Gotham Knights - Batarang Location Guide

Gotham Knights - Batarang Location Guide

Gotham Knights has 60 batarangs placed on the game map. Obtaining them all will allow you to access the trophy linked to the Dark Knight's favorite weapon. In case you don't know what it is, it is a "simple" boomerang in the shape of a bat. To make them even more visible, the game's developers decided to give the weapon a blue aura. There are 12 per district of Gotham, which are 5. Divided by 2-3 sub-districts for each.

It is impossible to miss the batarangs on the map, and you can go hunting both while you are in history and during free roaming. Also, remember that the map is completely open from the very beginning of the game. So you can go on a hunt for all the collectibles right from the start. Not only that, you can also find them during the New Game Plus.

If you want to keep in mind which districts of Gotham you have completed, just take a look at the map. If the batarang icon is green, it means you've got them all. Besides, you can too check the number in the Collectibles menu within the Challenges. A little tip: they are often found on top of buildings, so you know where to go to find them. Obviously not all of them are there.

Gotham Knights - Batarang Location Guide

Gotham bass


  • Batarang 1: near the water of the pier, on a beam
  • Batarang 2: under a bridge, inside a container. You will have to climb on it in order to find the entrance
  • Batarang 3: At the port you will find huge cranes. Go to the one closest to the water
  • Batarang 4: Go to the roof of the WayneTech Small Tower
  • Batarang 5: In the middle of the metal tower, you will have to use the grappling hook
  • Batarang 6: on the highest roof of STAR Labs
  • Batarang 7: on top of the dome-shaped building
  • Batarang 8: on top of the train

The Cauldron

  • Batarang 9: On the top of the tall building, go to the symbol
  • Batarang 10: on the tower that you find in the water
  • Batarang 11: Under a bridge, you will have to get there from the road under it, where you will find some shops
  • Batarang 12: on the roof of the small house, near the bridge over the water

Downtown di Gotham

Financial District

  • Batarang 13: near the top of the Elliot Center. From here you will find a balcony
  • Batarang 14: on the side of the yellow colored roof, the GCS
  • Batarang 15: at the top of the Campanile
  • Batarang 16: On the small roof between the two towers in the Gotham City Towers Apartment
  • Batarang 17: on the roof of the two large chimneys
  • Batarang 18: On the top of the clock tower at the Ferry, a building located northwest of the Financial District

West End

  • Batarang 19: on the flat roof
  • Batarang 20: on the roof of the Gotham City Gazette
  • Batarang 21: under the board of a roof, next to the red cranes
  • Batarang 22: On the side of the red building, go to the edge and drop down to find the batarang
  • Batarang 23: on the roof of the General Hospital
  • Batarang 24: on the roof of the GCPD

Historical Gotham

Old Gotham

  • Batarang 25: on the roof of the skyscraper, go even higher
  • Batarang 26: on street level, there is a ticket near the water's edge, go up to the roof that you will find yourself in front of
  • Batarang 27: on top of the huge cathedral tower
  • Batarang 28: on the top of the skyscraper
  • Batarang 29: on the small platform is the top of the roof
  • Batarang 30: on the top of the church tower

Tricorner Island

  • Batarang 31: on the statue of justice
  • Batarang 32: on the east side of the fort, where you can find the cannons
  • Batarang 33: sul ponte
  • Batarang 34: its top of the building with the big radio tower
  • Batarang 35: On top of the lamp, it can be difficult to see because the lights are stronger than the aura of the weapon
  • Batarang 36: behind Kane Industries



  • Batarang 37: on the roof of the Deeply Fishy store
  • Batarang 38: near the lighthouse
  • Batarang 39: on the water tank
  • Batarang 40: Hang on the edge of the Monarch Theater
  • Batarang 41: on the roof
  • Batarang 42: Hang on the side of the roof of the large water tank
  • Batarang 43: On the side of the water tank, hang from above to reach it
  • Batarang 44: On the building that has multiple roofs of different heights, go to the lowest roof


  • Batarang 45: on top of the construction crane
  • Batarang 46: on the roof of the church
  • Batarang 47: on the roof of the station
  • Batarang 48: on the side of the wall in the construction area

Gotham nord

Gotham Heights

  • Batarang 49: on the roof near the water
  • Batarang 50: On the side of the house wall, it can be seen from street level, but you have to hang from above to reach it
  • Batarang 51: on top of the apartment complexes, it is stuck on the side of the roof, it can only be seen from the right angle
  • Batarang 52: On top of the Robbins building, behind the blue neon sign
  • Batarang 53: on the low roof of the church
  • Batarang 54: Go to the dam, where you will see large connected pipes, go to the lowest part of the pipes

Robinson Park

  • Batarang 55: Go to the side of the last building before reaching the dam
  • Batarang 56: on the roof of the coffee shop
  • Batarang 57: On the roof, you have to hold on to the pole and then let go


  • Batarang 58: On the side of the wall, you have to fall into it from above
  • Batarang 59: on the water tank on the roof
  • Batarang 60: on the roof of the large apartment complexes

Here's where to find all Gotham Knights batarangs. Ready to get the trophy and get closer to platinum?

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