Gears Tactics: tips and tricks to play better

Let's see in this guide on Gears Tactics the best tricks and tips to juggle the campaign of the new turn-based strategy

Announced at E3 2018, Gears Tactics aims to adapt the style of the Gears of War saga to one turn-based strategy. Because of this step, from a third-person shooter, the title could represent a first approach to the world of strategists take turns for many fans of the saga. In this guide we will then see the best tricks and tips to better face the new title of the boys of The Coalition and Splash Damage.

Take your time

The biggest difference between a real-time strategy and a turn-based one is the ability to take as long as you want between one shift and another. Gears Tactics tends to be more dynamic of other titles of the same genre, but that does not mean that you have to play fast. Among the tricks and tips for playing Gears Tactics, the most important we can give you is therefore to take your time and approach calmly to various situations.

Check carefully the positions of the enemies, those of all the members of your team, and above all, carefully manage the Shares available to you. When considering the locations of your enemies in particular, it's more important to understand how far they can go. 

When managing Actions, always consider how many to dedicate to moving, how many to offensive / defensive or support actions, and especially if you need to reload. This last point is essential if you want to use the Lookout, which with most enemies can be quite useless with a few hits. Another skill to be able to exploit well is the Deactivating Shot, which will allow you to easily disable the Lookouts of enemies even quite distant. 

Take advantage of executions - Gears Tactics: tips and tricks

Another of our Gears Tactics tips and tricks is about running. As a spin-off of the Gears of War saga, Tactics could not miss the executions typical of the saga. The role they take on in Gears Tactics is nothing short of essential though, as the reward for each run will be an additional Action to all other team members. Our advice is therefore to carry out the executions as soon as possible in the shift, so that you can better organize the other members of the team.

Obviously, however, we must not try to execute an enemy at all costs, since if we waste a few turns to approach the enemy simply will get up. In case you land enemies too far away or surrounded by other enemies then, it is best to simply finish them off with a firearm.

Remember Grenades - Gears Tactics: Tips and Tricks

With the amount of skills and actions to be performed for each weapon of each team member, it is easy to forget that you always have very powerful grenades at your disposal, with which you can easily eliminate even 4-5 enemies in one shot. Since the reload time is quite long, however, always try to have some available for some team members so that you can close any lairs as soon as possible.

Considering that they will make groups of enemies out from underground at each turn in fact, the Locust lairs in fact, they can be really dangerous. It is therefore essential to always try to close them as soon as possible, i.e. immediately after the first group has been released.

Attention to team management - Gears Tactics: tips and tricks

Due to the amount of customizable aspects of each member of our team, here too we must arm ourselves with patience and carefully select the best equipment for each Gear. Take a good look at the bonuses of each piece of armor or weapon, and if you have a Gear squad of the same class, choose who to give the most useful ones.

Also never forget to check if you have any skill point available for your Gear before starting the missions. As a last tip, remember to carefully choose the Gear with which to go on a mission, and when you have several available, try to balance the various classes based on your play style.

Let's take the field!

We hope our guide on the best tricks and tips for Gears Tactics was helpful to you! At this point, we just have to advise you to have fun exploring all of them thoroughly countless strategies and game possibilities offered. In fact, the title gives us the opportunity to never play the same way, and to always try new tactics that are more or less effective.

Recall that Gears Tactics will be available for PC on Steam, Microsoft Store and for Xbox Game Pass subscribers from tomorrow, 28 April. The game will also arrive on Xbox in the future, but for now we have no indication on the exit window. For other guides, news, reviews and specials on the gaming world, go to the dedicated section on our site!

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