Gotham Knights - Batcycle Timed Challenges Guide

    Gotham Knights - Batcycle Timed Challenges Guide

    Gotham Knights has Timed Challenges to complete with the Heroes' means of transport: the Batcycle. In case you manage to win them all, you will get a trophy (or achievement), so it is necessary if you are craving for Platinum. First of all, it must be said that Time Trials are unlocked after Main Case 03: In the Shadows. You will see them appear on the game map as white icons. Another thing that needs to be considered is the fact that they are unlocked one at a time. So when you complete one, you'll need to go back to the Bell Tower for the next one to appear.

    But Gotham Knights is all about the crimes that take place in the Dark Knight's city, so sometimes there could be too many. Yes, in case you go for a Time Trial and find yourself with the prompt "Too many crimes in progress", you will first need to go and reduce the number of troubles in the district where you are. Especially those marked in orange or red on the map. For example, the get the first race you will need first go to North Gotham and avoid Harley Quinn's crimes.

    Gotham Knights - Batcycle Timed Challenges Guide

    Know that it is impossible to skip the Time Trials proposed in Gotham Knights, and you can also complete them once you are free roaming. They last about 2 minutes each and involve having to run between the checkpoints located on the map. The purple ones will also give you some bonus time, so that you can complete the challenge without too many problems.

    Location of the Batcycle Time Attack

    • North Gotham: available after "In the Shadows" case
    • Otisburg
    • Old Gotham
    • Tricorner Island
    • The Cauldron
    • Financial District
    • Bowery

    And here's where to find all the Time Challenges present in Gotham Knights, you just have to get on the saddle and run around around the city to get the Trophy and get closer to Platinum.

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