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The solution is based on the American version of the game, there may be differences with the Spanish one.

Chapter 1

Once you have seen the summary video of the previous episode, during which you will have a clear view of all the choices made, you will finally meet the famous Asher Forrester, Ethan's elder brother and exile in a foreign land because of his hothead. After three days from the liberation of the Yunkai by the Kaleesi, you will find yourself inside a tavern, together with your friend Beshka who will inform you that you will soon be joined by other men. Look around and decide whether to take your ax off the table, this choice will not involve any changes in the short term. Talk to your partner once you have finished exploring the room, you will talk to her about the current situation in Yunkai. You will head into a corner to have a drink, then check out your host, a man with a large bounty on his head. As you continue to argue about the hunt that just ended and what you will do with the money once you get it, Asher will not take kindly to the idea of ​​being able to return to his family, a family that kicked him out for falling in love with the wrong girl. You will be interrupted by the arrival of the men of the Lost Legion, a group of mercenaries led by Tazal. The man will inform you that he can only pay you half the agreed bounty, whether or not you accept this offer, your hostage will be killed and you will start a battle.

Plot choice

Once the battle is complete by following the on-screen commands, you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not to kill Tazal, the leader of the Lost Legion, by slitting his throat or breaking his knee. Clearly if you decide to let him survive, it could recur in the future, but his death could spell more trouble.

Regardless of the choice you make, other men of the Legion will break into the Bar and you will have to face them until your uncle Malcolm Branfield arrives who will save you at the last second. Just before exiting the bar, you can grab the reward chest by pressing the right button, if you don't make it in time Beshka will grab it for you, however once outside you will find that it is empty. You will decide to leave the city and go to Ironrath.

Chapter 2

You will find yourself in the shoes of Rodrick Forrester, miraculously alive, but in the wagon of corpses collected during the Red Wedding. You can decide whether to emit a verse to let the carter hear you, or to shut up, regardless of this choice you will not be noticed. Decide whether to turn your father's corpse and see his face, even this choice will not have repercussions for the future. Once in Ironrath, jump off the cart by pressing the button that will appear on the screen. You will be sent under the care of the Master, you can decide whether to drink a powerful concoction or not, regardless of this choice you will faint in a few moments. You will wake up next to your sister who is rehearsing a dirge for your family, hit the pitcher to get her attention. You will discuss Ethan's death and be informed that a family council meeting is being held in the great hall. You will try to get out of bed, but you will fall on your legs, Talia will offer to help you.

Plot choice

You can accept the help of your sister, or refuse it, in the first case you will cross the courtyard of Ironrath leaning on his shoulder attracting the mockery of the men of Whitehill, in the second case you will use the wooden sword of your younger brother as support, yours sister will not be resentful of this.

The story will pass to Gared Tuttle who has just reached the Black Castle of the Night's Watch. While on horseback, you can observe the castle itself, the barrier and the lift that goes up. Once inside the walls of the castle itself, you will notice some recruits who are training, once the horse is tied up, another boy like you will ask you to join Frostfinger. Approach the stairs and talk to the dark-haired man, he will ask you why you ended up at the barrier, you can answer him with the truth or not, know that Frostfinger is already aware of your situation and a lie could put you in a bad light. The man has already received a letter from Duncan and asked to have you serve under the rangers in order to get through the barrier as soon as possible (your secret goal is to reach the sacred wood to the north). After the discussion is over, you will leave to get your Night's Watch clothing.

Chapter 3

You will return as Rodrik as he crosses the garden, the men of Whitehill will address you depending on whether you have accepted your sister's help or not.

Note from the previous episode

If in the previous episode you chose Duncan as your sentry, the men of Whitehill will be drunk, if you chose Ser Royland instead, the men of Whitehill will be sober, but they will complain about stale bread and lack of wine, promising you that they will inform their lord. of the poor treatment received.

Once you reach the stairs leading to the great hall, you will be blocked by a Whitehill man and provoked, any dialogue choice will make him move to the side allowing you to continue, but you can still remind him that you are the current lords of Ironrath, in this way you will impress him and his companions.

