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Your island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons it can be modified as you wish, but before you think about the complete renovation you will need to obtain all the permits from Tom Nook. This way you will have full access to any usable tool. One of these will be the Ladder, necessary to reach and then climb the heights and subsequently unlock the various fixed ramps that can be placed.

In this guide we will see how to unlock both, starting clearly from the ladder to then get to the infrastructures, all the limitations in their construction and the variants that you can choose.

If you want more information on other specific aspects of the game, we refer you to our complete guide.

  • How to get the ladder
  • Types of ramps
  • How to build them
  • How to eliminate them
  • Best locations

How to get the ladder

The first requirement you must have met to build the ladder is the construction of Nook's workshop, which you will run into after a few days (or hours if you manually change the date) and whose required materials will not be difficult to obtain.

The only thing a bit tedious will be to accumulate 30 iron ores, but you just need to hit all the rocks that you will find on your island and on the mysterious islands to get them easily.

To get the maximum of 8 objects from each rock, just stand in an upper corner, dig a hole in front of you and on the opposite side of the rock and start hitting it. That way you shouldn't back away.

Done this, place a bridge on the island as requested by Tom Nook, provide him with all the necessary funds, wait for them to be completed and place the next construction kits that the cute raccoon will entrust to you.

To complete the construction you will also need some flowers that can only be found on the heights of your island, so you will finally be given a project to build your own ladder.

You will need to 12 pieces of wood in total, 4 of normal wood, 4 of soft wood and 4 of hard wood, so if you don't have them prepare the ax and start hitting all the trees within reach.

Once you've done it all congratulations, you have finally gotten a working ladder! Now that you can access the materials needed for the construction kits, find them all and wait for them to be completed. With this you will not only have created space to accommodate new inhabitants, but you will also unlock the possibility of placing infrastructures, among which there are also ramps.

Types of ramps

You can build in total 8 types of different ramps, each with its own unique aesthetic and variable cost.

As you can see, the construction of these infrastructures will require quite large expenses from Stelline, especially if you are in the early stages of the game. I refer you to ours for this guide to the turnips market to help you a little to earn as many Stars as possible in a relatively short time.

How to build them and limitations

As with bridges, to build them you will have to go talk to Tom Nook, then select "On infrastructure ...", "Bridges and ramps", "Build a ramp." and then the ramp you want.

You will then be given a ramp design kit that you can place wherever you want, as long as you respect the limitations given by their size.

In fact, each ramp will be 2 × 4 squares large, of which 2 × 3 will be in the lower ground and the remaining 2 × 1 above the hill, moreover two ramps cannot be joined and must be at least one square away from each other.

Do not worry, however, about making mistakes in positioning, since if you do not respect the limitations you will not be able to build in principle. Once you have placed the kit, pay the relative amount of Stelline to Gironio and wait for the following day to see your completed ramp!

How to eliminate them

Think very carefully about where you want to place any ramp, since you will no longer be able to move it after placing the kit on the ground.

The only way to fix it in case you want to put it somewhere else on the island will be by destroy it first and place a new identical one where you want it later.

The demolition of a ramp can be done by talking to Tom Nook and selecting "On infrastructure ...", "Bridges and ramps.", "I demolish something." and then choosing the one to remove from the various on the island. You will still have to pay 10.000 Bells and wait the following day for the work to be completed.

Best locations

Clearly there is no universally better location, as all the islands are different from each other. In general, anyway, place them near hills that you are sure to visit often, in such a way as to completely remove the hassle of equipping and using the ladder every time.

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