Fortnite: camera challenge of the week 2 | Guide

Week 2 of Fortnite season 4 is also proving to be a nice challenge for Battle Pass holders. Surely one of the most challenging missions (at the research level) could be to dance in front of the cameras. Let's see together how to solve it through our guide

The challenge that will make us wander more on the map of Forntite for this week 2 of season 4 is definitely that of dance in front of the cameras. In fact, these are scattered throughout the various points of the map and today we of Holygamerz we will help you find them thanks to our guide. Let's see where to find the various cameras.

Fortnite: here's where to find the cameras to complete the challenge of week 2 | Guide

The places you will see listed here they are the ones where we found the cameras and completed the Fortnite Week 2 Challenge. You will find listed 10 stations, 3 more than it takes to complete the mission, as we don't want to force you to follow in our footsteps. We at Holygamerz managed to find these, but it is also likely that there are others still scattered across the map. Having said that here are the places where you will have to look:

  • East of Crocevia del Ciarpame, one of the recently modified zones in the new map
  • In the church of Montagnole Maledette
  • Near the dilapidated house west of Boschetto Bisunto
  • In the agglomeration between Snob Beaches and Leaning Pinnacles, more precisely in the building that hides the football field
  • Near the road just east of Condotti Confusi
  • In the house on the northern edge of Risky Rapids
  • Near the circuit west of Corso Commercio
  • Northeast of Lethal Lands, on the bridge just above the agglomeration which has a crater in the center
  • 2 you will find them next to each other in Putrido Pantano, exactly in the two sets inserted with this new map

These you see in the image above are all 10 of the aforementioned places where you can find the Fortnite cameras that will help you complete the challenge of week 2. We remind you that the cameras could also be found in other places besides these where we found them. Everyone can choose their own path as they wish. Recall that the challenges of week 2 they will be active throughout the course of season 4 of Fortnite and you can find them in our article, simply by clicking here.

Recall also that the challenges of week 1 are still active. For those wishing more news, you can read our article by clicking here. Inside you will also find the link for help to complete the mission "find the FORTNITE letters", also reachable by clicking here. Let us know what you think of this week two challenge guide and if you've found any other places that aren't mentioned above. In order not to miss further news regarding the Epic Games game, keep following the pages of Holygamerz!

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