Grounded: 10 useful tips and tricks to survive

In this guide we will reveal 10 useful tips and tricks that will help you easily survive the adversities of the world of Grounded

Grounded, the new survival of Obsidian Entertainment, is available in early access for less than a week but despite this it is already a lot played. At first glance the game might seem simple enough, but in reality it is much more difficult than you think. To meet the players in difficulty we have decided to write this guide, in which we will reveal you well 10 useful tips and tricks that will help you survive easily to the adversities of the Grounded world.

Learn the basics

Before we get started with our list of tips and tricks we want to talk about a very important aspect of Grounded. Grounded is a survival and as in all games of this type you will need a long time to learn the basics. Although the foundations of the title are more or less already seen, each survival game has its own particularities that must be discovered from scratch. 

For example, at the beginning it will not be easy to understand which enemies are more convenient to defeat and which to avoid, probably leading you to die very often. This is likely to frustrate some players but the important thing is to never give up, since once you become familiar with the world of Grounded you will no longer have these problems e you can start enjoying the title to the fullest.

Analyze Everything - Grounded: 10 Useful Tips and Tricks to Survive

Let's start our list of tips and tricks right away with one of Grounded's particularities: the stations in the field. These small operational bases are scattered around the map, and you are sure to find many during your games. These places are very important and you should always keep their position in mind, since there is a tool inside them that will allow you to analyze objects.

Sometimes collecting materials in Grounded you may be able to unlock crafting recipes, but to get the more advanced ones you'll have to analyze objects scattered around the game world. For this reason, especially in the early stages of the game, we suggest you to run to examine everything you find. But remember that analyzers can only scan a limited number of items, so we advise you to keep in mind the location of all stations you can find.

Find the right place for your base - Grounded: 10 useful tips and tricks to survive

As in any self-respecting survival, even in Grounded it is essential to build a refuge worthy of the name. When night falls insects become much more aggressive and numerous, consequently you will need a place to shelter and wait for the sun to rise. But at the beginning of the game it will be extremely important find the right place to build your base, so as to facilitate the movement and collection of materials.

We advise you to camp near the strange machine that you will find at the beginning of the game, but there are also other very good places. For example, you might think about getting married near fruit juice bottles or empty cans, so as to have natural protection from enemies as well as a good renewable supply of water and food.

Protect yourself from enemies - Grounded: 10 useful tips and tricks to survive

Dying in survival isn't pleasant at all, given that every time you will lose all your items and you will have to travel a lot to retrieve them. To avoid unpleasant inconveniences, especially in the first hours, we suggest you get your armor quickly. To do this you will simply have to build a workbench and use it to assemble an armor from the materials scattered around the map. In the beginning we suggest you create armor made of acorns, as it will be one of the strongest and easiest to get in the early game.

Furthermore, when creating armor, always remember to keep perks under control, as each piece of equipment will provide you with gods bonus according to the material it is made of. For example, some armor will allow you to get bonuses by eating, while others will run faster.

Avoid spiders at all costs - Grounded: 10 useful tips and tricks to survive

At the beginning of the game you will encounter many harmless insects, but as you progress you will also find gods deadly predators. One of the most dangerous in the early hours of the game is certainly the spider, since it will be able to inflict massive damage on you with just a few hits. Our advice in this case is to absolutely avoid these insects, since fighting them without proper preparation will not be easy at all.

Luckily the spiders are quite slow, so can just run away even if they spot you. Furthermore these enemies are very large and moving will move the leaves slightly, thus allowing you to find them in advance and get around them more easily.

Be careful what you drink - Grounded: 10 useful tips and tricks to survive

As in all survival, you will need to also in Grounded water and food in abundance to survive. Finding food is very simple, as around the garden you will find many edible mushrooms, but drinking will be more complicated. If you want you can quench your thirst through the puddles, but the dirty water you find on the ground will make you sick, taking a lot of life from you.

For this reason we suggest you always take a look at the sky, so as to find the dew drops on top of the tufts of grass. These drops are absolutely safe to drink as well they will quench your thirst without contraindications. To get them, all you have to do is make them fall by throwing an object at them, such as a stone. Dew is quite rare, but as you explore you will be able with a little care to find enough dew to stay hydrated until you return to your base.

Master the Combat System - Grounded: 10 Useful Tips and Tricks to Survive

Once you are decently equipped for sure you will want to push yourself into the territories of the most dangerous insects to search for resources, but equipment isn't all that matters. To get the better of the toughest enemies is essential learn to master the combat system of the game.

Grounded combat relies heavily on stamina management, as any attack or block will significantly reduce your stamina. For this reason you will have to quickly learn to recognize insect attacks, so from avoid them and counterattack with precision. Besides, also the parade it is a fundamental technique to win fights, since if you activate it with the right timing you will be able deflect enemy blows leaving them uncovered for a few seconds.

Keep Track of Your Surroundings - Grounded: 10 Useful Tips and Tricks to Survive

Grounded's garden is truly immense, especially from the point of view of a miniature child. In such a disproportionate world it is not easy to find your way around, but luckily you can always build profits markers. These objects can be created with clover leaves and will allow you to easily find the place where you will place them.

Use these beacons the right way it will make exploration much easier, since you will no longer have to open the map every time to orient yourself. We suggest that you place these tokens in interesting places, such as near your base or near a research station.

Always aim high - Grounded: 10 useful tips and tricks to survive

As we said earlier, finding your way around the game map is not easy at all, but you can make it easier climbing as high as possible. As you explore, you will often find bent tufts of grass or twigs that can hold your weight, and us we suggest you get on it every time. Thanks to an elevated position you will be able to find points of interest in the area more easily and in addition you will also be more protected from attacks by aggressive insects.

Always carry a dandelion with you - Grounded: 10 useful tips and tricks to survive

Climbing very high will have many advantages, but descending may be more difficult than expected. For this reason we suggest that you always carry with you a dandelion to use as a hang glider. These flowers grow around the map and are quite common, so you shouldn't have a problem finding them. After you have collected them, all you have to do is equip and activate them by pressing the "shift" key while falling from above.

Thanks to dandelions you will be able to get off quickly from the highest points of the map without taking damage and, by throwing yourself from the right point, you will also be able to travel long distances in a short time and without risk.

Get Raw Science - Grounded: 10 Useful Tips and Tricks to Survive

Continuing with the main mission of the game after a while you will find yourself inside a mysterious miniature laboratory. Inside this structure you will find Burg-L, an extremely advanced robot that seems to know something about your shrinking. In addition to assigning you new missions, this automaton will also be able to sell you crafting recipes in exchange for raw science.

It is not clear what exactly this currency is, but you can find it in the form of purple spheres simply by exploring the game map. Also sometimes you can get it too cby completing missions or creating new items. This "science" won't do you much good at first, but it's always good to stock it up for when you want to buy something from Burg-L.

Ready for a little big adventure!

Thanks to our guide, you now know all the tips and tricks you need to get the best out of your Grounded adventure. Now there is nothing left to do but go on an adventure and conquer the wild world that hides in the garden of your home, maybe with some friends.

Grounded is available now in early access on PC. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on Holygamerz.

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