Fortnite week 9: here's how to overcome the challenges - Season 4 | Guide

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As always we have come with the usual appointment of the weekly guide. This will cover the challenges of week 9, or the penultimate week of Fortnite season 4

Although the hype for the Fortnite season 5 is increasing more and more, as the rumors and theories that are made about it go to increase with each passing day, we are still in the week 9 of season 4. So here we are Holygamerz We offer you our guide on how to overcome the challenges that await you in this penultimate week of the season.

Fortnite week 9: let's see how to overcome the challenges of the penultimate week of season 4 | Guide

Inflict damage to opponents with explosive weapons (0/500)

This challenge is very reminiscent of the one already released some time ago which involved the elimination of opponents with the same weapons. This time, although it may seem longer than the previous one, it will still be easier to make. The advice I can give you is to use the C4 as it does damage to a larger area or the rocket launcher or laciagranate depending on which one you can find during the game and the one you feel most comfortable with.

Search for chests in the Putrido quagmire (0/7)

To complete this challenge it will be enough for you follow the map below which indicates all the points in which it will be possible to find a chest.

Use a shopping cart (0/1)

This maybe is there fastest challenge ever. To overcome it, all you have to do is land on top of the mountain indicate where the trampolines for the trolleys are and use one. You can also get off it using the trolley to avoid damage.

Visit the center of places indicated in a single game (0/4)

To complete this mission, all you have to do is land in an indicated place (es. Lande Letali) e look for the white flag which is in the middle. Obviously finding all 4 in a short time is difficult, which means that you will have to survive many opponents. My advice is to land in the place furthest from the bus route and then sling into the closest ones after you have recovered some good equipment. You I strongly advise against landing south as the places are more distant from each other and the safe will not always guarantee you can visit 4.

Fortnite week 9: let's see how to overcome the most difficult challenges of this week of season 4 | Guide

Follow the treasure map you find in the cursed Montagnole (0/1)

Here's the usual search challenge that pops up every week. Below you can find the exact place in which the hidden star is located without having to go through the cursed Montagnole.

Eliminations with heavy rifles (0/4)

Just take a shotgun or tactical one and fire on the enemy. My advice therefore is to get as close to your opponent as possible and try to hit him with precise shots to knock him down before he can react.

Eliminate the enemies in the Anarchist Acres (0/3)

Try to land first, get hold of a weapon and take down as many enemies as you can. My advice is to land in a slightly safer area but still close (eg the quarry west of Acre) and slinging into Acre full of weapons, ammunition and materials. You may not complete the mission in one game, but at least you will find enemies that you can take down with a single shot.

This guide regarding the challenges of week 9 for this season 4 of Fortnite also ends here. We remind you that the other weekly missions are still active and if you have not yet completed those of week 8, I recommend that you read the our article about it. Let us know what you think of this week 9 and our guide. Obviously not to miss the future ones challenges of week 10, the last of Forntite season 4, keep following the pages of Holygamerz!

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