / Shield box inserted and transferred the Pokémon in the pits
  • Once this is done, opening the chromatic Zeraora game will be in the box where you deposited it

A very simple procedure, which therefore does not require the activation of a paid subscription to Pokémon Home. I suggest you to access the software from time to time to check for any other gifts. For example, if you haven't already redeemed them, along with Zeraora you will find a Sobble, a Grookey and a Scorbunny with their hidden abilities.

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