Fortnite season 7: the guide to the challenges of week 14

In this short guide of ours, we want to show you what the Fortnite Season 7 Week 14 challenges will be available, as always, from next Wednesday

After a short break, our Fortnite-themed guides return, with particular attention to what will be the weekly challenges of the seasons that will gradually follow one another in the game. The latest extended title patch has brought the new Season 7 into the hands of all fans, with a substantial update that also added a new graphics performance mode. In short, the news arrived are so many, in full Epic Games style. A new Among Us-inspired mode has also been added since mid-August, and some leaks showed some new skins and a little one sneak peek all’Unreal Engine 5. In short, the near future of the Epic Games title is studded with important updates and events, but we go one step at a time. Week to week. Let's see together, with our short guide, what are the Legendary and Epic Challenges of this week 14 of Fortnite season 7! 

Doc Slone, we're back! 

We remind you that the legendary challenges will be officially available starting from Wednesday, as for every week, while for the epics you will have to wait 24 hours more. Furthermore, as always, this list derives from leaks and datamining, and has not been officially released by Epic. Also, as the season finale is approaching, The Wild Challenges are also back, which we will list immediately after the Legendaries. Let's start the guide by telling you that, as expected, the challenges of this Week 14 of Fortnite Season 7 are also focused on narrative. Also this week, as well as last, Slone returns to give us orders. To receive them, just go to any public phone, as indicated by the first legendary challenge also this week.

As for the second challenge, however, we have a roster of 22 characters present in the title of Epic Games. Just talk to three of them to complete it. To complete the third challenge you will have to go to Pacific Park, Misty Moors and Moli Molesti and place four warning signs in the positions indicated by the “ghost signs”. To complete the fourth legendary challenge, however, just land in any two satellite stations and disconnect the power to the dishes using the generator nearby. The last two legendary challenges are instead linked to the narrative of week 14, so just wait for the challenges to start to find out what to do. 

The legendary challenges - Fortnite season 7: the guide to the challenges of week 14

Below we see together the list of legendary challenges of this week 14: 

  • Receive Slone's orders from a 0/1 payphone, 15000 experience points; 
  • Warn characters of doom 0/3, 45000 experience points; 
  • Place 0/4 warning signs, 30000 experience points;
  • Disconnect power to 0/2 radar parabolas, 30000 experience points; 
  • Thwart the mole's sabotage attempt 0/1, 30000 experience points; 
  • Face the mole 0/1, 30000 experience points. 

The wild challenges - Fortnite season 7: the guide to the challenges of week 14

Let's see together, instead, the three wild challenges of this end of season 14, in which, as always ... all you have to do is spend and spend more! 

  • Spend 0/3000 ingots, 20000 experience points; 
  • Spend 0/15000 ingots, 30000 experience points; 
  • Spend 0/50000 ingots, 50000 experience points. 

Povero Podere Pannocchia - Fortnite season 7: the guide to the challenges of week 14

And here we are instead at the guide part on the Epic challenges of this week 14 of Fortnite season 7. As for the slits, you can conveniently buy one from Rick Sanchez. The second challenge is quite simple: just go to the cornfield of Podere Pannocchia, destroy the ears and collect the wheat. The alien eggs they are scattered throughout the game map, so it won't be particularly difficult to find and destroy them. To complete the fourth challenge, just eliminate an alien parasite while it is on the head of one of your friends or opponents. For set fire to the structures it will be enough for you, as already explained other times, to take some fireflies and throw them at what you want to burn. The last two epic challenges are rather self-explanatory. We leave you with the complete list. 

The epic challenges - Fortnite season 7: the guide to the challenges of week 14

Below we see together the list of epic challenges of this week 14: 

  • Activate a rift by purchasing it from a 0/1 character, 30000 experience points; 
  • Gather items to collect at Podere Pannocchia 0/4, 30000 experience points;  
  • Destroy 0/3 alien eggs, 30000 experience points; 
  • Eliminate an alien parasite entangled 0/1, 30000 experience points; 
  • It sets fire to structures at Vivaio Verdizzante and Podere Pannocchia 0/25, 30000 experience points; 
  • Deal damage to opponents from a 0/150 vehicle, 30000 experience points; 
  • Tire hole for OI 0/1 vehicles, 30000 experience points. 

Have fun! 

Here ends our guide on the Challenges of Week 14 of Fortnite Season 7. What do you think? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog! 

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