Ghost of Tsushima: where to find all Shinto shrines

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Finally, the new Sony exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima, is out, in this guide you will find out where to find all the Shrines and how to get their Amulets

Ghost of Tsushima is an open world video game developed by Sucker Punk and published by Sony. It is an adventure that places great importance on exploration, rewarding the player with prizes and treasures. Among these are the Shrines which can be reached by Jin with jumps and steep climbs, which give the player powerful amulets. There are 16 in all, hidden in Tsushima Island and we will tell you where to find them. So let's find out together how to locate all the Shrines in Ghost of Tsushima.

You will also find powerful amulets

Below are listed the locations of all shrines in Ghost of Tsushima. Some of these are only accessible after completing some storyline events. Many also require the use of the grapple, a compulsory tool that can be obtained with the advancement of history. Others, on the other hand, will be easier to reach, as they are marked by signs with the symbol of a man who bows down.

Izuhara region - Ghost of Tsushima: where to find all Shinto shrines

All the sanctuaries of the first act they become accessible as soon as you are books to roam the map. However, as previously advised, some of these require the use of the grapple. Here are the first 7 sanctuaries di Ghost of Tsushima:

  • Peak of the arrow: is the southernmost shrine in Izuhara, found at the top of the mountain by Sakimori Overlook and Archer's Rise. Since it is one of the first sanctuaries you will come across, it is quite easy to find. From the burnt bridge, follow the path around, then go left from the sign. After jumping the rock the path is rather linear. Reaching the top you will get theAmulet of Inari. This is just the first of the amulets you will get by discovering the shrines in Ghost of Tsushima.
  • Winding mountain: It is located next to the Mongolian territory of the fallen outposts, south-east of the Komatsu Forge and for this you will need the grappling hook. Once you get it, jump to the start of the broken bridge and hook onto the tree stump on the right side. Use the grapple again on the next tree stump and crawl under the rock in front of you. Continuing to advance you will reach the top, where you will receive theIzanagi amulet.
  • Golden peak: its name is due to the presence of golden trees on it and it is located near the Golden Temple, one of the most elegant shrines of Ghost of Tsushima. This route is clearly marked, so follow the "road" signs to reach it. Completing this challenge will give you the Amulet of Ameratsu.
  • Plum blossom: this shrine is located just north of Komatsu Forge, next to the white tree that you will have to find as part of the mythical tale of the celestial sword. L'Amuleto di Kagu-Tsuchi it will be your reward.
  • Stone Dragon: also for this you will need the grappling hook. Once you get it you have to head north to the destroyed shipyard. L'Susanoo amulet it is there.
  • Spring waterfalls: is located on top of a huge waterfall. Approach from the left side of the lake to begin your climb all the way up the cliff face, through some mossy rocks. L'Amuleto di Mizu-no-kami it will be your reward.
  • Healing rock: the last sanctuary is located north-east of the Kaneda Castle. Follow the Torii portals from the mainland to find a picturesque path full of rickety wooden bridges. Completing this challenge will give you theOkuninushi amulet.

Toyotama region - Ghost of Tsushima: where to find all Shinto shrines

So here we are at the second region in Ghost of Tsushima, here we are 6 Shrines to find:

  • Marsh rock: This will probably be the first of the Shinto shrines you will come across Toyotama from Ghost of Tsushima. Go through the Torii portals, then continue following the path around to the right. When you reach a dead end, on the wall to your right, you should see a ledge that you can hang on to. Go up and you can get theIzanami amulet.
  • Scarlet rock: the sanctuary is located north-east of Umugi Cove. You will notice a large rock on the right hand side of the path with some supplies on top. You should be able to see a branch on which to use the grappling hook and continue holding on to the next ones until you climb up to an edge. Keep jumping from branches to ledges and beyond to reach the end. You will then find the sanctuary with theTsukuyomi amulet.
  • Foggy ridge: This shrine can be found after several jumps and stunts north of Fort Mitodake. When finished, you will get theShinatsuhiko amulet.
  • Veiled glue: On the west coast of Toyotama, follow the path and cross the broken bridges until you reach the goal. In the eleventh of the Ghost of Tsushima shrines you will find theRyuujin amulet.
  • Lush peak: A little further north of the Sanctuary of the misty ridge is the luxuriant peak. To reach it, follow its path made of jumps and swings with the grapple. Eventually you will have obtained the Amulet of Azumi-No-Isora.
  • Turtle Rock: To get there, head north of old Toyotama in Kushi and climb the mountain. Upon your arrival, you will get the Amulet of Hoori-No-Mikoto.

Kamiagata Region - Ghost of Tsushima: where to find all Shinto shrines

We have finally reached the final region of Ghost of Tsushima, with all these shrines you will have a great collection of amulets and you will be ready for anything. Here are the last 3:

  • Crane mount: Crane Mountain Shrine is located southwest, overlooking Fort Kikuchi and west of Bitter Hills. Climbing is standard business and the reward is the spell of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto. This means you deal moderate bonus damage at full health.
  • Frozen cliff: This is one of the simplest shrines to find in Ghost of Tsushima. A small peninsula is visible on the east coast of Kin. Reach it to find the Crane Mount Sanctuary and get theIkazuchi-no-Kami amulet.
  • Snowy peak: this is the only santurio in the northern part of Kamiagata north of Mount Jogaku. Finally you will get theTakemikazuchi amulet.

Questo è tutto

With the information we have provided you should know the location of all Shrines in Ghost of Tsushima. In case you have any doubts or want clarification on this adventure created by Sucker Punch and published by Sony, ask us your questions below in the comments or take a look at our other guides: what to know to play the best and where to find all the armor .

Ghost of Tsushima is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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