Once inside the great hall, Ser Royland and Duncan are having, as usual, a very heated discussion, your appearance will surprise them, but you will be welcome to the small family council. The two men will immediately return to discuss how to treat the Whitehill troops, Lady Forrester will remind the whole council that you are engaged in an engagement with Elaena Glenmore and that the men of her family could help you get rid of the Whitehills once and for all, unfortunately however. your face is disfigured and the situation of your family is very different, Elaena may not want to marry you anymore and the only way to understand this matter will be to meet her; unfortunately the men of Whitehill will be a problem and you will have to decide how to treat them to welcome your future bride in the most appropriate way.

Plot choice

You can decide whether to supply the Whitehill men with wine so that they will be drunk and under control when Elaena arrives, continue to starve them, or let Duncan and Ser Royland decide for you.

After the discussion is over, the Master will light the Ironwood torches and your mother will inform you that she has sent a letter to Mira, your sister who is in King's Landing and serves as the handmaid of Lady Margaery, betrothed to Geoffry Baratheon. the king.

Chapter 4

You will find yourself in the shoes of Mira Forrester arranging the invitations for the upcoming wedding between Lady Margaery and the King. your mother. In the letter, Lady Forrester will ask for Margaery's help to persuade Elaena Glenmore to marry your brother Rodrick. At your question, Margaery will inform you that she cannot go further in such requests with the King, and if you asked for his help in the previous episode, she will leave the room taking with her the seal of the Tyrell family.

Plot choice

You will have a huge opportunity to help your family, in fact, you can decide whether to finish the invitations or write a fake letter in Margaery's name and send it to Elaena. Obviously in the second case you could risk being discovered and forever compromising relations with your Lady. If you have not taken the seal in the previous episode, you will be free to seal the letter and give it more reliability, otherwise you will have to hope that the forged signature alone will be enough to plead your cause.

Sera will join you in the room and offer to help you send out wedding invitations. You will return to take on the role of Gared Tuttle, you will be in the garden of the Black Castle intent on listening to Frostfinger's speech. The biggest recruit named Finn will approach and quite rudely ask you to stand sideways, you can answer kindly or firmly, Finn will remember your answer. To your right and left you will find Finn and Cotter who will start arguing about the reason that brought them into the Night's Watch, you will soon attract the attention of Frostfinger who will ask you directly who was speaking.

Plot choice

You can either take the blame for the disturbance or tell Frostfinger it wasn't your fault. In the first case Forstfinger will be pleased with how you want to cover your new brothers, in the second case he will be sorry about how ready you are to sell them at the first danger. Of course, both Cotter and Finn will remember your answer.

After the speech, you will have to face the three tests as a Recruit, these will not be very complicated and you will just have to follow the commands on the screen. Once the shooting practice is over, Cotter will inform you that he has stolen Finn's precious knife. Once all three trials are over, Finn will notice that his knife is missing and will immediately blame Cotter for hiding behind your back.

Plot choice

You can decide to tell the truth to Finn, or to cover Cotter, clearly your companions will remember who you took sides.

Regardless of your answer, you'll end up beating up with Finn, follow the on-screen commands until Jon Snow arrives and asks you to reach the top of the barrier with him.

Chapter 5

The plot will move back to King's Landing. Mira and Sera are lovingly chatting under the bright sun and in a beautiful garden. Your partner will inform you that she has obtained Cersei's proven wine, then she will reveal to you that she is the illegitimate daughter of a noble and that she wants to marry within some noble family; Sera will ask you to speak to Lady Margaery to plead this cause of hers. If in the previous episode you asked Sera to leave the room while talking to your mistress about your family situation, your partner will be less empathetic during this discussion. You will be joined by the good and little Tyrion Lannister who will immediately notice the bottle of wine, taste the tasty drink and immediately recognize it as his sister's favorite. You will be warned that you are risking a lot to drink the King's mother's personal wine, and you can decide to take responsibility for what happened, Sera will remember this; finally you will be informed that a meeting is being held to decide how to manage the Ironwood coming from your family's lands and you will be invited to participate. Once in the hall, Lord Andros will be very annoyed by the wait and will be even more annoyed when he notices that you are next to Tyrion who will distance the two men and decide to listen to your proposal. You will be informed that becoming the sole supplier of Ironwood to the King could lead to a large profit or war for your home.

