Gotham Knights - Guide to all landmarks

    Gotham Knights - Guide to all landmarks

    Gotham Knights has 40 landmarks scattered across the game map. If you find them all, you will have access to the respective trophy, or achievement. So you will be one step closer to Platinum. The landmarks in Gotham Knights they are small badges attached to the various buildings. They can be found at street level, on roofs or simply on the sides of various buildings.

    It is impossible to miss these elements, since they are always available: both during the plot and during free roaming. Also, you can find them from the first bars of the game and if you decide to start the New Game Plus, you will have the progress with you.

    As with all Gotham Knights collectibles, you will have the opportunity to check if you have completed an entire district by checking the lower right corner of the game map. There you will see all the icons. If these are green, you have got them all. Otherwise you will see them white.

    Gotham Knights - Guide to all landmarks

    Position of the reference points


    • Landmark 1: Dixon Docks
    • Landmark 2: Giverny Paint
    • Landmark 3: Southside Glassworks
    • Landmark 4: Old Koul Brau Factory
    • Landmark 5: Cobblepot Steel

    The Cauldron

    • Landmark 6: Luigi's Finest Pizza
    • Landmark 7: Paris Island Incinerator
    • Landmark 8: Fei Hong Supermarket

    Financial District

    • Landmark 9: Sacred Heart Convalescent Home
    • Landmark 10: Gotham Ferry Co.
    • Landmark 11: Gotham City National Bank
    • Landmark 12: Miller Harbor

    Old Gotham

    • Landmark 13: Martha Wayne Foundation
    • Landmark 14: St. Swithuns Church
    • Landmark 15: Gotham City Hall
    • Landmark 16: Novick Building
    • Landmark 17: Gotham City Fire Department
    • Landmark 18: Gotham City Cathedral

    Tricorner Island

    • Landmark 19: Gotham City Post Office
    • Landmark 20: Statue of Justice
    • Landmark 21: Fort Dumas
    • Landmark 22: Armory


    • Landmark 23: Cape Carmine Lighthouse
    • Landmark 24: Sacred Martyr Church
    • Landmark 25: SK Animal Shelter


    • Landmark 26: Waybe Center for Children
    • Landmark 27: St. Aloysius Church
    • Landmark 28: Ralli's Family Restaurant
    • Landmark 29: Wayne Enterprises
    • Landmark 30: Split Pea Catering

    West End

    • Landmark 31: First Church of Gotham City
    • Landmark 32: Gotham City Labor Union

    Gotham Heights

    • Landmark 33: Martha Wayne Art Gallery
    • Landmark 34: Gotham Heights Residences
    • Landmark 35: St. Joseph Church
    • Landmark 36: Old Wayne Mining HQ

    Robinson Park

    • Landmark 37: Robinson Park Exhibition Grounds
    • Landmark 38: Robinson Park Plaze


    • Landmark 39: Leblanc Funeral Home
    • Landmark 40: St. Faustina Church

    And here's what they are all the landmarks featured in Gotham Knights, you just have to find them all to get the Trophy and get closer to Platinum.

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