Gotham Knights | Collectibles Guide (Batarangs, Locations, Murals, Pages)

Warner Bros has finally brought a video game dedicated to the figure of the Bat man back to the physical and digital shelves. In its being open world, Gotham Knights offers a huge amount of objects to collect and collect, both to complete trophies and to proceed within the internal evaluations. Since several collectibles are essential to view all the contents of the game or for the coveted platinum trophy (here you can find the guide), we decided to create a Gotham Knights collectibles guide.

Before starting, however, it is good to make a good summary of what you will find in the game: the collectibles in Gotham Knights are in total 154, of these 60 are batarang, 40 am historical sites, 12 am murals and 42 are pagine del testo "the history of strigida".".

Gotham Knights: Tutti i Batarang

  • How is it possible to make a game related to Batman and Gotham without inserting some kind of batarang? The batarang is nothing more than a metal boomerang and is one of the most iconic weapons in this universe. Inside the game you can find well 60 batarangs; the vast majority of these are positioned on the roofs of various buildings scattered around the city or within the city fabric.

    Gotham Knights: tutti i Murales

  • Another collectible necessary to be able to obtain platinum within Gotham Knights is represented by the Murals, drawings that glow orange from afar and which can be scanned to add them to the collection.

    Here's how to find them all:

    • Bowery: on the high school near Robbins Bridge there is a Mural on one of the walls of the nearby High School.
    • Bristol: within the Bristol district, in the middle of the cloud of skyscrapers between Mercey Avenue and Exhibition Avenue, it is possible to find the mural designed by Cyborg of the Teen Titans.
    • The Cauldron: underground, in the middle of an intersection between Burnley Avenue and Harrow Road (in the immediate vicinity of Paris Island) you can find the mural "The faces of Gotham"
    • Financial District: Just west of Union Station Belfry is a large mural called "A Green Gotham".
    • Gotham Heights: in Gotham Heights, very close to the westernmost bridge in the area, there is the GCU mural.
    • Old Gotham: In the street behind the cathedral in Gotham City you can find an old mural related to the golden age of the city.
    • Otisburg: just west of the Wayne Tower you can find the "origins of evil" Mural
    • Robinson Park: Along the Shelley Avenue brick wall, under the Chambers Street Bridge, you can find this crab-themed mural
    • The Cauldron: Between the sea and Diangelo Ave it is possible to find, on a large wall, the mural dedicated to the "stolen Gotham"
    • west end: along the bend where Grant Lane becomes Croydon Ave you can find the wall with the “Born This Way” mural
    • West End: just north of North Madison Street there is a large mural on the side of a building, not far from the tunnel that leads from Chelsea Tunnel to the Iceberg Lounge.
    • Tricorner Island: The twelfth and final mural of the game can be found on the wall of a building between Hawkins Ave and St. Adrian Ave.

    Gotham Knights: All Historic Locations

  • Finding historical places in Gotham is one of the most complex missions to complete: there are 40 historical places scattered around the city, characterized by metal plates to examine. The plates can be identified from a distance using the scan.

    Here is a list of all the historical places, the locations you will find later in the video above:

    • Southside
      • Giverny Paint
      • Southside Glassworks
      • Cobblepot Steel
      • Robinson Park Plaza
      • Dixon Docks
      • Old Koul-Brau Factory
    • The Cauldron
      • Luigi’s Finest Pizza
      • Paris Island Incinerator
      • Fei Hong Supermarket
      • Financial District Landmarks
      • Gotham City National Bank
      • Gotham Ferry co.
      • Sacred Heart Convalescent Home
      • Miller Harbor
    • Old Gotham
      • St. Swithuns Church
      • Gotham City Hall
      • Gotham City Fire Department
      • Gotham City Cathedral
      • Martha Wayne Foundation
      • Novick Building
    • Tricorner Island
      • Statue of Justice
      • Armory
      • Gotham City Post Office
      • Fort Dumas
      • West End Landmarks
      • First Church of Gotham City
      • Gotham City Labor Union
    • Otisburg
      • Ralli’s Family Restaurant
      • Split Pea Catering
      • Wayne Enterprises
      • St. Aloysius Church
      • Wayne Center For Children
    • Bowery
      • Cape Carmine Lighthouse
      • S.K. Animal Shelter
      • Sacred Martyr Church
    • Gotham Heights Landmarks
      • St. Joseph Church
      • Gotham Heights Residences
      • Old Wayne Mining HQ
      • Martha Wayne Art Gallery
    • Robinson Park Landmarks
      • Robinson Park Exhibition Grounds
    • Bristol Landmarks
      • St. Faustina Church
      • Leblanc Funeral Home

    Gotham Knights: tutte le pagine dell'Historia Strigidae

  • Within Gotham Knights are 42 collectible pages belonging to an old book called historia strigidae. Pages can be found around the game world after completing case 02 of the main story. On the minimap they appear in the form of small white triangles that can be highlighted through the use of the scanner; very often these pages are positioned on the roofs of various houses.

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