Tyrion will decide to consider your proposal, but he will tell you that everything has a price and that you must be ready to accept his every request. The plot will return to follow the adventures of Asher, still stuck in Yunkai and searched by the men of the Lost Legion. Beskha will decide to follow you and your uncle even beyond the narrow sea and to help you solve the situation of your family, unfortunately you will need an army and all the mercenaries currently on the territory have already been bought by the young Targaryen. Asher has a credit with the Lost Sons, but they too are already committed, so you decide to leave for Mereen. The minions of the Lost Legion will appear (along with Tazal if he is still alive), you will hide in an alley.

Plot choice

You can decide whether to personally eliminate the man who is approaching your position, or stop Beskha. In the first case, your uncle will have to surrender to the fact that you are a hothead, in the second case you will demonstrate that you have the skills to lead an army.

You will return to play the role of Mira. Once back in your rooms, you will find the door open and everything upside down. On the bed a letter asking you for a meeting in the gardens at midnight, during which you will learn important information to help you with Tyrion's request.

Chapter 6

The time has come for Rodrick to meet up with his betrothed. The conversation with Lady Elaena may have a positive or negative outcome depending on the choices made in this same episode and how you behave with her.

The discussion with Elaena

If, in the role of Mira, you have decided to send the forged letter, Elaena will tell you that she feels obliged to marry because of your really influential connections, she will be scared, but she will agree to marry you if you tell her that she still has a choice anyway. If you haven't sent Lady Margaery's fake letter, Eleana will only agree to marry you if you show a sense of humor by replying things like "Yes, I know I'm beautiful", and if you are always honest on every subject, you also have to offer different Ironwood. to your spouse's family. If you have not sent the letter and you are not being honest, Eleana will refuse to marry you.

Once the discussion with the girl is over, Lord Whitehil will burst into the room saying that he has been invited by your mother herself who would like her younger son to attend Ethan and Father's funeral. Lord Whitehill will demand that you kneel and kiss his ring.

Plot choice

If you refuse to kiss Lord Whitehill's ring, Ladye Eleana will be pleased, but your mother will be furious and little Ryon will not attend the funeral. If you kiss the ring, your mother will be pleased, Lady Eleana upset, but your brother will be present at the funeral.

You will find yourself again as Gared Tuttle, at the top of the reef and in the company of Jon Snow. You will be asked some questions about the Red Wedding, then continue the chat where Jon will inform you that you must be really loyal to your brothers if you want to survive as a ranger.

Chapter 7

It is midnight and Mira is heading to the gardens of King's Landing to meet her mysterious informant. The guards are checking the area and you will soon notice a dark figure in the distance. Regardless of whether you decide to draw the attention of the figure in the distance, you will be blocked by a guard who will ask you about your presence at this time of night. The dark figure will emerge from the shadows and reveal himself to be Damion, another guard.

You will reach the garden and find that Damion is the secret informant who sent you the message. Unfortunately the man has the sole intention of killing you, follow the on-screen commands to avoid the shots until the coal boy arrives.

Plot choice

You can decide to kill Damion and save the boy, in which case the boy himself will offer to hide the body for you. You can escape leaving Damion alive and condemning the coal boy to certain death.

Regardless of the choice you just made, you will have to decide whether to throw away your attacker's knife or keep him with you. The plot will move to Ethan and Lord Forrester's funeral. If you have refused to kiss Lord Whitehill's ring, Gwen Whitehill (his daughter) will show up and want to talk to you privately. The girl will apologize for her father's ways and inform you that your brother Ryon is fine and will take care of it herself, then she will ask you to keep this discussion private for yourselves and that you will never be enemies. The funeral will begin, Talia will start singing her song and you can enjoy the finale of this second episode of Game of Thrones!

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